US Südschleswigscher voterverband brings mandate: after 70 years again in the Bundestag

01:05  28 september  2021
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Stefan Seidler picks up a mandate for the South Schleswig voter association in the Bundestag. He wants to protect the rights of minorities.

Stefan Seidler zieht für den Südschleswigschen Wählerverbands (SSW) in den Bundestag ein. © Photo: Axel Hauptke / DPA Stefan Seidler moves into the Bundestag for the South Silkewig voter association (SSW).

Good 55,000 votes have been enough for the South Senswig voter association (SSW) after almost 70 years returns to the German Bundestag. As a minority party, the SSW is excluded from the normally applicable five percentage hurdle. Therefore, only 40,000 votes were necessary for a seat in Parliament.

to Hermann Clausen, who sat in the first chosen Bundestag until 1953, Stefan Seidler is the Second Member of Parliament, which feeds for the SSW in the Bundestag - as a paceless Member, as at least five percent of parliamentarians must come together for a group summary.

Germany's diversity shows as immigrants run for parliament

  Germany's diversity shows as immigrants run for parliament BERLIN (AP) — Ana-Maria Trasnea was 13 when she emigrated from Romania because her single, working mother believed she would have a better future in Germany. Now 27, she is running for a seat in parliament. “It was hard in Germany in the beginning,” Trasnea said in an interview with The Associated Press. “But I was ambitious and realized that this was an opportunity for me, so I decided to do whatever I can to get respect and integrate.” Trasnea, who is running for the center-left Social Democrats in Sunday's election, is one of hundreds of candidates with immigrant roots who are seeking a seat in Germany's lower house of parliament, or Bundestag.

Although one could consider the collection of a seventh party in the Bundestag as a curved sub-sight of this choice, it can at least partially explain the poor performance of the Union. "The citizens have made it clear with their choice that they have the feeling, Berlin leaves Schleswig down," Seidler says the day's mirror the day after the election.

When the CSU party chairman Markus Söder praised at the Congress shortly before the election, the Transport Minister Scheuer praise so much money like no other politician to Bavaria is in Schleswig Sauer. "At the same time, energy prices increase, although we significantly produce electricity that is consumed in Bavaria," says Seidler.

Already in September 2020, the members agreed on a party congress for participation in the coming federal election. The first time since the 1960s. The ignorance of federal politics to the Danish minority in southern Sleswig also have structural backgrounds, explained by Dittrich, spokesman of the SSW: "In the past one went to the CDU, then one knew that the concerns of the minorities would be passed passed on. Meanwhile, the Bundestag is much too fragmented. "The interests of minorities would simply go down.

"Impact on ability to work": Parliament fears LanceNot after the election

 should be the Bundestag after the election on this Sunday as expected significantly more deputies than the previous 709, then at least until the end of the year, not all its own offices are available; The reason for this is that the construction of a new deputy building should be completed only at the end of the year.

And something else sees Dittrich critically: "With the many young deputies , which newly elected Parliament, a sensitivity to historical minorities in Germany has also been lost."

With him in Parliament, the deputies no longer come to the SSW Pass, Seidler believes: "I'll go to the nerves for so long until the southern Schleswiger, but also other minorities such as the sorbents or the Sinti and Roma are heard in parliament." From the other associations there is much encouragement for his entry into The Bundestag, explains the 41-year-old.

In Parliament, he will talk to all democratic parties, Seidler. However, the work will be particularly closely with the Green Party Chairman Robert Habog, who could bring the direct mandate in Flensburg - in the same constituency, so that Seidler started. There is no rivalry between Seidler and Habog.

to 2017 the SSW coalized with the SPD and the Greens in Schleswig-Holstein. Dabeck was then Environment Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Before the Bundestag election, Dabad Seidler offered to represent the interests of the Danish minority in the Bundestag, the entry into the Bundestag should not work. This is no longer necessary.

unexplained, however, is still where Seidler should accommodate with his employees in Berlin. More deputies than ever will be in the new Bundestag . Dittrich explains: "Wolfgang Kubicki is responsible for the distribution of offices. However, how they all do, I do not know. "A party headquarters in the capital does not have the SSW either.

Germany's new parliament is more diverse than ever before .
BERLIN (AP) — Hakan Demir smiled broadly as he stood in front of Germany’s majestic parliament building Tuesday, his first official day of work as a national lawmaker. “My grandfather would have been mighty proud of me, and my parents are proud as well,” Demir, 36, said, taking a moment to remember his family’s roots in Turkey, from where his grandfather came in the early 1970s as an untrained “guest worker” to help build roads and houses in Germany.

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