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14:30  04 may  2021
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Pression et vent en m/s au niveau de la mer – Modèle GFS*025°. © Sportrizer. Report pressure and wind in m / s at sea level - GFS * 025 ° model.

What will be the wind conditions to indulge in sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or paddle, this week of Tuesday, May 4 to Monday, May 10, 2021, on the Atlantic Facades and Channel? Here is the analysis of Yann Amice, the scientific director of our partner Sportrizer.

Time diet change with a well punctuated return of the disturbances by the Atlantic facade. Tuesday a first rainbirth was evacuated on the East. Thursday a new depression comes to stall on the immediate West of Finistère at 1,005 HPA. The week will end with a new depression system, a little more hollow at 975 HPA which is positioned Saturday noon in the immediate Southwest of Ireland.

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This succession of disturbances will order a southwestern wind regime almost permanent on all the coasts with small phases of calm related to the transitions between depressions. The most supported episode is emerging for Saturday.

in Channel

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Northwest West Flow is installed at more than 20 to 25 kt of medium wind. Thursday, the wind becomes low variable with the isobaric system little organized on the Breton tip. This configuration extends on Friday and winds will begin to mount the south sector at the front of the degradation that occurs in southwestern Ireland.

The wind will reinforce all areas Saturday, with a southwestern between 25 and 30 kt of medium wind and gusts to more than 40 kt. This time will continue Sunday with a wealthy southwestern wind for about 20 kt. Monday, the winds will go to the northwest and will maintain a moderate character with the evacuation of the system in the north-east of the British Isles.

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Brest at La Rochelle

The week will be more stirred on this part of the Atlantic facade. The flow quickly switches to North-West Tuesday, and winds remain between 15 and 20 kt Wednesday from Northwest. Thursday, with the relative minimum on the Breton tip, the entire Atlantic facade should observe a western sector wind to more than 20 to 25 kt

Friday will be a small day of transition with weak winds, before settling Gradually southwest in the late afternoon with the arrival of depression on southwestern Ireland. Saturday, the South West wind will be supported at more than 30 kt bursts at more than 40-45 kt.

From Sunday noon, the wind will calm up as the disturbance will evacuate east during the day. However, we should keep a wind between 15 and 20 kt. Monday will mark the return of a quieter time with a small northwest regime, 10 to 15 kt.

Royan in Biarritz

The wind is sustained from southwest to open the beginning of the week to more than 20 to 25 kt, Tuesday. This Wednesday, it rockers northwest to north, being lower than in the North. It will be between 10 and 15 kt. The small anticyclonic cell that slips into the bottom of the Gulf of Gascony inhibits the wind south of Bordeaux.

Thursday, the wind comes southwest to more than 20 to 25 kt, while in southern Mimizan it retains a lower character. Friday It will begin to move to the south southwest, under the influence of degradation further north towards Ireland. The winds south of Arcachon take a weak southeast component.

Saturday, this part of the coast will remain under the influence of southern wind to moderate with a fine foehn effect on Biarritz and its region. A beautiful sunny weather that will strongly contrast with the rest of the week that will be covered and rainy. Finally, d Illegal, the flow rebasculated to the northwest and will become sullen again with a moderate wind between 10 and 12 kt.

General: China's Africa outreach poses threat from Atlantic .
WASHINGTON (AP) — The top U.S general for Africa is warning that a growing threat from China may come not just from the waters of the Pacific, but from the Atlantic as well. U.S. Gen. Stephen Townsend, in an interview with The Associated Press, said Beijing is looking to establish a large navy port capable of hosting submarines or aircraft carriers on Africa’s western coast. Townsend said China has approached countries stretching from Mauritania to south of Namibia, intent on establishing a naval facility. If realized, that prospect would enable China to base warships in its expanding Navy in the Atlantic as well as Pacific oceans.

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