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10:00  17 august  2022
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Even though a lot of people are not used to seeing me wear black, I have to admit that black is a classic staple color in any wardrobe.

Even though I usually like to opt for color, I do believe that you should have key black pieces in your closet, because black literally goes with everything. It’s funny because when I first moved to New York over five years ago, I thought I would immediately adopt the New York starter pack, which does include wearing all-black outfits wherever you go. Even though they did not happen, I have to admit that black, especially when done and executed properly, just looks so chic.

Honestly, I really do envy anyone who is able to pull it off because despite what others think it is not easy. If you are someone who wants to incorporate black into your wardrobe, whether you already have some key pieces in there or you are literally starting from scratch, here are a few suggestions that I have on how to buy a black wardrobe.

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The first thing I would recommend is definitely playing around with textures and colors.

I have talked about this many times before.

But the way to keep a monochromatic look from looking flat is by playing around with texture. You can do this by incorporating things like fringe or feathers, maybe even sequins into the mix. I also like to play around perhaps with the material or even the cut that your garment is so for instance if I’m going to wear a black dress, usually I’m going to do something that has maybe a fun texture to it like a fringe or perhaps a feather trim. I would definitely say that you can also play with cuts like a high low situation or maybe something that has some cool cutouts or even an exaggerated fit with the shoulder pads. No matter what you just want to have fun with how you find key pieces. Obviously, there are going to be a lot of pieces in your wardrobe that are just straight to the point.

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But if you’re wearing a black outfit you do want to still stand out and not feel monotonous and boring and drab. The second thing I would recommend is checking out the color of the black. Now I know this probably does not feel or sound right. But the reality is not all black colors are the same. You should do your research and find out from different brands, how their black actually reads, and more importantly, how many washes you will get out of it before it begins to wear. everyone’s opinion on this is different but I personally don’t like to wear the same color if the colors are just slightly off.

So for instance, if I’m wearing a black T-shirt over black jeans over black boots, I personally don’t like it when the black tea is more of a dark gray and then the black jeans are a true black and then the shoes are something else. You want to take your time and find the right key pieces. That you can add to your closet that is not going to wear easily. But they are also going to have the same dye pigments. Obviously the more expensive you go usually the better the garment but that is not always necessarily the case. If you are someone who constantly swaps out clothing, you can definitely check out fast fashion stores like Forever 21, ASOS, h&m, etc. I would just look and find pieces that really are black and when possible go into the actual store to get a gauge of the material and the color.   How to Build A Black Wardrobe (with Products to Shop) © Provided by Jamé Jackson

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Last but certainly not least, it’s so important for you to remember that post-care is the most important thing.

The way in which you wash your clothes or the people who you send your clothes for tailoring or for dry cleaning is going to determine the longevity of your clothing. For me, all of my expensive clothes go to the dry cleaners. I don’t even take the risk of trying to wash anything myself out of fear that I am going to mess it up and I will not have a chance to get my hands on it again. Even if it’s not a designer purchase black will start to fade easier than other colors. So it is super important for you to put in the time and the effort to really care for your garment. Research different detergents or dyes or whatever you can do to preserve the longevity of your clothes. But when in doubt, definitely be open to outsourcing the work to preserve your clothing. After all, a really great statement piece is worth the cost of the upkeep and the investment that you put into it when you know that you’re going to have it for years and years to come.

So what say you? Does anyone out there really like the color black and find that they have some different tips to share? Let me know in the comments. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite black items from my wardrobe and other key pieces that you can shop right now.

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