US 'White Lives Matter' Marches Likely to Be Even Bigger Flop Than Last Time

16:16  07 may  2021
16:16  07 may  2021 Source:   newsweek.com

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Neo-Nazis and far-right extremists unmoved by the failure of their last "White Lives Matter" marches were still hoping a new coordinated event would take off on Saturday.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd: A rally supporter stares down a person with a camera at a © David McNew/Getty Images A rally supporter stares down a person with a camera at a "White Lives Matter" rally on April 11, 2021 in Huntington Beach, California. Further "White Lives Matter" marches across the country are being prompted online for May 8.

A number of white supremacist rallies were being scheduled at unspecified locations across the U.S. and abroad for May 8, less than a month after the previous marches on April 11 flopped.

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Despite being heavily publicized, only one far-right rally in Huntington Beach, California, appeared to have been attended by any significant number of white supremacists, but they were still heavily outnumbered by 200 counter-protesters.

Many other planned events were poorly attended, including some with only one attendee. Others were canceled altogether.

Despite this, a new day of promised white supremacist marches is being promoted for 9 a.m on May 8 on Telegram, the encrypted messaging service where the original "White Lives Matter" was also organized and discussed.

A new "White Lives Matter Official" Telegram channel was created to promote the marches. It currently has more than 3,700 subscribers, with dozens of individual channels also set up for U.S. states and foreign countries.

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However, with less than one day to go, a vast majority of the channels had not revealed specific details such as an exact location for their 9 a.m march, despite being created weeks ago.

Two locations have been revealed in the Florida "White Lives Matter" channel— Airport Pulling Road in Naples and Cattleman Road and Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. In both cases, those hoping to attend the white supremacist rallies were being encouraged to wear masks to protect their identities, rather than to follow COVID-19 health guidelines.

The "White Lives Matter" channel promoting the Florida events had 91 subscribers, with virtually all of the individual channels for each state only having a handful to a few dozen subscribers.

The channel for Pennsylvania has already confirmed it has canceled any attempt to hold a new rally.

"This location will not host an official event on the 8th of May," a post stated. "Activism will happen in each and every location, however, due to the decentralized way of organizing, it is up to you to do the best YOU can for our people in your states/country."

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Many others are also merely sharing the racist posts from the main "White Lives Matter Official" channel rather than organizing an event.

Just like in April, there is no real indication that the new planned "White Lives Matter" marches will transpire into any significant rallies, but some cities are preparing counter-demonstrations.

In San Diego, California, an Antifa group said they will hold a rally against any Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazi groups hoping to hold a march on May 8 in order to "hold space and protect" the city.

A counter-protest is also due to take place in Wilmot Township, Canada, on May 8 after posters promoting a far-right rally for May 8 appeared in Wilmot and Wellesley.

"It is time to present a new vision for Wilmot that is rooted in anti-racism and intersectionality," the organizers of the event wrote on its Facebook page.

"Your presence is to build a wall of safety and solidarity for the grassroots activists and community leaders who have been leading the way in the fight against white supremacy. Let's show everyone in the community that Wilmot will no longer tolerate hate."

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