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The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Student Protesters for Reporting

Tuesday  19:40,   12 november 2019

Editors at Northwestern University’s campus newspaper apologized on Sunday for its coverage of student demonstrators, which they said was invasive and “hurt students,” spurring a swift backlash from professional journalists and a broader reckoning... >>>

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments over the fate of 700,000 'Dreamers'. Here's everything you need to know about the DACA program hanging in limbo.

Tuesday  19:15,   12 november 2019

The president terminated the program in September 2017, but courts kept DACA intact while the case made its way up to the Supreme... >>>

Supreme Court refuses to block lawsuit against gun manufacturer brought by Sandy Hook families

Tuesday  18:40,   12 november 2019

The Supreme Court refused to shield Remington Arms Co. from potential liability for the 2012 school shooting that left 26 dead in Newtown, Conn.The justices' action allows a lawsuit filed by parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims to move... >>>

Former U.S. President Carter recovering in hospital after successful brain procedure

Tuesday  17:50,   12 november 2019

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was recovering at an Atlanta hospital on Tuesday after safely undergoing a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain from bleeding caused by recent falls, the Carter Center said in a statement. © Provided by... >>>

Former President Jimmy Carter enters hospital for surgery

Tuesday  13:40,   12 november 2019

ATLANTA (AP) — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was admitted to a hospital on Monday evening for a surgery to relieve pressure on his brain, caused by bleeding due to his recent falls, his spokeswoman said. The procedure is scheduled for Tuesday... >>>

Buck crashes into hospital, then is struck and killed by car

Tuesday  12:55,   12 november 2019

Bucks in heat will often ram their own reflections in windows, perceiving them as threats, the Tennessee wildlife agency... >>>

'Historic moment': Young DACA recipients to rally as Supreme Court hears arguments

Tuesday  12:05,   12 november 2019

"When I talk to my kids or other people in the future about this, I want to be able to say that I did everything I could," a Georgetown student with DACA status says."With DACA, there was an immediate sense of relief, knowing that I'd be able to go... >>>

US Coast Guard is searching for two missing boaters after a storm capsized their vessel

Tuesday  11:16,   12 november 2019

A search is underway for two missing boaters after a storm capsized a vessel off the southeastern coast of Florida on Friday, the US Coast Guard said. A survivor told rescue crews that after their vessel capsized, he swam for help while the other... >>>

San Francisco's new DA pledges not to prosecute public urination, other quality-of-life-crimes

Tuesday  08:50,   12 november 2019

San Francisco's newly elected district attorney has promised to not prosecute public urination and other quality-of-life crimes that have plagued the highly-priced Bay Area amid a crippling homelessness crisis affecting urban communities across... >>>

Man cuffed for eating sandwich on train platform gets an apology

Tuesday  08:30,   12 november 2019

Bay Area Rapid Transit was slammed for its handling of a man who was handcuffed and cited for eating a sandwichThe incident occurred on November 4 at around 8 a.m., when an officer went to the Pleasant Hill station platform to look for a woman who... >>>

Widow Sues Truth Aquatics Owner In Conception Boat Fire That Killed 34

Tuesday  08:10,   12 november 2019

The widow of a man who died in when a dive boat caught fire off the Santa Barbara coast and left 34 people dead is suing the vessel's owners.Christine Dignam, who lost her husband Justin Dignam, filed her claim Monday in Los Angeles federal... >>>

US held nearly 70,000 migrant kids in custody in 2019

Tuesday  07:55,   12 november 2019

COMAYAGUA, Honduras (AP) — The 3-year-old girl traveled for weeks cradled in her father's arms, as he set out to seek asylum in the United States. Now she won't even look at him. After being forcibly separated at the border by government... >>>

San Diego State University freshman hurt in fraternity incident dies

Tuesday  07:15,   12 november 2019

SAN DIEGO - Dylan Hernandez, the 19-year-old San Diego State University freshman who required medical attention last week after an unspecified incident at one school's fraternities, has died, campus officials said on Monday. "His family gave... >>>

Sean Spicer voted off ‘Dancing With the Stars’ after weeks of controversy with low scores, judge frustration

Tuesday  06:40,   12 november 2019

President Trump weighed in on his former press secretary's elimination: "We are all proud of you!" he tweeted.Although President Trump’s former press secretary was demonstrably lacking in dance skills, he made it into the Top 6 of ABC’s... >>>

Migrants Find Different Fates at Texas, Arizona Borders

Tuesday  06:00,   12 november 2019

Across most of the southern U.S. border, hundreds of immigrant families are being ushered out of the country every day. But in Arizona, many families are finding the policy is still “remain in the U.S.” © ALICIA CALDWELL Migrants line up at a soup... >>>