US Vaccination of caregivers: a union calls for a strike from August 4,

10:40  03 august  2021
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Far-right and others march against French virus rules

  Far-right and others march against French virus rules PARIS (AP) — Far-right activists and members of France’s yellow vest movement protested Saturday against a bill requiring everyone to have a special virus pass to enter restaurants and other venues and mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all health care workers. Legislators in France’s Senate were debating the bill Saturday after the lower house of parliament approved it Friday, as virus infections are spiking and hospitalizations are rising anew. The French government is trying to speed up vaccinations to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals, and avoid new lockdowns.

White House greets vaccine target news as ‘Milestone Monday’ while Japan moves to ensure it has enough hospital beds amid a spike in Covid cases. The country has seen a sharp increase in coronavirus cases, and is recording more than 10,000 daily new infections nationwide. Tokyo had a record high of 4 ,058 on Saturday. Fewer elderly people, most of whom are vaccinated , are getting infected, chief cabinet secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters.

More than 80%of the 65 residents and 60 staff are currently vaccinated and we expect a further round of vaccinations to be offered to any residents, who have previously declined, be undertaken over the next few days, while we are encouraging all staff to get fully vaccinated . More than 400 health workers are in quarantine, including all the cardiac surgeon’s at Queensland’s Children’s hospital (a surgeon was quickly found for an emergency case). Care will not be denied in urgent cases, even if health workers are in quarantine. Almost 35,000 Queenslanders were tested for Covid.

Une infirmière du CHU de Nantes vaccinée contre le coronavirus en février 2021. © Franck Dubray / West-France Nantes Nantes Nurse Vaccinated Against Coronavirus in February 2021.

The Southern Union Social Health launches a call to An unlimited strike, from Wednesday, August 4, facing the obligation for caregivers to be vaccinated against CVIV-19 from September 15th.

The immunization obligation , decreed from September 15 for caregivers, leads to protest movements everywhere in France. An unlimited strike notice was deposited in Marseille. in Lyon, an unlimited strike started since July 29 and the CGT of the Bastia Hospital Center has been on strike since July 30th.

Follow here the news of Tuesday, August 3 on the Pandemic of Coronavirus in France and in the world

Experts Slam Biden's ‘Unconvincing’ Push for Vaccine Mandate

  Experts Slam Biden's ‘Unconvincing’ Push for Vaccine Mandate The White House is set to announce the largest vaccine mandate in modern history in the coming days in response to growing concern over the delta variant of COVID-19, the latest and most abrupt change in a pandemic response strategy that has yet to get the virus under control. Federal workers and contractors will soon be required to prove that they are fully vaccinated, or will otherwise be required to wear masks and undergo routine COVID-19 testing, according to a source familiar with the upcoming mandate.

Israel might strike tomorrow 3rd of August when the new President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi will be officially sworn in!The commander of the 9th Brigade of the Iranian backed Popular Mobilization forces “Abu Sadiq Al-Khashashi” has been reportedly Assassinated in Babylon Governorate of Iraq. Pfizer and Moderna ramp up #COVID19 vaccine prices in the European Union as demand increases for expected “booster shots,” generating billions of dollars. CDC admits that “fully vaccinated ” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral…

Deaths serious vaccine injuries have already been listed as a result of the vaccinations , including at the US Public Health Agency CDC. Readers should download the information on their smartphone to have on hand whenever it becomes necessary to remind government officials of the Council of Europe’s guidelines. LyonThe SUD Santé Social union of the Édouard-Herriot hospital in Lyon filed a strike notice in order to oppose the compulsory vaccination of caregivers and the exclusion of unvaccinated patients.

at the national level, the South Social Health union also calls for an unlimited national strike, from August 4th. "We are not against vaccination but it must remain a free choice," explains to Figaro Jean-Marc Devauchelle, Secretary General of the South Federation Social Health.

The right to doubt

It militates to allow the right to doubt to caregivers. "For my part, I decided to get vaccinated last Monday and I have for a long hesitance. But it's a personal choice, I do not encourage anyone and our federation neither has the will to impose ", indicates.

defending to be anti-vaccine, the Secretary-General of the Union considers, however,: "We know full that any injection carries a risk and we do not have enough decline as one could have it in the case of the catch from a doliprane or other vaccines.

States turn to COVID testing mandate to increase vaccinations, will it be enough?

  States turn to COVID testing mandate to increase vaccinations, will it be enough? New York City and California are turning to a COVID testing mandate for unvaccinated public employees. Health experts say this could boost confidence in the shots. Barun Mathema, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, told ABC News that the plan is a very effective incentive on paper, and it will have a bigger impact outside of the public sector when it comes to confidence in the vaccines.

The pass serves as proof that the holder has been fully vaccinated , has tested negative for Covid-19 in the past 48 hours, or has recovered from the virus. People in France must show such passes to enter crowded venues and, from August 9, will have to present them when The introduction of passes, along with the mandatory vaccination of health workers, has sparked debates and protests, with some describing the measures as discriminatory. At the same time, the National Academy of Medicine and National Academy of Pharmacy called for a mandatory vaccination of the general population and

A vaccination drive that got off to a slow start because of a shortage of doses - only 17% of adults are fully vaccinated - coupled with the emergence of the virulent Delta variant have triggered new clusters, shaken public confidence and stirred anger. Comment: These 'slow starts' have been reported across the planet, and this is likely because people do not want the injections. Ma Hazzard repeated calls for locals not to visit other households saying this was how a large portion of cases were being transmitted.

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from September 15th, it will be possible to suspend a person's employment contract that will not comply with the obligation. For Jean-Marc Devauchelle, this will inevitably have consequences for the morale of caregivers and this could result in resignations: "It remains to know if it will be at the margin or if there will be a lot.

The Constitutional Council will make its decision on Thursday, August 5, its decision on the immunization of caregivers and more generally on the sanitary pass.

Don’t Panic, But Breakthrough Cases May Be a Bigger Issue Than You’ve Been Told .
The vaccines work very well, but current public health communications may be understating the frequency of infections among the vaccinated.The vaccines were never tested to prevent transmission, only symptomatic disease, and those who knew the science expected, from the outset, that we would see some number of such cases, and that they would be, overwhelmingly, mild. But Delta appears to have changed things. Not everything: the vaccines are working to suppress severe outcomes from covid infection — according to a New York Times analysis, by more than a factor of one hundred for some states, and at least five-fold for even the states where the effect has been most muted.

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