US Youth Literature: Ernest and Celestine, a complicity that has lasts 40 years

23:15  13 april  2021
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with "Chrome Love", Sylvain Patetieu makes an entrance noticed into Youth Literature

 with © Anne-Flora Hervé Teen, Sylvain Patetieu listened to the rap including "Paris under the bombs" of NTM. Love Chrome is the first work of youth literature of the novelist. And the first volume of a contemporary invigorating series. Do you know the hypaltage? This figure of style consists in associating two notions that do not give a priori not together but which, together, arrest. Love Chrome thus combines a feeling with a metal.

« Tu as entendu Célestine ? Tout neuf ! » Extrait de « La Chambre de Joséphine », un album dans lequel on pouvait déceler la fibre écologique de l’autrice. © Casterman "Have you heard Celestine? Brand new ! "Extract" Josephine's room ", an album in which the ecological fiber of the audience could be detected.

Several generations of parents shared with their children this friendship that conveys sharing and tolerance. The two friends are also adepts for recycling.

They were born in 1981 in Ernest and Célestine lost Simeon. He, a huge and tender bear. She, a sparkling and malicious mouse. Two characters a priori inconsistent and yet, for forty years, their link mocks their differences and reassures young and old.

The album is experiencing immediate success, such as the following twenty-five. The questions of Celestine, the last published in 2000, gives the keys to the complicit relationship of this unlikely and unavoidable couple of youth literature. The purpose is dark, the tone more serious, and the emotional charge, deeper, piercing in attitudes and looks. (1)

‘Hemingway’: TV Review

  ‘Hemingway’: TV Review Ken Burns and Lynn Novick turn their attentions to Ernest Hemingway in a six-hour, warts-and-all PBS examination of the blustery literary titan.As powerful as that mystique was in the first half of the 20th century, it would be impossible to think of a figure less-suited for glorification in the first half of the 21st century. Hemingway lived hard, loved hard and worked hard. He was an alcoholic, a philanderer and an abuser. His books celebrated war, or at least a version of heroism that could be expressed through war. They glorified hunting. They mythologized bull-fighting.

The text economy reinforces the place given to the images that always arouse a real emotion, observes Fanny Husson-Olgnier of the Monique Martin Foundation. Even out of the story, the drawings remain evocative.

Thanks to them, the anterior-illustrator is world famous under the pseudo Gabrielle Vincent. Much more than the Belgian Monique Martin artist, whose exhibitions, however, cause enthusiasm in Brussels. But at age 53, she leaves art galleries to devote himself to the youth illustration not very well considered at the time.

« Comment tout a commencé », Gabrielle Vincent, Casterman, 88 pages, 17,90 €. © CASTERMAN "How It All Began", Gabrielle Vincent, Casterman, 88 pages, 17,90 €.

This radical choice is like this free woman who does not fit in the traditional boxes and who prefers mondanities with her peers, games with her nephews and nieces. Many live scenes are found in Ernest and Célestine .. as its lifestyle and ecological fiber that subtly appear in the images and which, in 2021, resonate with intensity.

Arkansas legislature overrides veto on transgender health care bill

  Arkansas legislature overrides veto on transgender health care bill The bill bans gender-affirming treatments for transgender youths in the state. Your browser does not support this video The House voted 71-24, and the Senate 25-8, to override the governor's veto a day after it was announced. The "Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act" bars doctors from providing gender-affirming health care to transgender minors, including hormones, puberty blockers and transition-related surgeries. During a press briefing Monday, Hutchinson called the bill "government overreach," and called on state leaders to rethink the issue again before acting.

ahead of your time

because Monique Martin, ahead of his time, soon understands that overconsumption puts the planet in danger. She shouts it in her own way in the egg (1983). I was against! Against what ? Against us, against our exploitation, against the spirit of performance ... There was a good overall balance and we have damaged everything, there is no hope ... , writes about this enigmatic album.

In Ernest and Célestine, this consciousness is palpable and results in particular by recycling, without being a militant comment, but simply a way of life. Tests the Josephine Chamber furnished by the two protagonists with a keen sense of recovery and crisis of the communicative laughter.

To highlight this facet of the artist, the Monique Martin Foundation appoints Ernest and Célestine, ambassadors of a sustainable world on the occasion of their 40 years. Like tolerance, inclusion and sharing, the artist transmits this ecological value with great finesse without hammering moral , Analysis Fanny Husson-olgnier. But by drawing tiny moments of universal and timeless happiness of two characters who have chosen to love each other.

Monique Martin alias Gabrielle Vincent. © Monique Martin Foundation. Monique Martin Alias ​​Gabrielle Vincent.

(1) The two stories are reissued in the anniversary album how everything started , Casterman, 88 pages, € 17.90.

Texas bill could send parents to prison for providing gender-affirming care .
The measure would redefine child abuse to include parents who consent to hormone therapy and puberty blockers for their transgender children.A bill heard in committee in the Texas Senate on Monday would redefine child abuse to include administering, supplying or consenting to provide puberty suppression drugs, hormone replacement therapy, or surgical or medical procedures to anyone under 18 “for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment.

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