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Walmart and other retailers face a new front on gun sales: Lawsuits

Friday  23:45,   23 august 2019

Nation's biggest retailer has settled with at least two families of people killed in a mass... >>>

What you need to know about pancreatic cancer

Friday  23:30,   23 august 2019

Catch the most crucial pancreas SOS signals before it's too... >>>

Printer who nixed gay pride shirt goes to Ky. Supreme Court

Friday  23:15,   23 august 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky print shop owner who refused to make a gay pride T-shirt argued before the Kentucky Supreme Court that he shouldn't be compelled to promote messages that go against his religious beliefs. Blaine Adamson, owner of... >>>

Ex-Houston police officer charged with murder after deadly drug raid

Friday  23:05,   23 august 2019

Former narcotics officer Gerald Goines was charged with two counts of murder, while former partner Steven Bryant was charged with tampering with a government... >>>

Rabbis At NYC’s Yeshiva University High School Accused Of Molesting Dozens Of Former Students

Friday  22:30,   23 august 2019

38 former students of an Orthodox Jewish school in New York City sued Thursday over claims they were molested by two prominent rabbis in the 1960s, '70s, and... >>>

Marysville council candidate Jean Cramer stuns with racist comment

Friday  21:45,   23 august 2019

Jean Cramer, a candidate for city council in Marysville, Michigan, made the comment at Thursday night in response to a question about... >>>

Rooftop sex followed office vodka drinking between gov't official, WH aide

Friday  20:50,   23 august 2019

The improper on-the-job activity was detailed in a report by the General Services Administration's Office of Inspector... >>>

DOJ: Immigration jail shouldn't have to pay minimum wage

Friday  19:45,   23 august 2019

The Trump administration is opposing Washington state's effort to make a privately run, for-profit immigration jail pay detainees minimum wage for the work they... >>>

California wildlife crossing could ensure future for mountain lions

Friday  18:35,   23 august 2019

Transportation officials and conservationists plan to build an above-ground wildlife crossing over a major Southern California... >>>

California to sue Trump administration over new migrant children detention policy, Newsom says

Friday  17:00,   23 august 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that California will join other states in filing a new lawsuit as early as next week that seeks to block the Trump administration's efforts to indefinitely detain immigrant minors and families with... >>>

Decimated by Hurricane Michael, Florida firehouse says funding a life or death issue

Friday  16:50,   23 august 2019

“We’re getting better at this, but our fear is that it’s going to cause someone to die,” one volunteer... >>>

Marysville should be as white 'as possible,' says candidate in the Michigan city

Friday  16:50,   23 august 2019

The city council candidate made the comment in response to a question about diversity in the city that is about 55 miles northeast of... >>>

CBP refuses to publicly reveal how many migrants are sick with contagious diseases

Friday  15:45,   23 august 2019

Despite outbreaks of flu, tuberculosis, chicken pox and other contagious diseases, US Customs and Border Protection refuses to tell the public how many migrants in detention facilities have infectious... >>>

Mass shootings: In wake of El Paso and Dayton, threats are on the rise

Friday  12:36,   23 august 2019

Arrests for making mass killing threats have proliferated since the shootings in El Paso and Dayton this month, with more than 25 so... >>>

US wants woman accused in Capital One hack to stay locked up

Friday  12:30,   23 august 2019

A woman accused of hacking Capital One and at least 30 other organizations is a flight risk, a threat and should be kept locked up until her trial, U.S. prosecutors said in court documents filed ahead of a Friday detention hearing in... >>>