US Treatment in Hospital: BGH decides on triage because of omikron wave

10:13  28 december  2021
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the idea that doctors have to give up patients on overloaded intensive care patients, is a horror scenario for many. Does the state have to pretend in the Corona Pandemic for the so-called triage selection criteria? Nine people with disabilities and pre-conditions fear without being abandoned with such specifications of doctors, and have submitted constitutional complaints in Karlsruhe. On Tuesday (9.30 am), the Federal Constitutional Court publishes its decision.

Neun Menschen mit Behinderungen befürchten, im Zweifel aufgegeben zu werden. (Symbolbild) © dpa nine people with disabilities fear to be given in doubt. (Symbol image)

The word triage comes from the French verb "Trier", which means "sorting" or "choose". It describes a situation in which doctors have to decide who they save and not - for example, because so many heavy sick corona patients come into hospitals that there are not enough intensive beds.

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applicants see mentioned criteria with concern

The German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) has developed with other professional societies "Clinical-Ethical Recommendations". The applicants and applicants see the criteria mentioned there, because the frailability of the patient and additionally existing diseases play a role.

You are afraid of always looking at your statistically worse chances of survival, and demand a legal regulation. Such a law would also have the advantage that it could be judicially checked.

In the summer of 2020 there was no reason for big rush

The constitutional complaint has been pending in Karlsruhe since mid 2020. It was also associated with an urgent application - which the judges of the competent first Senate under Jargeman Stephan Harbarth had rejected. At that time they shared, the process raises difficult questions that could not be answered on the fast.

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In the summer of 2020, they also saw no reason for big a hurry: the spread of the disease and the utilization of intensive care units do not probably make it probably seem that a triage situation occurred.

decision to triage important because of fourth Corona wave and Omikron

meanwhile the situation is different. The fourth Corona wave has recently brought in many places of hospitals to the stress border, patients had to be relocated to other regions. And experts warn a much more dramatic development through the spread of the new virus variant Omikron.

in the Basic Law: "No one may be disadvantaged due to its disability." The Senate had informed that the Senate had informed that in particular the question, "whether and when legislative action in the fulfillment of a protective obligation of the state against disabled people has been made constitutional law .

nobody should be excluded due to a disability

In addition, the judges want to explore the "assessment, scope of assessment of the legislator in regulations of medical prioritization decisions".

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The Divi and co-authors of their guidelines had assured after the constitutional action is recognized, no one is excluded from the supply due to age, basic disease or disability.

German Foundation Patient Protection sees Bundestag in the duty

The criteria would only be relevant if it's the likelihood of sinking the current illness. In this assessment, everyone would be treated the same. At the same time, the DIVI also called for a legal basis for relegating medical professionals.

The German Foundation Patient's protection also sees the Bundestag in the obligation to set regulations for triage. "The Bundestag deputies are the only ones who are democratically legitimized to such a decision," said Board Eugen Brysch of the German Press Agency. Above all, it's about the question of whether someone is taken from the ventilator. The rules would have to be the same in all hospitals, called Brysch.

The discussion and the decision are certainly not a simple, acute Brysch. "But you will not become a member of the Bundestag to make only nice weather policy," he said. "It's about the distribution of opportunities for life." From Karlsruhe, he hoped for a clear decision as to whether Parliament must decide on rules - and best, on the basis of which criteria.

of urgency and chance are often a conflict, as the patient's protector made clearly: "With someone who urgently needs therapy, the success prospects are usually not greatest." (DPA)

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