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Agencies reduce grazing fees for federal land

Friday  03:25,   22 february 2019

Two federal agencies are cutting the fees that ranchers and other land managers pay them to graze their animals on public land. The Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Agriculture Department's Forest Service announced... >>>

Pentagon asks DHS to justify moving funds for Trump's border wall

Friday  03:10,   22 february 2019

The Pentagon has asked the Department of Homeland Security for a priorities list to justify using military funds to build Trump's border... >>>

Workers detained in massive Tennessee raid sue ICE officers

Friday  02:55,   22 february 2019

Attorneys said the lawsuit was the first against a large scale work-site raid conducted by the Trump administration. In the aftermath of the raid, hundreds of people gathered at a church, desperately trying to find their family members and nearly... >>>

Armando Rodriguez, WWII vet who served four presidents, dies at 97

Friday  02:45,   22 february 2019

Rodriguez also advocated for civil rights and education reform. “The legacy you leave is what you were worth while you were here,” he said in... >>>

Alabama Newspaper Publisher Goodloe Sutton Doubles Down: 'The KKK Are The Nicest'

Friday  02:35,   22 february 2019

Alabama newspaper publisher Goodloe Sutton has no regrets about the outrageous editorial he wrote last week calling for the “Ku Klux Klan to night ride again.” “The Democrats have been terrible,” he said in an interview with “The KKK are the >>>

Wait Times for Citizenship Have Doubled in the Last Two Years

Friday  02:25,   22 february 2019

LOS ANGELES — After working through the Las Vegas summer lugging boxes and heavy furniture to raise money to apply for United States citizenship, Jose Silva plunked down the $725 fee in the fall of 2017, just days after he turned 18. “I hoped to... >>>

One of 6 officers involved in killing of California rapper was part of prior fatal shooting

Friday  02:05,   22 february 2019

"There's a seeming failure to hold officers accountable, and it creates this environment that regardless of what you do and how you do it, you won't be... >>>

The Military Is Cracking Down on Immigrant Recruits. But Advocates Say It's Ignoring a White Nationalism Problem

Friday  01:55,   22 february 2019

Civil rights advocates say the military has allowed white nationalism in the ranks to fester while it focused on vetting... >>>

One Approach to Fighting California's Homelessness Crisis: Make Room for Pets

Friday  01:05,   22 february 2019

A new bill would provide funds for shelters to offer food and care for animals that people don't want to leave... >>>

Following L.A., Oakland teachers strike for smaller classes and better pay

Friday  00:45,   22 february 2019

Oakland, Calif., teachers are headed to the picket lines Thursday morning, the latest group of educators to demand better wages, smaller class sizes and stronger support staff by walking out of... >>>

Army landlords agree to expand tenant rights, curb fees in latest reform after Reuters reports

Friday  00:30,   22 february 2019

Army landlords agree to expand tenant rights, curb fees in latest reform after Reuters... >>>

Michigan attorney general takes over investigation of ex-US gymnastics coach John Geddert

Friday  00:00,   22 february 2019

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Thursday her office has taken over the investigation of John Geddert, a former US Olympic coach and onetime owner of an elite Michigan gymnastics club with ties to Larry Nassar.... >>>

Statue of Liberty climber scales Texas building in immigration protest

Thursday  23:45,   21 february 2019

A woman who was convicted last year after climbing the Statue of Liberty scaled a building in Texas on Wednesday as part of a protest against immigration policies. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

Trans woman killed in El Salvador after U.S. deportation, rights group says

Thursday  23:30,   21 february 2019

Camila Díaz Córdova joined one of the migrant caravans heading from Central America to the U.S. last year to escape violence in her home country, according to Salvadoran group... >>>

A park ranger won a $29.5 million lottery jackpot while she was furloughed during the government shutdown

Thursday  23:25,   21 february 2019

Judith Smith, of Bayonne, New Jersey, was announced the winner of the $29.5 million Dec. 17, 2018 Pick-6 Jackpot on... >>>