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04:20  12 january  2022
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  The stakes in the Supreme Court’s vaccine cases are even bigger than they seem The Court doesn’t just threaten the public health, it threatens democracy itself.If you believe in democracy, such power is justified only because it flows from the will of the people. “Governments,” the United States declared in its formational document, “are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” The premise of any democratic republic is that there are some decisions that must be made collectively, and that these decisions are legitimate because they are made by elected officials.

Centre de vaccination, Montréal, le 24 novembre 2021 © Andrej Ivanov Vaccination Center, Montreal, November 24, 2021

They are a "burden" for the health system: Quebec is about to harden the measures against those which refuse the vaccine by setting up a new tax only for non-vaccinated.

This "health contribution", the Government of Canada's Francophone Province hit by the Omicron Wave wishes that it represents a "significant amount" which is still under discussion.

According to Québec Prime Minister François Legault, the 10% of Quebeckers who have not received any vaccine dose to date should not "harm" 90% that were vaccinated.

"It's not to all Quebeckers to pay," he hammered at a press conference speaking of a "financial burden for all Quebeckers".

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The Quebec Prime Minister explained that if non-vaccinated adults represent only 10% of the population, they account for 50% of intensive care, evoking a "shocking" situation.

This tax does not concern people who can not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

"I understand and I feel this grumpy with regard to the unvaccinated minority that comes, all proportions kept, engorge our hospitals," he added.

A few days ago, Quebec had already announced that some non-essential shops would be prohibited to non-vaccinated, starting with its stores selling alcohol and cannabis.

In many other countries in the world, pressure on non-vaccinated is becoming stronger.

In France, the government wants to institute a vaccinal pass. President Emmanuel Macron played the provocation by declaring: "The non-vaccinated, I really want to emmender them".

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Some European countries have opted for the vaccine obligation - such as Austria or Italy for more than 50 years - and Singapore no longer supports the medical expenses of patients with coronaviruses who have refused to be vaccinated.

But Quebec, which again implemented very restrictive measures to combat the Omicron wave, is one of the first places to consider specific taxation for those who refuse the vaccine.

Centre de vaccination à Montréal, le 24 novembre 2021 © Andrej Ivanov Vaccination Center in Montreal, November 24, 2021

- Saturated Hospitals -

In order to try to stem the new wave, Quebec has reinstated since December 31 of many restrictions, including the curfew at 22:00 and the prohibition of private gatherings.

The province, whose hospitals suffer from a chronic lack of staff and are already saturated, now specifically targets the non-vaccinated.

A total of 2,742 people with COVID are hospitalized in Quebec, which has about 8 million inhabitants and some 255 people are in intensive care.

But the strategy of the Government of Quebec (led by the Coalition Future Québec) has decried by many opposition parties: Eric Duhaime, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, estimated on Twitter Tuesday that the Prime Minister continued "to find Tools and even a new tax to divide Quebeckers ".

The Party Québec Solidarity deplores a measure that forgets "completely" the vulnerable people and the chipe of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglation, favorable to the immunization obligation, evokes a "diversion".

In Canada, the federal government is studying the possibility of depriving unemployment compensation Canadians without work that refuse to be vaccinated.


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