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Mali trial over 2015 Bamako attacks opens

Wednesday  08:15,   28 october 2020

A Malian court opened proceedings Tuesday against alleged Islamists who are accused of killing over two dozen people in attacks targeting foreigners in 2015, in a rare terror trial in the Sahel state. Such court proceedings are rare in Africa's... >>>

Catalan cat shelter gets smart to help COVID orphans

Wednesday  08:15,   28 october 2020

Catalan cat shelter gets smart to help COVID orphansAs cats of all colours, shapes and sizes basked in autumn sunshine in the courtyard, shelter owner Alex Salvador was shooting an advertisement for "Whatever you can afford" donations on a... >>>

Financial Markets Are Not Venezuela’s Enemy

Wednesday  08:15,   28 october 2020

The Guaido administration's loss in a lawsuit over Citgo's assets shows the folly of dragging international investors into the highly polarized conflict of Venezuelan politics. Not only was this lawsuit ill advised. It also reflects the... >>>

Russia Confirms Production of Second COVID-19 Vaccine as Cases Surge

Wednesday  08:15,   28 october 2020

Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease specialist in the U.S., questioned Russia's claims that its first vaccine was safe and effective given the lack of extensive testing in clinical trials.On Tuesday, Anna Popova, a physician and one of... >>>

New protests loom as Europeans tire of virus restrictions

Wednesday  08:11,   28 october 2020

MILAN (AP) — Protesters set trash bins afire and police responded with hydrant sprays in downtown Rome Tuesday night, part of a day of public outpouring of anger against virus-fighting measures like evening shutdowns for restaurants and bars and the >>>

South Korea’s Moon Says Virus Has Been Contained

Wednesday  08:10,   28 october 2020

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said his country has contained the coronavirus as he sought a budget increase to help the pandemic-hit economy recover. Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, Moon also vowed to make South Korea carbon-neutral by... >>>

Pompeo, Esper Push Closer India Ties to Counter China Threat

Wednesday  08:05,   28 october 2020

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper pushed for closer ties with India at a high-level ministerial meeting with their Indian counterparts, at a time when New Delhi is facing a prolonged border conflict with China.... >>>

Turkey condemns French caricature featuring Erdogan

Wednesday  08:05,   28 october 2020

Turkey condemns French caricature featuring ErdoganTurkish anger at the caricature added fuel to a row between Turkey and France about cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, which flared after a teacher who had shown pupils the cartoons in a lesson on... >>>

Merkel eyes 'lockdown light' to tame virus

Wednesday  07:15,   28 october 2020

Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to push for a "lockdown light" in crisis talks with Germany's regional leaders Wednesday, as the number of coronavirus cases soars and hospital beds fill up. Ahead of Wednesday's talks, Merkel said she... >>>

As 2020 election nears, foreign interference matters less than a looming constitutional crisis

Wednesday  06:25,   28 october 2020

The Trump presidency has heightened focus on the degree to which Republican power in U.S. politics is now a matter of “minority rule.” The senators who voted to confirm Barrett represented some 14 million fewer Americans than those who voted against >>>

One in Four European Airports Face Insolvency if Travel Fails to Recover

Wednesday  06:10,   28 october 2020

Many European airports will struggle to stave off insolvency without state help unless travel recovers from its pandemic slump by the end of the year, according to the continent’s main industry group. Airports Council International Europe predicts... >>>

Coral reef taller than Empire State Building found off Australia

Wednesday  06:10,   28 october 2020

It's the first to be discovered in over 120 years. According to the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the reef measures more than 1,640 feet, which is taller than the Empire State Building, the Sydney Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers. A team of... >>>

Opinions | Trudeau’s plan to ban single-use plastics is an unworkable, feel-good fantasy

Wednesday  06:01,   28 october 2020

A showy decree against soda rings and takeout containers represents a return to gimmicky form. Canadian environmental policy has always been heavy on symbolism. This massive country of endless unspoiled wilderness already ranks about as high as any... >>>

Australia says women on 10 flights subjected to Qatar body search

Wednesday  05:40,   28 october 2020

Qatar launches investigation as Foreign Minister Marise Payne says other countries share concern over incident.Foreign Minister Marise Payne told a hearing in Australia’s Senate that women on “10 aircraft in total” had been subject to the searches,... >>>

Women on 10 flights from Qatar invasively examined

Wednesday  05:16,   28 october 2020

Female passengers on 10 planes flying out of Doha were forced to endure invasive physical examinations, Australia's foreign minister said Wednesday, as Qatari authorities expressed regret for the distress caused to the women. Australian Foreign... >>>