US Medical experts hail President Biden's early and aggressive COVID-19 push

01:00  22 january  2021
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Fact check: Video shows Trump family in tent before Jan. 6 rally

  Fact check: Video shows Trump family in tent before Jan. 6 rally A video of the Trump family in a tent was taken prior to the president's Jan. 6 speech, not during the Capitol riot, as claimed by social media posts.The viral video, taken by Donald Trump Jr., according to CNBC, has been posted to Facebook by the page Fire Trump 2020 alongside the claim that the Trump family was allegedly "enjoying" the assault on the Capitol while it took place.

Joe Biden signs executive orders targeting COVID - 19 relief. President Joe Biden signed several orders Wednesday pertaining to providing support for Americans affected by the pandemic. Sitting in the Oval Office, Biden signed an order requiring masks and social distancing on federal property

As the media hail president -elect Joe Biden ' s appointment of the first-ever trans cabinet official Biden announced on Tuesday that he will appoint Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant health secretary in his Despite the praise she has received from her new boss, Levine came under fire during the early

a man wearing a suit and tie sitting at a table: Joe Biden © Provided by Salon Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden signs three documents including an Inauguration declaration, cabinet nominations and sub-cabinet noinations in the Presidents Room at the US Capitol after the inauguration ceremony to making Biden the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. During today's inauguration ceremony Joe Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States. Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images

Shortly after being inaugurated, President Joe Biden signed a raft of executive orders, proclamations and memorandums, including several that attempt to more effectively tackle the coronavirus pandemic that has already taken more than 400,000 American lives. Biden's bold action comes amid reports that the new president was left with "a complete lack of a vaccine distribution strategy" by his predecessor.

Trump administration to ask states to speed up vaccinations instead of holding back second doses

  Trump administration to ask states to speed up vaccinations instead of holding back second doses Federal officials are expected to deliver new guidelines today asking states to release vaccines, moving the nation closer to widespread immunity. Federal officials have been holding back enough vaccine doses to guarantee booster shots to everyone who got the first dose. © Evan Vucci, AP President Donald Trump speaks during an "Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit" on the White House complex, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020, in Washington, D.C. After a glow of hope when the first vaccines were approved last month, the nation's inoculation campaign has gotten off to a slow start.

WASHINGTON— President Biden ’ s success in achieving some of his biggest policy Health experts both inside and outside the new administration agree that while accelerating vaccinations will help “Dealing with Covid and the economic recovery is the thing that will make the presidency in the next

President -elect Joe Biden warned Monday that the promising COVID - 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer won’t be widely available for months. While hailing the “positive’’ medical breakthrough at his first post-election press conference, the Dem said the vaccine and any other that is developed would still

"The President's actions today in his first hours in office speak to the long-overdue leadership our country needs to tackle this pandemic," a White House spokesperson told Salon. "President Biden will lead an urgent national response, which includes distinct measures like calling on Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days and invoking the Defense Production Act to boost vaccine supply and availability. With a dedicated COVID response team working in strong partnership with officials across our country, we will be able to finally address this pandemic with the urgency and leadership needed."

He also announced plans to issue an executive order requiring people to wear masks in certain travel situations, such as when they are in airports and on many intercity buses, trains and airplanes. His national mask mandate on federal property is an "appropriate and important national example of what needs to be done — and what he can do directly and immediately," Irwin Redlener, leader of Columbia University's Pandemic Response Initiative, explained to Salon.

Republicans line up to oppose Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus plan

  Republicans line up to oppose Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus plan Republicans are already lining up to oppose President-elect Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 rescue plan that he debuted in Wilmington, Delaware Thursday night. Punchbowl News reported Friday morning that two powerful GOP lawmakers: Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, have already become naysayers.'President-elect Biden served in [the] Senate for over 35 years. So he knows the plan he outlined tonight can't pass "quickly" & will delay the 2k for hard hit Americans,' Rubio said Thursday night.

President -elect Joe Biden received his first dose of the Pfizer and BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on live television Monday afternoon and reassured Americans of the vaccine' s safety.

Airlines angrily accused Biden of fearmongering. Media reports noted that Biden ’ s pessimism contrasted sharply with the reassurances President Barack Obama had given a day earlier , when he said there was no need to panic even as he declared a national health emergency.

Redlener also praised Biden's decision to re-enter the United States into the World Health Organization (WHO), arguing that "it was totally irresponsible for us to withdraw in the first place. It is the only global organization working on this extraordinary global crisis."

Biden's push to increase aid to marginalized communities that have been underserved during the pandemic, Redlener also stressed, is what "we need to address this indefensible inequity of black and brown people being at higher risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19. People in low-income communities need to move to the front of the vaccine line."

Redlener did acknowledge, however, that Biden will have his work cut out for him when it comes to restructuring the federal government's response to the pandemic, telling Salon that "there are a lot of moving parts necessary to create a fast, effective program to expand testing, trace contacts, treat victims and vaccinate as many Americans as possible, as rapidly as possible." He believes that Biden has "a great team of experts" and his challenge will be "getting them to work together on a shared mission — and doing so efficiently."

Joe Biden's Options for Dealing with Donald Trump Are Worse than Watergate

  Joe Biden's Options for Dealing with Donald Trump Are Worse than Watergate When it comes to Donald Trump, the incoming president has a critical decision to make about the best way to move the country forward—and neither Democrats nor Republicans are likely to be happy about his choice.The 78-year-old Democrat, more comfortable preaching the politics of unity and reconciliation than backing a fire-and-brimstone approach, has not publicly—or privately, advisers say—backed impeachment or pushed for conviction in the Senate, even as a groundswell for justice has emerged in the wake of the Capitol riot.

President -elect Joe Biden and Vice President -elect Kamala Harris say they will move the US Covid - 19 pandemic response in a dramatically different Number one on Biden ' s list of promises is more testing and contact tracing. Testing has ramped up dramatically since the earliest days of the

Dr. Amesh Adalja, Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Joe Grogan, Former Head of the U. S . Domestic Policy Council join Yahoo Finance Live to break down how Biden plans to tackle the COVID - 19 pandemic in his first 100 days in office.

Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, echoed Redlener's views.

"President Biden has rebooted the COVID pandemic response," Benjamin wrote to Salon. "We finally have a transparent written national plan to guide the response. It is using the best science we know works." With regard to the mask wearing mandate, Benjamin observed that "mask wearing is the most important single prevention tool we have. It is part of a layered set of protections that include hand hygiene and physical distancing." Benjamin likewise praised the decision to put the United States back in the WHO, pointing out that "this will help coordinate US efforts with the rest of the world," and expressed agreement with Biden's engagement with outside nonprofit groups to coordinate a pandemic response, his goal to have 1 million vaccination shots every day for his first 100 days and his promised use of the Defense Production Act to maintain an efficient supply line for the vaccination effort.

"These things will accelerate the effort and I think will be highly successful if implemented as proposed," Benjamin argued.

Power Up: Unity in Washington will be harder than Biden makes it sound

  Power Up: Unity in Washington will be harder than Biden makes it sound Republicans are already objecting to some of his first moves in office. © Jim Lo Scalzo/AP President Biden signs three documents including an inauguration declaration, cabinet nominations and sub-cabinet nominations in the President's Room at the US Capitol after the inauguration ceremony (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP) Some Republicans such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) even trashed Biden's speech itself, which was widely-lauded for its appeals for Americans to set aside their political differences and work together for a better country.

Dr. Alfred Sommer, dean emeritus and professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Salon that Biden's measures are a good start when it comes to the goal of containing the pandemic and saving lives.

"We have to start somewhere!" Sommer explained by email. "With the President advocating the public health measures real experts have been promulgating for nearly a year, perhaps more people will pay attention and follow these common sense recommendations." He added that until the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are more readily available to the public, following common sense public health guidelines "is the only hope we have for preventing unnecessary deaths from this pandemic! We can only hope more people will pay attention, wear masks, and socially distance" and that they should do so "even after they are vaccinated, because no vaccine is 100% effective, and we don't yet know whether the vaccine prevents someone from becoming infected and infecting others."

Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease doctor and professor of medicine at the University of California–San Francisco, told Salon by email that even some of Biden's policies which might not seem to directly involve the fight against COVID-19 will have a salutary effect in America's need to eradicate the disease. She specifically cited his financial relief programs including a moratorium on evictions and student loan postponement.

Here's the full list of Biden's executive actions so far

  Here's the full list of Biden's executive actions so far Steps to strengthen the nation's Covid-19 response and restore environmental protections are among Biden's first measures as president.The new president also ordered the establishment a variety of environmental protections and changes to immigration policy.

"The economic downturn in this pandemic goes hand-in-hand with poor health outcomes," Gandhi explained. "Food insecurity, housing insecurity, poverty [are] all contributing to poor health outcomes so recognition of this is essential."

As far as what Biden will need to do beyond these initial steps, Dr. Russell Medford, Chairman of the Center for Global Health Innovation and Global Health Crisis Coordination Center, argued that the president should "take immediate steps to reverse the marginalization of the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] by re-establishing its reputation and fully resourcing its COVID-19 scientific, pandemic and disease expertise and operational capabilities as the country's, and world's, leading and most trusted public health agency."

Biden will have to "institute regular and frequent briefings on the pandemic to the public by the CDC and other government scientists," Medford said, to empower the CDC to effectively surveil and test for COVID-19 on a national level and "establish an integrated and accessible national system and standards for COVID-19 data collection ranging from hospital capacity and vaccine distribution, to the health and economic impact of COVID on a state and county level and especially on communities already suffering disproportionately from health disparities."

Medford also said that Biden will need to "accelerate and sustain" his initial efforts to vaccinate the majority of Americans, something that will need to include creating a "Task Force on Health and Vaccine Equity" that would, among other things, provide accurate information about vaccines "that address the oftentimes distinct and community-specific issues that drive vaccine hesitancy and to deliver this information to susceptible populations."

Members of the 116th Congress rail against social-media companies but posted to Twitter and Facebook a record 2.2 million times

  Members of the 116th Congress rail against social-media companies but posted to Twitter and Facebook a record 2.2 million times The Pew Research Center found lawmakers drew record-breaking followings on the platforms in 2019 and 2020 amid arguments over social-media moderation.The numbers for the 116th Congress eclipsed data collected during the previous two sessions. The research center began collecting data on members' social media usage during the 114th Congress, starting in 2015. The most recent Congress produced about 738,000 more posts on Twitter and Facebook than the 114th Congress, according to Pew.

The Biden administration's goal "will need to go to 2-3 million vaccinations per day to achieve herd immunity by midsummer," the APHA's Dr. Benjamin explained, adding that "once we get a third vaccine and the response gets ramped up as proposed this should be possible." He also said that the administration could consider "increasing efforts to engage volunteers to address the workforce shortage and assessing disparities in vaccine administration as well are already seeing inequities in vaccinations for minorities."

Biden's policies are a stark contrast from those implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, who ignored expert medical advice about the seriousness of the pandemic for more than two months after it reached the United States, repeatedly touted pseudoscientific advice like pushing for herd immunity and urging people to inject bleach, often refused to wear a mask and downplayed the importance of doing so, terminated America's relationship with the WHO and delayed working with the incoming Biden administration on coordinating a COVID-19 response so that he could focus on pushing baseless claims that the 2020 election had been stolen from him.

Undoing Trump's policies and other things Biden did his first week as president .
President Joe Biden has signed over 30 executive orders ranging from reversing Trump-era policy to adjusting the nation’s response to the pandemic.The orders ranged in topic from dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to beginning the process for what he hopes will be immigration reform. Many take direct aim at the decisions of former President Donald Trump.

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