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California becomes first state to surpass 50,000 COVID deaths

Thursday  19:52,   25 february 2021

More than 3.5 million people have been infected in California alone.New York is close behind, with more than 47,000 deaths, followed by Texas, with more than 42,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. No other country has lost more lives... >>>

A Far-Right Crackdown? Merrick Garland Will Have to Avoid These Pitfalls to Win

Thursday  19:52,   25 february 2021

Joe Biden's attorney general nominee promised that investigating the extremist Capitol insurrection would be his "first priority" if confirmed.During his time at the Department of Justice, Joe Biden's attorney general nominee helped prosecute... >>>

Did Ted Cruz's Cancun trip distract from the biggest political failure in Texas?

Thursday  19:52,   25 february 2021

Unless you have been living on another planet for the last few weeks, you know that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) went to Cancun -- for a day -- while his state was in the grips of extreme cold weather and massive failure of its power grid. © Lynda M.... >>>

The world’s oldest known wild bird just turned 70—why she’s so special

Thursday  19:51,   25 february 2021

Wisdom the albatross, who has survived tsunamis, outlived most of her mates, and raised over 40 chicks, is pushing the boundaries of what we thought birds could do.But one bird stands out: Wisdom. Sporting the red ankle band Z333, she is at least 70 >>>

Les Z'Amours: a candidate releases a very daring confidence which destabilizes Bruno Guillon (VIDEO)

Thursday  19:50,   25 february 2021

© Capture France 2 Les Z'Amours: a candidate releases a very daring confidence which destabilizes Bruno Guillon (VIDEO) Bruno Guillon in sometimes sees green and unripe in his show Les Z'Amours. The host was taken aback by the surprising and very... >>>

Warning of the wave of insolvencies: “We now need to get out of the lockdown”

Thursday  19:40,   25 february 2021

A survey shows: 60 percent of downtown retailers and thus 250,000 jobs are threatened because of the lockdown. The pressure of trade is growing. © Photo: imago images / photonews.at Retailers want such images in Germany as well. Here is a photo... >>>

Amazon whistleblowers warn of poor security at the e-commerce giant

Thursday  19:26,   25 february 2021

Three ex-Amazon employees go public to draw attention to serious data protection problems. In their opinion, the e-commerce giant does not want to comply with applicable regulations. © Mike Mareen / Shutterstock Three ex-employees raise serious... >>>

Over 400 Migrant Kids Were Sent to Shelters in One Day, Far Higher Than Peak Average Under Trump

Thursday  18:30,   25 february 2021

The White House has stressed that these are unaccompanied minors whom it aims to quickly transfer to the care of families or sponsors.President Joe Biden's administration is receiving criticism and backlash from some progressive lawmakers and... >>>

Olivia Munn reacts after social media helps find suspect in attack on friend's mom

Thursday  18:30,   25 february 2021

As the country sees a surge in anti-Asian violence since the onset of the pandemic, Oliva Munn shares her reaction to the arrest of a suspect in an attack on her friend's mother."It was a really emotional day," the 40-year-old actor told NBC... >>>

Numerous species of ladybirds endangered in Saxony

Thursday  18:15,   25 february 2021

The ladybird is considered a lucky charm, but many of its species have become rare in Saxony. In the Free State, 70 species of ladybirds belong to the native fauna. One, the fir dwarf ladybug, has already died out, as the State Office for the... >>>

Gwendoline Hamon: her regret about her separation from Frédéric Diefenthal

Thursday  17:55,   25 february 2021

© KCS Gwendoline Hamon: her regret about her separation from Frédéric Diefenthal Gwendoline Hamon is the proud mother of a sixteen-year-old boy, whom she had with the actor Frédéric Diefenthal, from whom she has since separated. In the columns of... >>>

COVID-19 vaccine websites violate disability laws, create inequity for the blind

Thursday  16:22,   25 february 2021

Inaccessible websites limit the ability of blind or visually impaired people to sign up for vaccines, a Kaiser Health News investigation has found. © Provided by The LA Times When Bryan Bashin tried on Feb. 9 to sign up for his vaccine appointment,... >>>

Going maskless is a key factor in Covid-19 outbreaks at gyms, studies say

Thursday  16:22,   25 february 2021

Wearing masks and other safety precautions are key to stop the spread of Covid-19 during indoor group exercise, according to two new reports published by the US Centers for Disease and Prevention. © Shutterstock Group of young sporty people... >>>

North Carolina woman is accused of using her $149,000 Covid-19 relief loan for shopping sprees

Thursday  16:22,   25 february 2021

As millions struggle to stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic, the last purchases on most minds are Louis Vuitton and diamonds. © From US Attorney's Office Western District of North Carolina US Attorney's Office for the Western District of North... >>>

The Latest: Fauci: Whatever vaccine is available, take it

Thursday  16:06,   25 february 2021

WASHINGTON — Dr. Anthony Fauci says if a coronavirus vaccine is available, regardless of which one, take it. The top U.S. infectious disease expert told NBC on Thursday a third vaccine becoming available “is nothing but good news” and would help... >>>