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02:25  23 april  2021
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The bill in Arkansas was vetoed, but the General Assembly voted to overrule the governor, making the state the first to ban gender-affirming treatments and surgery for transgender youth. Chase Strangio at the American Civil Liberties Union has already promised legal action against the Arkansas bill, but the Yet inflammatory rhetoric has been allowed to seep into the nation ’s bloodstream as anti- trans activists astroturf state after state with identical bills targeting these kids. When I say the only thing protecting trans children is adult anger, I mean it : Their lives and futures hinge on some (probably

Walmart also buys many other processed products from Thailand, such as processed pineapple products. If it were to ensure that its suppliers abide by basic human rights standards, the impact could be profound for workers in Thailand and elsewhere. Public institutional investors like the New York State Pension Fund and California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) are significant shareholders in Walmart , and exercise their shareholder votes to press for good corporate governance, transparency, and fairness. In the fallout to the Mexico bribery scandal, the New York pension fund

a hand holding a sign: Being trans at Walmart © Provided by Salon Being trans at Walmart

Being trans at Walmart Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

Until recently, Bentonville was a small sleepy town inside a dry county situated in the northernmost corner of the state of Arkansas. Thanks to Walmart heirs, it's quickly being transformed into an arts and cultural destination that began in 2011, when Alice Walton opened Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. With a net worth of currently $66.3 billion, she has enough cash to throw around that she's just announced a 50% expansion of the museum.

The museum boasts an impressive collection and inclusive programming. Distinguished speakers have included #BlackLivesMatter creator Patrisse Cullors and avant-garde icon Laurie Anderson. A promotional post for a Pride Night event exclaims, "throughout history, the art world often offered 'safe spaces' of acceptance for people's differences, and signified that there was a place of belonging for those who felt outcast and marginalized, a place that was welcome to all, just like Crystal Bridges is today." A Washington Post editorial even asked, "Is Crystal Bridges, in rural Arkansas, the most woke museum in America?"

Texas bill could send parents to prison for providing gender-affirming care

  Texas bill could send parents to prison for providing gender-affirming care The measure would redefine child abuse to include parents who consent to hormone therapy and puberty blockers for their transgender children.A bill heard in committee in the Texas Senate on Monday would redefine child abuse to include administering, supplying or consenting to provide puberty suppression drugs, hormone replacement therapy, or surgical or medical procedures to anyone under 18 “for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment.

Arkansas legislators voted 25 to 8 in the Senate and 71 to 24 in the House to override the veto from Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) and approve legislation that would prohibit doctors from providing transgender minors with medical care such as puberty blockers, hormone therapies and transition-related surgeries, and from referring them for such treatments. As Hutchinson mentioned in a news conference Monday, gender-affirming surgeries are not performed in Arkansas on anyone under the age of 18.

Arkansas became the first state in the US to prohibit physicians from providing gender-affirming treatment for trans people under age 18 after the state's General Assembly voted Tuesday to override the governor's veto of an anti- trans bill that he called a "vast government overreach.".

This seemingly progressive and shiny cultural mecca, however, feels in direct opposition to the recent spate of anti-trans legislation in the state.

* * *

Earlier this month, Arkansas became the first state in the country to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth. The so-called "Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act" (HB 1570) bans doctors from providing puberty blockers or performing hormone therapy. Other bills passed this legislative session include one that allows medical providers to refuse to treat members of the LGBTQ community and another that bans transgender girls from competing on women's sports teams in school.

Some organizers point out the disparity between the seemingly performative actions of the many institutions and businesses that espouse diversity, equity and inclusion, as the state rams through the most draconian anti-trans legislation in the country by legislators bankrolled by these same entities.

Anti-transgender legislation in 2021: A record-breaking year

  Anti-transgender legislation in 2021: A record-breaking year Thirty-three states have introduced more than 100 bills that aim to curb the rights of transgender people across the country, with advocacy groups calling 2021 a record-breaking year for such legislation. Many of these bills are rapidly making their way through state legislatures. On April 6, Arkansas became the first state to outlaw providing gender-affirming treatment to minors, a move that the American Civil Liberties Union said would "send a terrible and heartbreaking message" to transgender youth across the country.

Arkansas ' Republican governor on Monday vetoed an anti-transgender health care bill that would've prohibited physicians in the state from providing gender-affirming "procedures" for trans people under age 18.

Walmart is facing a battery of bad news about its treatment of employees, just in time for its annual shareholder meeting. A labor rights group says the company has an illegal sick leave policy, while workers wonder if racism plays a role in scheduling. Walmart ’s employee policies are not distributed to workers, who are instead only able to access them on the company’s internal computer system, and often only when they are on-shift and management may be hovering nearby, A Better Balance found.

"This is a state-sponsored hate crime and state-sponsored violence," Intransitive director of strategy and communications Rumba Yambú tells Salon. "Whenever your representatives stand there and talk about how they have to save children from becoming like me, what are they trying to say about me? What is so horrible about me that you have to pretend to protect children from it? They're sending a message to all trans Arkansans."

Intransitive is the state's most active and visible trans rights organization. When we connect over the phone, Yambú is busy working on social media graphics to post to raise awareness about more anti-trans legislation hitting the chamber floors and preparing for Trans Week of Mourning that kicked off Monday, a week filled with direct action and visibility for the trans community, that ends with a Trans Day of Celebration Saturday, April 24, in Little Rock.

Walmart invests in GM-owned autonomous car startup Cruise

  Walmart invests in GM-owned autonomous car startup Cruise Walmart is signaling its commitment to autonomous deliveries with a new investment in self-driving company Cruise. The two already have a cozy relationship, having recently worked together on a delivery pilot in Scottsdale, Arizona. Walmart was so impressed with Cruise's "differentiated business, unique tech and unmatched driverless testing" that it decided to take part in the GM subsidiary's $2.75 billion funding round. The investment will seeThe investment will see Cruise become an important part of the retailer's "last mile delivery ecosystem" — industry parlance for the final journey from warehouse to customer.

Torraine is a trans artist and writer currently working as a fashion intern at Yahoo Style. I’m not saying by any means that trans people have “made it ,” but at least now it ’s politically incorrect to be The Mississippi native hopes to better the lives of inmates and their relationships with family Good Samaritans are spreading holiday cheer by clearing balances at retailers like Walmart and Burlington

Walmart Inc. ( /ˈwɔːlmɑːrt/; formerly Wal - Mart Stores, Inc.) is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores

"We know that we live in Walmart nation, in Tyson nation. We know the type of influence that these corporations have on legislators," says Yambú. "I believe that they have the power to stop these bills, that they have the power to help us reverse once these bills have become law. It's just a matter of choosing to do so."

* * *

Diane (an alias used to protect her identity) is a 42-year-old trans woman who works in accounts receivable for a Northwest Arkansas business. As a lifelong Arkansan who grew up in an extremely religious and conservative family, she's devastated by the recent legislation and the message it sends to trans youth.

"I think back to the kids who were like me growing up. I was completely kept in the dark about any of this stuff until relatively late in life. I had these impressions that all trans people go through," she says. "The cliché is your body not matching the person you are inside."

Had she known about puberty blockers back then she would have wanted to explore them, since she knew early on that there was, as she describes it "something different" about her. She was envious of her sister.

Sarah McBride says US will 'eventually' elect a transgender president

  Sarah McBride says US will 'eventually' elect a transgender president Delaware state Sen. Sarah McBride (D), the first openly trans state senator, says that she believes that the United States will "eventually" elect a transgender president. In a clip from an interview on "The Carlos Watson Show" shared exclusively with The Hill, McBride said that the country is "making progress toward more and more trans people running for office, winning, and serving in positions throughout government at every level.""I thinkIn a clip from an interview on "The Carlos Watson Show" shared exclusively with The Hill, McBride said that the country is "making progress toward more and more trans people running for office, winning, and serving in positions throughout government at every level.

"I remember crying because I didn't get the same kind of clothes she got," she recalls growing up in the 1980s. "Puberty blockers or even being transgender weren't things I knew anything about. Now that the knowledge is out there, that should be something that everyone is able to explore."

She thinks the current government overreach doesn't align with the support she's personally received from her own community.

"We have a government here that I think is out of step with what average people think about the issue, that is trying to have this draconian clamp-down on stuff that's just about people being able to explore who they are. And I don't think that it will stop with children."

Diane only recently came out at work because she couldn't hide her identity any longer. She described the process as "just the easiest thing in the world.

"Everyone at work was totally accepting. And it is not a liberal workplace by any means. It's relatively conservative and Christian, and those people were all great."

Her boss and HR were both extremely accommodating for her needs. They asked her what she wanted to be called and asked if she wanted to start using the women's restroom immediately saying "This is totally cool. No problem whatsoever."

The one example of transphobia she can recall experiencing personally was using the women's restroom at a McDonald's, when a woman started yelling about a man using the women's restroom.

Arkansas lawmakers vote to expand transgender sports ban

  Arkansas lawmakers vote to expand transgender sports ban Arkansas' House of Representatives on Wednesday voted to expand the ban on transgender people playing in gender-identity sports, The Associated Press reported.The law passed on Wednesday authorizes the state's attorney general to sue schools that violate the ban. Arkansas lawmakers voted 74-17 on the expanded measure and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) is expected to sign the bill.The proposed law comes as states are passing measures restricting the rights of transgender individuals, including Arkansas banning gender-confirming surgery for transgender youth.

"That's by far the worst experience as far as someone being confrontational about it," she says. "So I just really don't think that the average person in Arkansas cares."

Meanwhile, it's the average Arkansan who is becoming less in demand as Northwest Arkansas is seeing record growth, thanks in part to the Walton-funded cultural amenities and a national push to market the area as a progressive oasis in a pristine natural setting  –including an incentive that attempts to woo highly skilled urbanites to move here with $10,000 and a mountain bike. Despite this progression, some lifelong residents have had enough.

Though Diane feels comfortable here personally, the recent spate of anti-trans legislation led her to make the decision to move away with her trans husband. They'd dreamed of moving someplace more aligned with their lifestyle before, but felt no urgency about making such a big decision until now.

"It's literally pushing us out of the place that I've lived my whole life," she says. "I don't see much hope going forward for the state, unfortunately."

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