US to Krypto massacre: Teslas Bitcoin gains almost extinguished

04:50  23 july  2021
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Bitcoin: Trading volume broken to the large crypt bodies

 Bitcoin: Trading volume broken to the large crypt bodies The bitcoin is only half worth as much as in April. The declining interest of investors: inside has led to a collapse in the trading volume. Observers remain positive. © Visual Generation / Shutterstock Trading with Bitcoin and Co. significantly decreased in June. In mid-April, the Bitcoin has reached its previous all-time high . A unity of the most important crypto currency was worth nearly $ 65,000. Currently, the bitcoin course moves between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000.

of publicly staged a few months ago and getting started at Tesla fans in Bitcoin's electroautobauer in Bitcoin.

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• Musc with once celebrated Bitcoin bet

• Blood bath on the crypto market has made bitcoin price massively pressed

• Teslas bitcoin winnings

For months, Tesla boss has been operated for months Elon Musk as cryptobogram on Twitter . In addition to his comments on the fun currency Dogecoin it was always tweets over the oldest crypto feed Bitcoin , which provided for movement on the market for cyberdeals. When Tesla announced in February 2021, Bitcoins bought for more than a billion US dollars, shot the digital currency on a new all-time high . The fact that the investment was worth it clearly - at the time of the first quarter - at the time was the bitcoin shares, which Tesla had still been worth 2.48 billion US dollars after an intermediary reduction of the participation - Scattered paper gain for the electric car wall.

of because of Kazakhstan or Iran - in the USA is booming the bitcoin mining

 of because of Kazakhstan or Iran - in the USA is booming the bitcoin mining © Shutterstock Bitcoin: USA gets up at Mining. Even before the China Crackdown, the USA was on the way to the new Bitcoin Mining Mecca. The US content on the global hashrates is increasing. That could also be good for the climate balance. of the broad public rather unnoticed, the US and Canada have developed into new hotspots for the bitcoin mining in recent months.

Bloodbath on the Krypto Markt

But a few months later, the situation is very different and the acclaimed Bitcoin chess train could prove itself as a boomerang for Tesla. After Tesla made a retractor in the acceptance of Bitcoin payments for environmental reasons, the downtrend that had captured the crypto market took up. Thus, a look at the Tesla balance after the second annual quarter will probably show a completely different picture than after the first quarter of the year.

The "Forbes" magazine has calculated on the basis of the bitcoin prize at the time of the first quarterly balance sheet that Tesla should have placed an average of 32,000 US dollars per bitcoin on the table. "Fortune" comes with an estimated $ 32,600 to a similar purchase price per Cybercoin. - bitcoin action with plus 500 - that's how it works. 72% of private investor accounts lose money if you are using this provider CFDS . You should carefully check if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. - Since the purchase time and a massive increase to more than $ 63,000 in May of this year, the Bitcoin - and with him the entire crypto market - has lost massively to ground and even slipped at the $ 30,000-US dollar mark. Although the cyberdevise could catch something again and recall the psychologically important price mark, yet shows the current price of around 32,300 dollars: Teslas Bitcoin winnings were probably completely wiped out (as of July 22, 2021).

What to Look for When Making an Investment in Bitcoin?

What to Look for When Making an Investment in Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the most successful and popular cryptocurrency among all others. People from different countries are involved in businesses related to bitcoin, such as trading, mining, and many others. The best thing about BTC is that it not only provides the users with several benefits but also offers them money-making opportunities.

Following For the Tesla balance,

would separate Tesla today from his Bitcoins - after all, the car maker had already made the first quarter of the first quarter of the first quarter of the first quarter - the electric car newcomer would have received less for a digital coin when he originally paid. A crash of crypto currency to $ 25,000 would bury an investment loss of $ 300 million, the BTC falls up to $ 20,000, would result in a minus of $ 500 million, "Fortune" expects . This corresponds approximately to the input tax profit of the electric autobauer in the first quarter.

Even if the bitcoin remains above the coloted purchase price: The MEGA-COUP-celebrated Bitcoin Investment by Elon Musk has not met the expectations of the company chief and probably the Tesla community. For on July 26, Tesla presents its figures for the second financial quarter that MUSK can restart the balance by an advantageous bitcoin sales, seems almost excluded in view of the current developments in the market.

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