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Protest is the origin story for Pride and Black Lives Matter movements: 5 Things podcast

  Protest is the origin story for Pride and Black Lives Matter movements: 5 Things podcast On today's podcast: Last June, the pandemic and turmoil over police brutality and racial injustice pushed the 50th anniversary of Pride in new directions.Last June, the pandemic and turmoil over police brutality and racial injustice pushed the 50th anniversary of Pride in new directions.

Ici tout commence (spoilers) : le résumé en avance de l’épisode 162 du mardi 15 juin © Capture TF1 here everything begins (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 162 of Tuesday 15 June Teyssier pushes Anaïs and Lisandro in their entrenchments. Lionel visits his sisters and his father. Célia reconsider the situation with his mother to round off the angles.

Tuesday, June 15 In Here it starts , who has just changed Generic , in the morning, the Teyssier discuss the case of Lisandro and Anaïs. Emmanuel (Benjamin Baroche) is picked up against Charlene ( Pola Petrenko is unveiled on Instagram ) asking him to stop getting involved with everything. He will then see Marta to try to change her mind about her blackmail project but it's hardly lost. If he returns Lisandro ( Agustin Galiana who reveals that he has no longer life since he turns in ITC ) or Anaïs, Marta will say to everyone that Teyssier kissed him. The teacher then launches to his pupil that she will pay her attitude.

'Loki' director debunks Mephisto theory after fans think the show hinted at him in the opening episode

  'Loki' director debunks Mephisto theory after fans think the show hinted at him in the opening episode Mephisto was hinted at throughout "WandaVision," and fans thought a stained-glass window alluded to him in "Loki" - until Kate Herron ruled that out."WandaVision" spawned more fan theories than most MCU projects, with one of the most passionate and popular theories revolving around the inclusion of Mephisto, Marvel Comics' answer to the devil.

Teyssier pushes Lisandro and Anaïs in their Retrench

Teyssier will then see Lisandro and Anaïs to tell them that they can stay both. When Antoine ( Frédéric Diefenthal ) learns it, he does not understand the director's decision, no more than Guillaume. During the service of Double A, Enzo ( Azize Diabaté , who had a culinary experience that went wrong ) is very tense and ends up making a collapse in full restaurant against Lisandro who tries to calm him down. The student is then going up the straps by Teyssier who tells him he knows it's him who posted the photo of Lisandro and Anaïs on social networks.

Later, Teyssier will see Lisandro to force him to leave Anaïs or he will rot his reputation. After a discussion with Rose who advises him to break, Lisandro sees Anaïs in the salt marshes and he tells her that everything is finished with each other because he does not want to sacrifice his son and career for a relationship of just a few weeks.

'KUWTK': The Kardashians and Fans React to Watching Series Finale

  'KUWTK': The Kardashians and Fans React to Watching Series Finale The show's stars and longtime fans had a lot of feelings during the show's last-ever episode.The docuseries wrapped up after 20 seasons, after first airing on E! in October 2007. The show has followed the Kardashian Family -- including Kim Kardashian, mom Kris Jenner, siblings Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and their growing broods -- for a substantial chunk of their lives, and Thursday's finale allowed the stars to bid farewell to the fans they've made along the way.

Meet the family of Lionel

Salome, Laetitia and Kelly celebrate the victory of the latter on Lionel during their culinary challenge. The young man refuses to recognize that Kelly beat him. Then, he will visit his two sisters and father who have just moved to the area. They cook for them, but when one of his sisters asks for a special cake for his birthday, he replies that he does not have time because of the exams. The girl has a young girl is very disappointed. Célia reconciles with his mother

Vincent will speak to Célia de his mother to advise him to reconcile with her. It also apologizes that they have not been able to protect it better at the time of its separation with Alice (

played by Diane Robert ). Vincent will then see Laetitia to reassure her about their couple and tell him that it is not worth leading a life of hell in Alice. Celia apologizes from her mother for her behavior and she cook with her. When they dine all three with Vincent, the latter feels troubled by this family meal.

There's a reason why 'The Flash' is telling more diverse stories now. The showrunner says he 'can't stand' when a show doesn't reflect the real world. .
Showrunner Eric Wallace and stars Danielle Nicolet and Kayla Compton spoke to Insider about how the current season is elevating diverse characters."There are people watching this show of all ages, all races, all religions, all creeds," Wallace told Insider. "They need to know that Black women, people of color in general, there's more to us than just the one side you see all the time.

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