US Doctors 'wives, notables, priests ... thousands of Italians vaccinated illegally

17:25  22 january  2021
17:25  22 january  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

'Trauma after trauma': Scars from Flint's water crisis shake city's faith in Covid vaccine

  'Trauma after trauma': Scars from Flint's water crisis shake city's faith in Covid vaccine “When you tell us that the water is safe but it really wasn’t, that relationship between leadership and the community is still damaged,” a Flint pastor said.Callers ask about the new vaccines' side effects, said Bailey, who runs a faith-based health awareness organization called Bridges Into the Future.

There’s another person who has completely confirmed the role of Italy in this fraud and it is Maria Zack. Mrs. Zack is the chairman of the association “Nations in Action ” and in an audio file leaked two days ago she explains how the fraud would have occurred. According to Mrs. Zack, the operation center

and join one of thousands of communities. Oh, so it's not like Obama called a US state and demanded from the Secretary of State they falsely "find" tens of thousands of votes two months after the election.

Femmes de médecin, notables, prêtre...des milliers d'Italiens vaccinés en toute illégalité © KONTROLAB / Getty Images Doctors' wives, notables, priests ... thousands of Italians vaccinated illegally While 'they were not among the priority people, several thousand Italians received a helping hand to get vaccinated.

With more than 84,000 dead as of January 22, according to data from John-Hopkins University , Italy is the most bereaved country in the European Union since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic. But she is also a very good student in terms of vaccination, with more than a million people already vaccinated , even if a delay in deliveries will somewhat slow down the pace of this vaccination campaign .

Hospitals, businesses offering incentives to those hesitant over COVID-19 vaccines

  Hospitals, businesses offering incentives to those hesitant over COVID-19 vaccines Some employees who are hesitant to receive a first-generation injection have been offered cash or gifts to expedite vaccinations. Less than a month after vaccines by Pfizer and the Moderna COVID-19 were granted emergency use authorization, hospitals and state officials are reporting that some doses are being left unused. For months, polls have revealed that some Americans remain hesitant to take the vaccine, with many concerned that it was developed too rapidly.

Part of the reason Big Tech censors anyone who discusses the truth about vaccine injuries is because they don't want you to find out how dangerous covid vaccines really are. Across the USA and around the world, people are dying from covid-19 vaccines . Many others are experiencing horrific co.

Italy played a direct role in manipulating votes to favor Democrat candidates at the expense of Trump and the Republicans. Johnson at least partially confirmed the story about U.S. special forces raiding and recovering Dominion servers that were hosted at a covert CIA facility in Frankfurt.

But in this count, several thousand people should not have received a vaccine, explains La Repubblica . Not to mention those which do not appear in these figures and which have also been vaccinated illegally. According to the Italian authorities, health and social health personnel and nursing home residents have priority to receive vaccines at present. But nearly 100,000 people vaccinated (95,980 to be precise) also appeared in the “non-health personnel” category on January 11.

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Six doses instead of five

Among them, people working in hospitals but who are not in contact with coronavirus patients. But also wives of doctors, local politicians, or people who have received a helping hand from a friend to gain access to the precious vaccine. The Italian media cites, for example, the case of an 81-year-old Sicilian priest, who was contacted by the administrator of a vaccination center because the center was receiving additional vaccines. While he shouldn't have been vaccinated just yet, the priest received the injection ... as did several of the congregation he had told about this godsend.

INFORMATION EUROPE 1 - Covid-19: only 10% of residents in nursing homes have been vaccinated

 INFORMATION EUROPE 1 - Covid-19: only 10% of residents in nursing homes have been vaccinated © Thomas SAMSON / POOL / AFP According to information collected by Europe 1, 10% of some 700,000 residents of nursing homes in France have been vaccinated against the coronavirus since the start of the campaign at the end of December. The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus has just experienced a spectacular acceleration: more than 71,000 bites for Thursday alone. At this rate, the million people who received a first dose will be exceeded before the end of the month.

The US is getting the 100m doses which were pre-paid for (50m each from Pfizer & Moderna) which helped to promote the research (because they were getting paid for that many even if the vaccine was late), and then a bunch of other countries are getting in line for what they paid for before the US gets

Some “fact-checkers” have speculated that the document is not real, while many others have attested to its validity. The first known publication of this document in a news story was on Your News Wire, a reliable conservative publication. It also notable that the judge put a gag order on Soros’ arrest

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In Brindisi, in Puglia, several wives of retired doctors have also been vaccinated. The same goes for police officers (an internal investigation has reportedly been opened) and school directors in Bari. Nearly 2,000 young people aged 16 to 19 would also have been vaccinated before priority people in the country! In Naples, a lawyer and children of doctors were said to have been caught with their hands in the bag before being vaccinated ... Many of these people took advantage of the “bottom” of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine vials: after the five doses contained, a background still remained. By pooling the “funds” of vials, it was possible to inject the vaccine illegally into other people. But this manipulation is no longer possible, since the European Medicines Agency has decided that it is now possible to perform six doses of vaccine with a single vial.

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8 myths about the Covid-19 vaccine: Dr. Wen explains .
CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen shares how you can address misconceptions about the Covid-19 vaccine when you hear them from friends and neighbors. Dispel myths with these facts.The United States crossed the terrible milestone of 400,000 deaths from coronavirus early last week, and there are currently over 2.1 million reported deaths worldwide, Johns Hopkins University data shows.

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