US Timefart: That's why a medium-sized company buys an airport

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Demographers now predict that by the latter half of the century or possibly earlier, the global population will enter a sustained decline for the first time ." Why would the fertility rate suddenly go down in "developed" countries? There is the general notion that covid is not about health or immunity, but rather about depopulating the world; an eugenist agenda, if you will. Mike Whitney expresses a clear view in which direction this unnecessary covid vaccination drive is going. It has nothing to do with health protection of the people.

fashion chain, booksellers, airline - and now a regional airport: the medium-sized time freight group buys strongly, but how does it fit together? Only at second glance reveals the goal.

A medium-sized company mixes the logistics world: The Time Freight Group wants to take over the civilian part of the airport Rostock-Laage-Güstrow. That was announced by the company on Tuesday afternoon. What sounds like a rather medium-sized litter - according to the editorial network Germany, it is around 170 existing jobs and potentially 250 new - becomes more important if you look at the history of the company.

The family-owned company from Berlin have acquired and successfully acquired a few large companies from the logistics sector or with a strongly logistic background, "writes the time freight group about himself. And indeed: the company last fell through his merchant mood on. In the middle of the year, time freight took over the fashion retailer Eagle out of bankruptcy - and started rapidly to repay previously received state aids. A few years earlier, time freight had the Air Berlin subsidiary LGW, the bookseller Koch, Neff and Volckmar (KNV), the Sauter Precision mechanics and the electronics dealer first Wise acquired.

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From obvious culprits that have found their way into carry-on luggage to the most unusual items hiding in check-in bags, these things have no place aboard a plane. Here' s our ranking of the most surprising (and funny) items the TSA has confiscated so far this year. This so-called clock was discovered at O'Hare International Airport in March and is a perfect example of why items that could be mistaken for explosives or weapons should not be brought to an airport . Unexpected, but hardly surprising.

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Whatever all companies are: They were struck at the time of purchase, if not insolvent. And they have - at least in the broader sense - to do with the transport industry. "We are looking for companies in whose business logistics play an important role. We modernize, by changing the business model and expanding through acquisitions, "said Time Freight Executive Board Wolfram Simon Schröter in the summer. He has to know.

Simon-Schröter is the husband of the sole shareholder Jasmine Schröter. The leadership duo expanded its company through acquisitions soon to a small group. Among other things, a shipping company, a flight and above all logistics companies came. Time freight, the Schröters say, still be a traditional family business, with long experience in other industries and a cautious investment behavior. It does not go to venture capital but own money. "We are not a manager, but trustees of family assets," says Simon-Schröter on the family business, which began in 1927 as a small fleet. Meanwhile, more than 6,000 people work for time freight. The sales target is estimated at more than 900 million euros.

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One of those whales is Daniel Maegaard, an Australian crypto trader who made much of what he claims is a million-plus fortune when Bitcoin exploded in value in 2017. Maegaard has bought and sold millions of dollars worth of digital art and other NFT-based goods, like a .5 million parcel of But even investors who see NFT art solely as an asset to be bought low and sold high are putting money into artists’ pockets. Andrew Benson, a Los Angeles-based artist, has been experimenting with psychedelic, glitchy digital video work for years. He’ s landed his work in museums and galleries, but he’ s long held a day

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The family stands to the acquisitions, instead of selling them as much as possible after a renovation. Although most of the acquises were profitable in a few years, most are still part of the company or directly the Schröters. The entrepreneur couple applies as a recipe for success: classic medium-sized culture with slim structures, fast processes and the proximity of the owners for everyday work.

The good two dozen companies are organized in six independent divisions, each with their own management from connoisseurs of the respective industries. This should allow a working culture in which the individual employees take a lot of responsibility. "Every part should keep the regional and industry-specific peculiar species," says Simon-Schröter. The bonding people closer to their employer.

The participations cooperate, as far as possible. The group transport vehicles already supply books or electronics parts - especially to the many supermarkets, where the Time Freight Daughter Book Partners equipped the expenses with paperback bestsellers.

The latest purchase fits in the picture: "We can create the airport Rostock-Lage very well in our existing logistics, aerospace activities and create a place for further growth and the basis for the development further parts of our group "Say Simon-Schröter. Above all, the freight business should be expanded. And so it is not surprised that the 250 new jobs are created mainly in one place: a new logistics center with around 130,000 square meters area.

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