US Worries about Toprak again: "I don't want to stir up hope"

14:26  24 january  2021
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Joe Biden to shore up Affordable Care Act after Trump assault on health law

  Joe Biden to shore up Affordable Care Act after Trump assault on health law Joe Biden is preparing an ambitious rescue mission for the Affordable Care Act that Donald Trump spent four years trying to tear down. Health care advocates familiar with Biden transition team plans expect that steps to shore up the Affordable Care Act will be included in the sweeping COVID relief bills that are the new administration's first legislative priority.MORE: Pandemic 'learning loss' grows as schools race to reopen Millions of Americans who lost employer-based health coverage in the recession have turned to the ACA since the pandemic began. Millions more still have no insurance at all.

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Not only in his role as head of defense but recently also as a goalscorer, Ömer Toprak is currently more valuable than ever for Werder Bremen. The fact that he could have been more seriously injured against Hertha BSC clouded the 4-1 away win significantly.

Werder-Abwehrchef Ömer Toprak hat sich am Sprunggelenk verletzt. © imago images Werder defense chief Ömer Toprak injured his ankle.

The jubilee cluster had almost disappeared when the last of the well-wishers was the Bremen template provider who presented himself to Ömer Toprak, with the intention of a very special kind of personal appreciation. With a kiss on his skull, with which he had beheaded the intermittent 2-0 just a few moments before, corner scorer Leonardo Bittencourt gave an extra reward for the Werder defense chief's second goal of the season.

Assault on Capitol was also an attack on Christian faith, Baptist leader Russell Moore says

  Assault on Capitol was also an attack on Christian faith, Baptist leader Russell Moore says The violent attack on the U.S. Capitol frightened and enraged millions of Americans, but it was the mob’s self-identification as Christians that struck at the heart of the influential Baptist leader and religious thinker Russell Moore. “When I saw the images of ‘Jesus Saves’ signs, next to gallows being constructed to hang the vice president of the United States and other officials, my response to that was one of rage, just internal rage,” Moore said. “Because I love my country. I love the United States of America. I love Jesus more.

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Toprak had already scored a goal in the last away game in Leverkusen; In eleven seasons in the Bundesliga, he had never scored more than one goal this season. It seems all the more bitter that the 31-year-old is now threatened with default. After a momentous clash with Berlin's Matheus Cunha in the 38th minute, for which the Turk himself received a yellow card, he had to be replaced by Niklas Moisander after 51 minutes. Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt called it "madness" to warn his player in the scene after Cunha had put his foot on it.

"He's in the cabin and he's really injured." - Florian Kohfeldt

What was even more fatal, however, was that Toprak suffered a considerable ankle injury from the "Unfall" campaign, without a more detailed diagnosis being available so far. "He's in the dressing room and is really injured. It looks very painful," said Kohfeldt after the game, disillusioned.

Violence at Capitol and beyond reignites debate over America's defense of extremist speech

  Violence at Capitol and beyond reignites debate over America's defense of extremist speech With most Americans hoping this week's expected inauguration protests look nothing like the Capitol siege, questions emerge about unrestrained free expression, long championed by First Amendment theorists as a benefit to society, no matter how ugly and hateful. © Chris Kleponis/Sipa USA/AP Protestors storm the Capitol building during a joint session of Congress in Washington, DC on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. The joint session of the House and Senate was sent to recess after the breach as it convened to confirm the Electoral College votes cast in November's election.

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Unfavorable time

A prolonged failure would be extremely unfavorable in terms of Bremen's defensive order, which had given Toprak in particular stability in previous games. Especially since Kohfeldt had said of his defense chief on Friday: "He's in the best shape since he's been with us." Because Toprak had to struggle with injuries in the preseason.

Kohfeldt "doesn't want to panic"

The defensive man, who was initially on loan from Borussia Dortmund for one season, only made ten Bundesliga appearances. After Werder had signed him for four million euros in the summer, the 27-time Turkish international grew more and more into the responsible role originally intended for him after missing three games at the start of the season. Now he is facing another setback. Kohfeldt said: "I don't want to panic, but neither do I want to stir up hope."

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