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New Egypt uprising 'inevitable,' say Muslim Brothers

Thursday  06:40,   21 january 2021

New Egypt uprising 'inevitable,' say Muslim Brothers"No injustice can last forever," Talaat Fahmy, the Islamic movement's official spokesman, told AFP in... >>>

Hong Kong Set for Pfizer Nod; Biden to Rejoin WHO: Virus Update

Thursday  06:21,   21 january 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden plans to re-engage with the World Health Organization and will dispatch the government’s top infectious-disease expert to speak to the group this week. The new president’s team is worried that a more-transmissible strain of... >>>

Arab Spring lifted, then crushed Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday  06:10,   21 january 2021

The Arab Spring a decade ago gave Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood a brief shot at power, but today many of its followers are dead, in jail or in exile. Egypt's Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates meanwhile went on to also outlaw >>>

'New dawn in America': World leaders welcome U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

Thursday  06:10,   21 january 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris start their four-year term in the White House on Jan. 20.The reactions ranged from offerings of congratulations, pitting their countries and economies to the forefront of Biden's foreign... >>>

Beijing sanctions high-ranking Trump administration officials after Biden takes office

Thursday  05:15,   21 january 2021

The Chinese government has announced sanctions against outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo and 27 other high-ranking officials under former United States President Donald Trump, accusing them of "prejudice and hatred against China."The Chinese... >>>

In Gabonese city, the two faces of a mining boom

Thursday  04:40,   21 january 2021

Mipoko marvelled at the new spigots as she filled containers with water and loaded them onto a creaking wheelbarrow. "And you have to fill bottles with water to wash your hands."The taps have been installed for the public by COMILOG, a mining giant... >>>

Taiwan heartened as senior diplomat attends Biden inauguration

Thursday  03:20,   21 january 2021

Taiwan heartened as senior diplomat attends Biden inaugurationFormer President Donald Trump's administration ramped up support for Taiwan, increasing arms sales and sending senior officials to Taipei, angering China and stirring even greater enmity... >>>

British to face ban on entering EU under German plan to shut borders: The Times

Thursday  03:00,   21 january 2021

British to face ban on entering EU under German plan to shut borders: The TimesEU member states are free to impose temporary bans on entry and on transporting passengers entering from non-EU countries with virus variant areas, the Times reported... >>>

Global air routes are cutoff as the Netherlands imposes one of the strictest travel requirements worldwide to combat new COVID-19 variants

Thursday  02:44,   21 january 2021

Caribbean nations with ties to the Netherlands are also impacted by the restrictions that require a negative rapid test result hours prior to travel.New requirements mandated by the government require passengers to obtain a negative COVID-19 rapid... >>>

U.N. aid coordinator halts Venezuela cash transfer programs, sources say

Thursday  02:30,   21 january 2021

U.N. aid coordinator halts Venezuela cash transfer programs, sources sayThe U.N. office known as OCHA is now asking the government of President Nicolas Maduro to establish clear rules regarding cash transfers, according to a U.N. letter circulating... >>>

U.K. Suffers Deadliest Day, Some Hospitals ‘Like a War Zone’

Thursday  02:28,   21 january 2021

The U.K. suffered its worst day in the pandemic on Wednesday, with more than 1,800 deaths recorded in 24 hours, as Boris Johnson’s chief scientific adviser warned some hospitals now look “like a war zone.” © Photographer: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP Medics take >>>

North Korean squid fishing operations plummeted in 2020, NGO claims

Thursday  02:28,   21 january 2021

The number of North Korean ships in the country's "dark fleet" fishing for squid plummeted in 2020, new data shows, depriving the impoverished country of a popular staple during a year when food supply was already dangerously low. © TASS/Getty... >>>

Rejoining the Paris Agreement is toothless unless Biden follows it with global action

Thursday  01:35,   21 january 2021

It's now been nearly three months since the United States formally pulled out of the Paris Agreement under then-President Donald Trump. President Biden, who worked with President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State John Kerry to sign the... >>>

A post-America world: Biden's challenges begin at home

Thursday  01:09,   21 january 2021

Former diplomat Richard Haass wrote recently that a "post-America world" may come sooner than we think — and that it's been hastened by the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol. Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of "The >>>

A notorious prison called 'Sailor's Silence' is being used to jail Putin critic Alexei Navalny

Thursday  00:48,   21 january 2021

He is being held in a three-person cell for VIPs in Sailor's Silence in Moscow, where high-profile prisoners were previously jailed.Navalny, 44, returned to the country after being poisoned by a nerve agent on a flight that he alleged originated >>>