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SOS Mediterranee relaunches migrant rescue missions off Libya

Sunday  12:15,   21 july 2019

Humanitarian group SOS Mediterranee said Sunday it has relaunched rescue efforts off Libya, seven months after it abandoned operations using its ship Aquarius and despite a refusal of European ports to accept the migrants.... >>>

Morning coffee results in a $1,000 fine and expulsion from Venice

Sunday  11:41,   21 july 2019

Two German backpackers, an unidentified man and a woman ages 32 and 35, were fined a total of 950 euros (or $1,000) for making coffee on a travel stove on the Rialto... >>>

Bulgaria tax hacking: A whole nation was hit

Sunday  09:10,   21 july 2019

Asen Genov is pretty furious. His personal data was made public this week after records of more than 5 million Bulgarians got stolen by hackers from the country's tax revenue office. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function... >>>

U.S. and Iran Accuse Each Other of Ruining the World as They Send Top Diplomats to Latin America

Sunday  08:00,   21 july 2019

The U.S. and Iran are engaged in sky-high tensions in the Persian Gulf and they also back opposing sides in Venezuela's political... >>>

Zelensky: two months as Ukraine's most unusual president

Sunday  07:55,   21 july 2019

During his first two months as Ukraine's leader, former comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has not yet done anything that would affect ordinary lives, but has completely changed the style of the country's presidency. The 41-year-old has played a twofold... >>>

Search for Missing Teenager in Vatican Cemetery Unearths Thousands of Bones

Sunday  07:00,   21 july 2019

Less than 10 days after Vatican officials said they found no evidence that the daughter of an employee who disappeared 36 years ago had been buried in a cemetery inside Vatican City, a new foray there unearthed two ossuaries Saturday that contained... >>>

Oil probably won’t cause a war with Iran, but it certainly adds fuel to the blaze

Sunday  05:55,   21 july 2019

Tensions are high, and liquid natural gas tankers are vulnerable to... >>>

Want to understand Boris Johnson, Britain’s probable next prime minister? Read his incendiary journalism.

Sunday  04:45,   21 july 2019

His biographers, friends and rivals talk to The Washington Post about how they interpret his personality through his... >>>

24-year-old U.S. woman, Australian boyfriend killed on road trip in Canada

Sunday  03:05,   21 july 2019

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler were found dead along a highway in British Columbia. A manhunt is underway to find their... >>>

Hong Kong braces for fresh anti-government march

Sunday  02:35,   21 july 2019

Hong Kong is bracing for another huge anti-government march on Sunday afternoon with seemingly no end in sight to the turmoil engulfing the finance hub, sparked by years of rising anger over Beijing's rule. Beyond agreeing to suspend the extradition >>>

Lufthansa, British Airways suddenly suspend all flights to Cairo as 'precaution'

Sunday  01:50,   21 july 2019

At least two European airlines — Germany's Lufthansa and British Airlines — have suspended flights to Cairo for seven days on unspecified security... >>>

Soldier dies in noncombat incident

Sunday  01:15,   21 july 2019

A soldier died this week in a noncombat incident, according to the Pentagon. The Defense Department said in a Saturday statement that Sgt. William Edward Friese, 30, of Rockport, W.Va., died in the Thursday incident, which is under investigation.The >>>

The U.S. Fears This Huge Southeast Asian Resort May Become a Chinese Naval Base

Saturday  23:30,   20 july 2019

Encompassing 20% of Cambodia’s coastline, the China-backed Dara Sakor investment zone is unlike any other in the Southeast Asian... >>>

'Work with us': United States looks to other countries for help with Iran

Saturday  20:45,   20 july 2019

The United States is seeking partners to patrol and escort ships in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf as tensions with Iran... >>>

Funeral service held for 86 Muslims killed by Serbs

Saturday  19:05,   20 july 2019

PRIJEDOR, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Several thousand people have attended a funeral service in northwestern Bosnia for 86 Muslims who were slain by Serbs in one of the worst atrocities of the country's 1992-95 war. Relatives of the victims,... >>>