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WHO seeks to understand why Africa is less affected by Covid-19

Friday  03:40,   25 september 2020

© Simon MAINA / AFP A mural encourages hand washing and the wearing of masks as preventive measures against the coronavirus, in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, August 13, 2020. To date, more than 1.4 million cases of Covid-19 have been recorded on the... >>>

N.Y. to Review Vaccine; Records in U.K., France: Virus Update

Friday  03:30,   25 september 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he didn’t trust the Trump administration and that the state would review any vaccine authorized by the federal government. Novavax Inc. plans to enroll 10,000 participants for a late-stage study of its... >>>

Malaysia's Political Jockeying Is a Distraction

Friday  02:47,   25 september 2020

The latest challenge to the premiership is diverting focus from fixing the economy and governing through a pandemic.(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Once a bastion of political stability in a troubled region, Malaysia faces the prospect of its third... >>>

Facebook takes down suspicious accounts linked to Russia

Friday  02:22,   25 september 2020

The removed accounts targeted a number of countries, including the U.S., but focused primarily on Syria and Ukraine.The FBI tipped Facebook off on some of the posts, which led to the removal of some of the accounts. They targeted several countries,... >>>

Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Friday  01:26,   25 september 2020

President Trump has also been nominated for the prize this year.According to TASS, a group of Russian public figures led by writer Sergey Komkov submitted the nomination, which was sent to Oslo on September... >>>

The State Department shouldn’t be complicit in Yezidi genocide 2.0

Friday  01:26,   25 september 2020

Iraq’s Sinjar district is beautiful. Bifurcated by the Sinjar mountain range, a 62-mile long series of narrow mountains that rise nearly 3,000 feet above the surrounding plain, it forms a topographic island stretching from the outskirts of Tel Afar... >>>

U.S.-China Covid Clash; Europe Seeks Climate Coalition: UN Wrap

Friday  01:08,   25 september 2020

There’s one thing most world leaders, CEOs and aid workers seem to agree on as they meet virtually at the United Nations General Assembly: World powers have failed to come together to address the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving the world’s most... >>>

Mastodon fossil discovered in Colombian gold mine.

Friday  01:08,   25 september 2020

Fossils of a mastodon, a giant prehistoric relative of today's elephants, have been discovered at an artisanal gold mine in central Colombia in a find which researchers say could herald a trove of similar specimens. © Regional Autonomous... >>>

UK coordinating with US to sanction Belarus

Friday  01:08,   25 september 2020

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government plans to impose human rights sanctions on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus as a punishment for the abuse of pro-democracy protesters. © Provided by Washington Examiner “We are... >>>

EU mission visits Venezuela in run-up to parliamentary vote

Friday  01:06,   25 september 2020

EU mission visits Venezuela in run-up to parliamentary voteDozens of opposition parties are refusing to participate in the vote on the grounds that it is rigged in favor of the ruling Socialist Party, though one group within the opposition has said... >>>

Gera: AfD politician Reinhard Etzrodt elected city council chairman

Friday  00:35,   25 september 2020

An AfD politician is the new city council chairman in Gera. Reinhard Etzrodt also received votes from other parliamentary groups when he was elected. © Jens Meyer / AP It was a triumph for the right: In the local elections in May 2019, the AfD won... >>>

Russian 'bullying' in a European hotspot stirs Cold War memories for the region's former top US Navy officer

Friday  00:21,   25 september 2020

Russia's recent moves in the Black Sea remind retired Adm. James Foggo of what's considered the last US-Soviet incident of the Cold War.While the Black Sea has become a hotspot for military activity in recent years, there's a longer history... >>>

Indochina: "The more we advance in time, the more we are demanding with ourselves"

Thursday  23:40,   24 september 2020

© Frédéric Bukajlo / Capa Pictures / Europe 1 On the occasion of the opening of the Central Tour ticket office, Emilie Mazoyer receives Indochina in "Musique!", This Thursday evening on Europe 1, for a special show in public and live from Studio... >>>

French PM raises specter of reconfinement as COVID-19 cases rise

Thursday  23:32,   24 september 2020

French PM raises specter of reconfinement as COVID-19 cases rise"It's a race against time," Jean Castex said on France 2 television. "The public must be attentive and prudent. If we don't act we could find ourselves in a situation similar to... >>>

Sudan says US deal on embassy attacks reparations 'close'

Thursday  23:32,   24 september 2020

Sudan's acting foreign minister said Thursday that a compensation agreement for the families of victims of two 1998 attacks on US embassies in Africa is within sight. "We are very close to getting that signed and done with," Omer Gamareldin... >>>