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Flushing out the true cause of the global toilet paper shortage amid coronavirus pandemic

Wednesday  10:51,   08 april 2020

Scoring a supply of toilet paper allows one tiny bit of control over rattled lives.It showed David Cohen something about the nature of humanity: As a checkout guy at a supermarket in Asheville, N.C., he saw people buying absurd amounts of toilet... >>>

California to get more than 200 million masks a month in coronavirus fight, Gov. Newsom says

Wednesday  10:20,   08 april 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that California has secured a monthly supply of 200 million N95 respiratory and surgical masks to help protect health care workers and other essential personnel at the front lines of the COVID-19... >>>

The Lion's Den: FitterYou sports app falls through with DHDL investors

Wednesday  09:45,   08 april 2020

© Frank W. Hempel / TV NOW entertainment-tv-dhdl-fitter-you.jpg For fitness app developer Fritz Grünewalt, sport is a hobby and profession at the same time. For five years he was a board member of 1. FC Kaiserslautern. At that time, the now... >>>

L.A. mandates masks for essential trips

Wednesday  08:45,   08 april 2020

Workers at essential businesses that serve the public will also have to wear coverings, Mayor Eric Garcetti said."Every Angeleno will share this responsibility with employers: To keep workers and everybody else safe, which is why we are requiring... >>>

New Battle for Those on Coronavirus Front Lines: Child Custody

Wednesday  07:15,   08 april 2020

Last month, Dr. Bertha Mayorquin, a New Jersey physician, told her soon-to-be ex-husband that there was a change in plans. But when she left work on a Friday to pick up her two daughters for the weekend, her husband, Wendell Surdukowski,... >>>

He made a career of healing patients — and became the military’s first virus casualty

Wednesday  07:06,   08 april 2020

Douglas Hickok "fought very hard not only to help protect his fellow soldiers but his family and life until the very end,” his family said.Hickok, a baseball fanatic and outdoorsman who served in the Army New Jersey National Guard as a captain,... >>>

Seven Days, Hundreds of Deaths: New York's Worst Week Yet Tests Its Coronavirus Response

Wednesday  05:46,   08 april 2020

The pandemic has sparked the grit and ingenuity of the medical community in the nation’s hardest-hit city.(Pictured) A passer-by wears a mask out of concern for the coronavirus while walking past a public service sign on April 7 in... >>>

He wore a Superman shirt after surviving kidney failure. He couldn’t beat the coronavirus.

Wednesday  05:15,   08 april 2020

On March 24, the Chrysler engineer, math whiz, family man and speaker enthusiast became the first to die of the virus in Hamilton County, Ind. He was 60 years old. “He just never let anything get him down,” his wife Christine said. (Christine Bagby) >>>

Even as deaths mount, officials see signs pandemic’s toll may not match worst fears

Wednesday  04:21,   08 april 2020

Coronavirus deaths continue to rise, but health officials see indications that the pandemic’s toll may be less devastating than the most pessimistic estimates. 1/50 SLIDES © Steven Senne/AP Photo The world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic.... >>>

Toilet-paper cakes and more: Illinois museums already seeking coronavirus artifacts

Wednesday  03:20,   08 april 2020

CHICAGO - In the struggle to stay safe and adapt to new, more conscripted realities, it can be easy to forget the coronavirus pandemic isn't just a challenge to daily existence, it's a chapter in history. That's where museums are... >>>

In the absence of a national testing strategy, states go their own way

Wednesday  03:05,   08 april 2020

Three months into the coronavirus epidemic, the Trump administration has yet to devise a national strategy to test Americans for the deadly disease — something experts say is key to blunting the outbreak and resuming daily life.... >>>

Hundreds of NYC first responders return to work after recovering from coronavirus

Wednesday  02:25,   08 april 2020

More than 1,300 New York City first responders are returning to work after recovering from the novel coronavirus or calling out sick with symptoms of the virus.The city's firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMT) are... >>>

If you sailed on these cruise ships, you may have been exposed to coronavirus

Wednesday  02:15,   08 april 2020

The CDC says passengers on 28 cruises were potentially exposed to COVID-19 between February and March. Was your cruise was affected? Read the list.The agency published a list on its website of 28 sailings on 21 ships that dealt with coronavirus. The >>>

Rulings on Wisconsin Election Raise Questions About Judicial Partisanship

Wednesday  01:20,   08 april 2020

WASHINGTON — In a pair of extraordinary rulings on Monday, the highest courts in Wisconsin and the nation split along ideological lines to reject Democratic efforts to defer voting in Tuesday’s elections in the state given the coronavirus pandemic.... >>>

Los Angeles has notoriously polluted air. But right now it has some of the cleanest of any major city

Wednesday  00:55,   08 april 2020

With the state of California under a stay-at-home order for the last several weeks because of the threat of coronavirus, Los Angeles' notoriously dirty air has dramatically improved.The mental image many people have of the Los Angeles skyline is >>>