US Floods in Germany: The Conservative Candidate's Laughter Armin Laschet passes Mal

15:35  19 july  2021
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CSU requirement: Loading gives fast control cuts A cancellation

 CSU requirement: Loading gives fast control cuts A cancellation CDU-boss Armin Laschet has rejected the desire of the CSU after soon tax relief. Such releases could only be "possible as soon as possible - and the 'possible' is the important part of this statement," said on Wednesday evening at a podium discussion of "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and "Stuttgarter News".

Armin Laschet, le candidat conservateur à la succession de la chancelière allemande Angela Merkel, a été pris devant les caméras en train de rire lors d'un hommage aux victimes des inondations. © Marius Becker / DPA Via AP Pool Armin Laschet, the Conservative candidate at the succession of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was taken in front of the cameras Laugh to a tribute to the victims of floods.

The floods in Germany have taken a political round at a little more than two months of the legislative elections, at the end of which Angela Merkel will leave power. The favorite to succeed the Chancellor, the Conservative Armin Laschet, committed Saturday, 17 July a prejudicial fake in his image, being filmed laughing at a tribute to the victims of floods.

"Laschet Rigole while the country suffers," says BILD, the most read newspaper in Germany. The images have become viral, the national indignation, binding the person to apologize.

Equilibrium/ Sustainability — NASA: Moon and climate change will team up to flood US coasts in 2030s

  Equilibrium/ Sustainability — NASA: Moon and climate change will team up to flood US coasts in 2030s Today is Friday. Welcome to Equilibrium, a newsletter that tracks the growing global battle over the future of sustainability. Subscribe here: thehill.com/newsletter-signup. NASA scientists are warning of a new factor that could add to the danger coastal cities face from more powerful storm surges and rising seas - moon wobble - as Joseph Guzman reported for The Hill's Changing America. The moon controls the tides - and during half of its 18 year cycle, a wobble in its orbit means that "high tides get higher, and low tides get lower," NASA noted.

The controversy took all the more magnitude that M. Laschet, elected President of the CDU last January , is also the leader of one of the two regions most affected by the fatal floods, the Rhineland North Westphalia.

At the same time, each candidate for Angela Merkel's succession, to the right and left and at the Greens, rivals proposals to strengthen the fight against global warming, cause for many flood experts.

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More than 22,000 rescuers are on foot of

his bévue continued to make polemic Sunday, while thousands Volunteers collect donations, distribute food, help to release furniture, out-of-use devices, souvenirs, muddy homes.

Floods in Germany: Climate Front Policy and Next Elections

 Floods in Germany: Climate Front Policy and Next Elections © Reuters - Wolfgang Rattay Floods in Germany: Devastation Scenes in Bad Neuenahr, Rhineland-Palatinate, July 16, 2021. in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the showers must cease this weekend, but everywhere rivers and rivers have overflowed and carried away on their passage: houses, cars and lives too. At least 153 people in total have died in these floods, 133 in Germany.

In all the disaster locations, firefighters, civil protection, communal, military officials, began the colossal work of clearing and cleaning clusters of muddy debris that often obstruct the streets.

"It's a horror scenario," says Michael Kossytorz in the devastated city of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, noting the damage. House cellars and carcases are inspected one by one to find possible bodies. This is the largest natural disaster in the recent history of the country.

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Laschet loses to see .
Berlin in the flood catastrophe. NRW Prime Minister and Union Chancellor's Candidate Armin Lashet could not benefit from his action in the flood disaster in terms of his survey values ​​- on the contrary. © Oliver Berg Armin Laschet after the flood catastrophe in the hard-met Erftstadt (archive). Armin Laschet (CDU) has even lost to watch. This is from a survey of the opinion research institute INSA for the "picture on Sunday".

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