US6 Resume Tips for Those Looking for One of the Highest Paying Jobs in Idaho

23:50  20 october  2021
23:50  20 october  2021 Source:   pressfrom.com

Idaho is a state where the cost of living is one of the cheapest in the western states. For this calculation, the average cost was taken from:

  • housing costs;
  • utility costs;
  • transportation costs;
  • food costs;
  • healthcare costs.

At the same time, due to a diversified economy, Idaho offers good high-paying jobs. The lowest median salary in the state is $ 23,700, and the highest is $ 418,000. On average, an Idaho resident earns around $ 93,600.

A job seeker can find a suitable job by contacting one of the 24 offices of Idaho Commerce and Labor, scrolling through the vacancies in online search engines, or on Linkedin. The latest platform publishes about 3,000 vacancies per week. Linkedin is convenient because a job seeker can set up notifications and apply early to a published job.

But before that, one needs to attend to their profile and resume. For help with a profile, one can contact the Linkedin resume services or resume service, where people can find professional answers to questions for a resume, among their other services.

If you want to independently comprehend the art of writing a resume, we have made a selection of relevant tips for you.

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1. Format is the King

An employer or recruiter will want to read the resume if it is drawn up according to the rules. Each profession may have its requirements for writing a resume, but in general, it will not hurt to remember:

  1. the font must be readable; it is best to choose fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Garamond;
  2. don’t write more than one or two pages; if you have a lot of work experience, CV dos recommends focusing on the last two jobs;
  3. divide your resume into sections (Personal Info, Resume Summary or Objective, Experience, Education, Key Skills, Interests, Other Activities);
  4. use a reverse-chronological type of storytelling to keep the recruiter up to date with your latest accomplishments;
  5. use lists and bullet points, do not put all the information on one line;
  6. if in achievements you mention numbers, then it is better to write them in digital symbols rather than words; such information grabs attention faster.

2. Make Your Achievements Appealing

The resume should be able to “sell” the future employee. After reading the achievements from previous jobs, the recruiter should immediately see how the candidate will help the company.

It is better to format all your work achievements following the S.A.R. formula.

An example of building a statement that you can take and put your achievements into it:

In the Situation (description of the situation), I made an Action (you can dwell on it in more detail), thanks to which we got the Result (which must be accompanied by numbers).

To dilute the resume and not make it the same type, you can use the formula in reverse order, starting with the results. Sometimes it’s even better: the recruiter will see the number and get interested in what the job seeker did to reach the specified result.

An extra tip: do not reveal all the cards at once, telling the secrets of actions. They need to be mentioned but are not worth describing in detail. In addition, there will be material for answering questions during the interview.

3. Know When to Use a Photo

The photo in the resume makes the document more alive and personal. A well-chosen picture can increase your chances of getting a job. In the same way, a bad photo can completely destroy them.

Alongside Ireland and the UK, the United States is on the list of countries where a job seeker shouldn't attach a photo to a resume. For the most part, this practice is prohibited so as not to violate anti-discrimination and labor laws. Companies select candidates based on experience and skill, not appearance. Therefore, to increase your chances of getting a high-paying job in Idaho, you should submit your resume without a photo.

There are, of course, exceptions. For example, it is modeling or acting work. But even here, it is necessary to know the rules of layout for a resume with pic. Don’t let the little things ruin your future career.

4. Interests for a Recruiter

Interests section is good because a job seeker can tell about their hobbies, making a resume more personalized.

However, recruiters are unlikely to find anything useful in the “fishing” interest if a candidate wants to work in a software development position.

If you are unsure about which interests to put on your resume, we recommend making a first draft list. This is where you need to write whatever comes into your head. Then, after a while, re-read each paragraph with the question “how this will help to emphasize my skills and abilities necessary for a particular job.”

The safest option is learning foreign languages. Moreover, some companies are specifically looking for employees who will be fluent in multiple languages. It will not hurt to mention your level of language proficiency (A1-C2) and attach certificates.

5. Indicate the Current Expected Salary

You can indicate the salary you are targeting in the resume header. The ideal option would be to indicate the salary you received in previous jobs by filling out the “Experience” section. The expected salary can then be included in the "Other."

Before specifying the salary, you need to do a little market research and see how much a person earns in your position on average. It is not necessary to make it too high if it is out of the standards of the position in the vacancy. You don’t have to choose a minimum wage threshold to increase your chances of being “liked.”

Indicating the average or slightly below the average salary on the resume will serve as one of the indicators of a dishonest company that wants to cheat an employee.

6. Check Your Resume for Errors

Don’t rush to submit your resume the minute you finish it. Put aside the text for a while, take a break, do other things. In general, focus your attention on another activity.

You need to look at your resume with rested eyes. This will help you spot minor mechanical or grammatical errors. You may even want to change something in the text to make your resume even better.

Feel free to ask your relatives or friends to look at your resume. They can tell you where they find it difficult to read the text.

Remember: a coherent, clean, and literate resume increases your job interview chances.

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