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Paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren dies at 92

Friday  19:51,   19 april 2019

Renowned paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren has died at age 92. The New England Society for Psychic Research announced Friday morning that Lorraine Warren passed away in her sleep Thursday... >>>

Virginia governor wants Confederate arch gone from US fort

Friday  19:37,   19 april 2019

Gov. Ralph Northam is calling for the removal of an arch honoring the former president of the Confederacy at Fort Monroe, where the first enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia 400 years... >>>

Transgender cadet says he lost scholarship after Trump's military ban took effect

Friday  19:37,   19 april 2019

A transgender ROTC cadet says he has lost his scholarship at the University of Texas due to the Trump administration's new policy toward transgender service members. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

School daze: Contractor misspells crosswalk

Friday  19:26,   19 april 2019

When the city officials were notified of the error, they took quick action. (MORE: Texas teen says winning Scripps National Spelling Bee is a ‘dream come true’) "This SCHOOL zone striping was handled by the developer's contractor. They have been... >>>

Clearing the air on the origins of 420, the unofficial national marijuana holiday

Friday  19:26,   19 april 2019

Some people have different opinions and theories about how the numeric name came to pass, but there appears to be general consensus behind one... >>>

Powerful storms kill 3 as they barrel through the Deep South

Friday  18:45,   19 april 2019

Powerful storms pounded the Deep South with rains and strong winds, killing at least three people and threatening some areas with tornadoes on Good Friday. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

Chem professor on leave after Nazi gas chamber exam question

Friday  18:36,   19 april 2019

A chemistry professor whose exam question asked students to calculate the lethal dose of a poisonous gas used in Nazi gas chambers during the Holocaust has taken a leave of absence, Middlebury College... >>>

Two Florida girls with reported middle school hit list arrested for conspiracy to commit murder: report

Friday  18:15,   19 april 2019

Two middle school students in Avon Park were in custody after a teacher alert authorities about a possible plan to harm others, according to a statement from the Highlands County School... >>>

Hurricane Michael gets an upgrade to rare Category 5 status

Friday  17:40,   19 april 2019

Weather forecasters have posthumously upgraded last fall's Hurricane Michael from a Category 4 to a Category... >>>

Bullies and black trench coats: The Columbine shooting’s most dangerous myths

Friday  17:20,   19 april 2019

So much of what was reported about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold right after their April 15, 1999 attack on Columbine High School was wrong. But it made the killers... >>>

Ancestry Pulls Ad After Criticism That It Romanticized Slavery

Friday  17:05,   19 april 2019

The DNA testing company Ancestry has taken down an ad, "Inseparable," following criticism that it whitewashed... >>>

Twenty years after Columbine, mass shooting survivors help others heal

Friday  16:20,   19 april 2019

Twenty years after Columbine, mass shooting survivors help others... >>>

Supreme Court girds for fight over Trump census citizenship question

Friday  15:25,   19 april 2019

Supreme Court girds for fight over Trump census citizenship... >>>

One of Alaska’s warmest springs on record is causing a dangerous thaw

Friday  15:15,   19 april 2019

“Climate change is happening faster than it’s ever happened before in our record,” said Bryan Thomas, station chief for the United States' northernmost climate observatory. “We’re right in the middle of it.” Utqiagvik set daily temperature records... >>>

After months apart, a handful of separated families tearfully reunite at U.S.-Mexico border

Friday  15:00,   19 april 2019

The Honduran cattle herder rubbed his hands nervously, perched on the edge of his seat in the baggage claim area of San Diego International Airport, scanning the crowd. Suddenly, a curly-haired teenager caught his eye. “That’s my son,” he said, his... >>>