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Courts fast-tracking hearings for "Remain in Mexico" policy

Saturday  07:40,   24 august 2019

Under the policy, the U.S. government has returned tens of thousands of asylum-seeking migrants to Mexico — where the vast majority are unable to find... >>>

51 homes, 3 businesses lost in Alaska wildfire

Saturday  06:25,   24 august 2019

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A wildfire burning north of Anchorage, Alaska, has destroyed 51 homes and three businesses, officials said Friday. Another 84 buildings between the communities of Willow and Talkeetna, about 70 miles north of the state's... >>>

Florida man found guilty of manslaughter in 'Stand Your Ground' trial

Saturday  06:00,   24 august 2019

[Breaking news update, published at 10:40 p.m.... >>>

$10,000 reward offered for arrest of wild burro killers

Saturday  05:45,   24 august 2019

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Someone has been killing the wild burros of California's Mojave Desert, and the Bureau of Land Management is offering up to $10,000 to anyone who can help catch the culprit or culprits. Over the past three months, 42 burro... >>>

Young Texas Couple Weds, Then Dies in Car Crash Just Minutes Later

Saturday  05:15,   24 august 2019

"I had to sit there and watch my two babies die," LaShawna Morgan said. "That is an image I will have for the rest of my... >>>

K-9 found dead in Long Beach officer's hot patrol car

Saturday  04:30,   24 august 2019

A K-9 with the Long Beach Police Department died after being left in his handler's department-issued vehicle, authorities said Friday. The police dog, named Ozzy, and the officer were off-duty when the dog was found dead last week. The officer, whom >>>

African American employee's office vandalized inside Education Department

Saturday  03:40,   24 august 2019

African art figurines were found beheaded and a school desegregation poster was damaged, leading to fears the attack was racially... >>>

How a Bitter Divorce Battle on Earth Led to Claims of a Crime in Space

Saturday  02:05,   24 august 2019

Summer Worden, a former Air Force intelligence officer living in Kansas, has been in the midst of a bitter separation and parenting dispute for much of the past year. So she was surprised when she noticed that her estranged spouse still seemed to... >>>

'Monopoly: Socialism' packs a message tailored for capitalists

Saturday  02:00,   24 august 2019

Winning is for capitalists. At least that's the message behind a parody of Monopoly that surfaced this week after a Twitter thread on the game spread widely. © Nick KapurIn "Monopoly Socialism," an official version of the game manufactured by the... >>>

As gun control efforts advance in California Capitol, opponents bank on the courts

Saturday  01:20,   24 august 2019

Brian Jones may be a California state senator, but as a Republican with an expansive view of the Second Amendment, he’s all but given up hope of holding back the wave of gun-control bills advancing in the Democratic-dominated Legislature. Instead,... >>>

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Complains About Costs of Educating Migrant Children

Saturday  01:10,   24 august 2019

The Texas governor drew criticism for his social media comments, which many saw as... >>>

A youth sports organization is raffling off a semi-automatic weapon to help its cheerleading and football teams

Saturday  01:05,   24 august 2019

As a result of the controversy, the president of the organization said he is considering doing away with the rifle raffle for future... >>>

Nebraska court upholds state's approval of pipeline path

Saturday  00:35,   24 august 2019

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska's highest court lifted one of the last major hurdles for the Keystone XL pipeline in the state on Friday when it rejected another attempt to derail the project by opponents who wanted to force the developer to reapply... >>>

Kids left without either parent at home for 8 days after Mississippi ICE raid

Saturday  00:10,   24 august 2019

The children, ages 12 and 14, were left without both parents as part of the biggest biggest single-state workplace immigration raid in... >>>

Kentucky clerk who refused same-sex marriage licenses can be sued

Saturday  00:10,   24 august 2019

Kentucky clerk who refused same-sex marriage licenses can be... >>>