US Fact check: Amazon does not spray its boxes with any pesticides, aren't dangerous for cats

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  House committee seeks more info from Amazon, issues warning WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. House lawmakers held out the threat of seeking a criminal investigation of Amazon, saying they're giving the tech giant a “final chance" to correct previous testimony by executives on its competition practices. The action, coming in a letter Monday to Amazon President and CEO Andy Jassy, marks an escalation in a bipartisan battle against Amazon by the House Judiciary Committee panel that has investigated the market dominance of Big Tech.

Shipping and technology company Amazon sprays its boxes with chemicals that have been shown to cause chemical burns in some pets. In an interview with Snopes, Amazon spokesperson Leah Seay said that the company does not have a policy of spraying their packaging boxes with any sort of rodenticide or insecticide. “ Boxes aren ’ t sprayed for any reason. If somewhere down the supply chain are they sprayed ?

When you spray for bedbugs you spray the whole apt and all the furniture. The chemicals are dangerous for animals but I doubt your cat developed a brain tumor in 1 day from the chemicals. Rodents are generally dealt with using traps or poison stations. It ' s not like any given room or unit is airtight. This is especially true for the more vulnerable (e.g. the young, the elderly, those with respiratory problems) and that includes very small animals like cats that these pesticides aren ' t formulated to accommodate. If any pesticide notice wants people to evacuate, that means any life form you don't

The claim: Amazon sprays its boxes with toxic pesticides that are harmful to cats

It's no secret that cats love boxes. In July 2020, USA TODAY reported that as part of its "Less Packaging, More Smiles" initiative, Amazon introduced a built-in play factor in its shipping boxes allowing them to be turn into "cat condos."

But a Facebook post claims cat owners should be wary of Amazon boxes.

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"Amazon sprays ALL boxes with Toxic Pesticides to kill wearouse (sic) rodents," reads the Oct. 19 post. "If your cats play in Amazon boxes they will be exposed and may experience chemical burns to the tongue. Other symptoms include: fever, lethargic movement, shallow breathing, and sticky salivation."

Amazon 'may have lied to Congress,' 5 lawmakers say

  Amazon 'may have lied to Congress,' 5 lawmakers say Amazon has denied the allegations. In a letter sent to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy on Monday, lawmakers on the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee are asking the e-commerce giant to correct the record and provide "exculpatory evidence" to corroborate prior testimony and statements made to the committee.

Does your cat love to chase and play with bugs? Maybe even eat them from time-to-time? Cats are natural hunters that enjoy pursuing prey. Evolution has provided cats with an acute sense of hearing and vision that is hard-wired to detect motion. Even the slightest sight or sound that indicates the presence of prey can make a cat jump into hunter mode. Many common insects are harmless to cats , but some can be poisonous or cause injury. Some insects are more dangerous than others. Even non-poisonous bugs can cause vomiting or other gastrointestinal issues if too many are consumed.

Claims of dangerous pesticides “above the legal limit” in tea products rely on incorrect or misleading descriptions of However, the authorities do not normally take action for that small of an infraction. If DDT had been found in the United States market, where the FDA regularly tests for its presence in Does Amazon Spray Boxes With Chemicals Dangerous to Pets? Did Trump Release Statement

The post is shared with three images, including one that shows a cat's tongue with what seems to be a chemical burn. It accumulated more than 300,000 shares within a week, and similar versions of this claim gathered hundreds more.

But there's no truth to this claim. A spokesperson for the company told USA TODAY that Amazon shipping boxes are free of any rodenticide or insecticide.

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USA TODAY reached out to the user for comment.

Amazon boxes are not sprayed with pesticides

The claim that Amazon boxes are sprayed with chemicals that are harmful to cats first appeared in December 2020. The fact-checking sites Snopes and Lead Stories independently debunked the claim, but it recently resurfaced online.

Bid to unionize Amazon workers in New York nears milestone

  Bid to unionize Amazon workers in New York nears milestone NEW YORK (AP) — A bid to unionize Amazon workers at a distribution center in New York City neared an important milestone, as organizers prepared to deliver hundreds of signatures to the National Labor Relations Board as soon as Monday for authorization to hold a vote. Organizers say they have collected signatures from more than 2,000 employees at four Amazon facilities in Staten Island. The bid to establish the Amazon Labor Union in New York City is the second attempt in the past year to form a union at the nation's largest online retailer.

First of all, pesticides in fact are not "bad" for you. Of course you can be harmed if you take a bottle Okay then, please spray yourself with pesticides on live television for our benefit! So we can all see The fact that the man Trump is putting into the head of the EPA transition team does not believe that

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Amazon does not spray boxes with any pesticide or disinfectant, Richard Rocha, the company's senior public relations manager, told USA TODAY.

He said corrugated boxes are made of wood pulp and wood pulp binders, in line with the materials used by other box manufacturers. Rocha said Amazon does not use any special boxes and they are not sprayed for any reason.

USA TODAY found no other evidence that sprays in this vein are in use by packaging companies.

Brooke Lujano, senior communications manager at Georgia-Pacific, a North American supplier of corrugated packaging, said boxes made at Georgia-Pacific are not sprayed with any pesticides.

"Our facilities are treated for pest control in accordance with the food safety certifications we hold, but that treatment would not be applied to boxes," said Lujano.

Amy Simpson, head of corporate communications at International Paper, a producer of fiber-based packaging, pulp and paper products, also said her firm does not apply pesticides to its corrugated boxes.

Deadly bacteria found in aromatherapy product sold at Walmart

  Deadly bacteria found in aromatherapy product sold at Walmart An aromatherapy room spray sold at Walmart has been linked to four cases of a rare bacterial infection not usually found in the U.S.The cases, diagnosed this year, were identified in Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota and Texas. Two of the people, including a child, have died.

In fact , organic farming use more pesticides than “classical” farming because they used old, obsolete, unoptimized pesticides , such as copper sulfates (known to be non-biodegradable, to accumulate in soils and to be very toxic), spinosad (low mammalian toxicity but is responsible for the death of many honeybees) and rotenone (so Pests really can take the fun out of gardening, but using pesticides isn' t always an option either, especially when you want youngsters to touch plants and taste right off the vine. That's why many gardeners rely on Integrated Pest Management methods to keep pests in check .

Spraying a cat with water (ONLY) is not harmful in any way. It simply startles them and they don' t like it. Using Vinegar Either is fine, though some people feel their pet prefers the scent of apple cider vinegar. Just know that cats may not stand for any vinegar being sprayed or wiped on them. Usually, if a cat gets into mischief, however, they are trying to draw attention to some need - for example, they are hungry or their litter box needs to be cleaned.

Rachel Kenyon, senior vice president of the Fiber Box Association, a cardboard box industry trade group, told Lead Stories she wasn't "aware of any member company who is treating boxes with anything that could be harmful to pets." The group did not respond to USA TODAY's request for comment.

Amazon's new boxes include directions on how to turn them into cat condos. © Amazon Amazon's new boxes include directions on how to turn them into cat condos.

Veterinarians also said they aren't aware of any reports of cats sickened or injured by Amazon boxes.

"I am not aware of this issue, have never seen this in clinical practice, or heard of it from other emergency veterinarians," said Ann Marie Zollo, staff criticalist at New York City’s Animal Medical Center. "There are many ​possible causes of oral ulceration in cats, ​and if your cat develops oral ulcers or injuries, it is very important to work with your veterinarian to determine the underlying reason."

Laura Fourniotis, a spokeswoman with Blue Pearl, a national network of emergency pet hospitals, also told Lead Stories the group wasn't aware of any such reports.

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Life expectancy, Calculation in Human Years: All about the age of your cat

 Life expectancy, Calculation in Human Years: All about the age of your cat © Stock.Adobe.com The life expectancy of cats is increasing. The life expectancy of cats today, the life expectancy of cats increases. The average life for a domestic cat is usually of 13 to 15 years . But it is more and more common than an Chat reaches the age of 20. »Read also - The life expectancy of dogs and cats increases however, all cats are not equal in the face of aging and the life expectancy of a cat varies according to its breed.

Our rating: False

Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that Amazon sprays its boxes with toxic pesticides that are harmful to cats. A spokesperson for the company told USA TODAY that Amazon packaging boxes are not sprayed with any pesticides or disinfectants. Interviews with veterinarians and people in the cardboard box industry also revealed no evidence of this claim.

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