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Mom accused of kidnapping son and fleeing U.S. breaks her silence

Wednesday  16:30,   12 december 2018

Marcelle Guimaraes' parents face sentencing on a kidnapping charge for helping their daughter take the boy to... >>>

Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes Tennessee, Georgia

Wednesday  14:05,   12 december 2018

An earthquake with a magnitude 4.4 was recorded in Tennessee, and felt as far as Georgia, according to the U.S. Geological... >>>

Quadriplegic student walks across graduation stage using exoskeleton

Wednesday  11:55,   12 december 2018

"I feel so blessed to have been able to accomplish that milestone," says new college grad Aldo... >>>

PG&E says cause of Camp Fire not yet determined despite probe

Wednesday  11:16,   12 december 2018

PG&E says cause of Camp Fire not yet determined despite... >>>

Migrant group demands Trump either let them in or pay them each $50G to turn around: report

Wednesday  10:55,   12 december 2018

Two groups of Central American migrants marched to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana on Tuesday with a list of demands, with one delivering an ultimatum to the Trump administration: either let them in the United States pay them $50,000 each to go... >>>

Woman unwittingly used in HIV ad awarded $125,000

Wednesday  09:55,   12 december 2018

Avril Nolan, who does not have HIV, was "devastated" when an acquaintance sent her a copy of the ad from the newspaper AM New York back in 2013. The quarter page ad from the New York State Division of Human Rights featured a large picture of her,... >>>

Recreational marijuana could come to New York State in 2019

Wednesday  09:30,   12 december 2018

"The positive effects of a regulated marijuana market in New York State outweigh the potential negative impacts," the New York Department of Health... >>>

Migrants skirt border fortifications, cross largely unimpeded at the Colorado River

Wednesday  09:05,   12 december 2018

Fortification of the U.S.-Mexico border near Yuma is pushing migrant families to a stretch with little fencing and delineated by the Colorado... >>>

A wet start to winter brings piles of snow to California mountains and high hopes for water supply

Wednesday  09:05,   12 december 2018

In a good sign for California's water supply, the Sierra Nevada has been blanketed by heavy snow thanks to a series of recent storms. The snowpack measured 106% of average, according to the state's snow survey taken late last week. That's more than... >>>

Search intensifies for 3 missing inside abandoned West Virginia coal mine

Wednesday  08:30,   12 december 2018

A fourth person managed to get out of the mine and is helping officials find the... >>>

Florida massacre commission considers school safety plans

Wednesday  08:05,   12 december 2018

Lots went wrong before and during the Florida high school massacre that allowed the gunman to kill 17 _ and the state commission investigating the shooting will consider a long list of recommendations addressing these problems statewide. The Marjory >>>

Disney buses crash near Epcot; 14 taken to hospital with minor injuries

Wednesday  04:05,   12 december 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. - More than a dozen people were hospitalized after two Disney buses crashed into each other near Epcot Tuesday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The crash happened about 10 a.m. on Epcot Center Drive near World Drive,... >>>

Top US border official defends use of tear gas against migrants

Wednesday  03:56,   12 december 2018

WASHINGTON - The head of the federal agency responsible for protecting the U.S. border on Tuesday defended his agents for using tear gas against migrants last month, but lawmakers pressed him about women and children forced to flee clouds of the... >>>

How the IRS Was Gutted

Wednesday  03:05,   12 december 2018

by Paul Kiel and Jesse Eisinger In the summer of 2008, William Pfeil made a startling discovery: Hundreds of foreign companies that operated in the U.S. weren’t paying U.S. taxes, and his employer, the Internal Revenue Service, had no idea. Under... >>>

CBS News has settled a lawsuit with 3 women who accuse former host Charlie Rose of sexual harassment

Wednesday  03:05,   12 december 2018

The three women allege "blatant and repeated sexual harassment" and "unlawful retaliation" by the CBS anchor Charlie... >>>