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Thousands of People in Dorms Pose New Challenge to Singapore Virus Fight

Thursday  07:35,   09 april 2020

Tightly packed dormitories housing thousands of foreign workers have emerged as one of Singapore’s biggest challenges in its fight to contain the spread of the coronavirus. © Getty Images via Bloomberg Concern In Singapore As The Coronavirus... >>>

Latin American homicides drop during coronavirus quarantines

Thursday  07:35,   09 april 2020

Salvadorian gangs have taken up the role of enforcing social distancing, threatening offenders with threats and bats. News to stay informed. Advice to stay safe.Click here for complete coronavirus coverage from Microsoft News They've reportedly made >>>

Saudi coalition to cease military operations in Yemen amid fears of COVID-19 outbreak

Thursday  07:10,   09 april 2020

Saudi coalition announces ceasefire in Yemen as COVID-19 fears propel UN peace pushAmid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations has called for all parties to agree to a ceasefire and instead focus on preventing an outbreak, with the... >>>

France struggles with ‘chilling’ COVID-19 data from nursing homes

Thursday  06:55,   09 april 2020

Internal emails shed light on difficulties faced by health authorities to tackle critical situation in care facilities.Weeks into the epidemic and shortly after a new reporting system was implemented, health officials raised concerns with Prime... >>>

S.O.S.: Renovation operation: how to give new life to your clothes?

Thursday  05:40,   09 april 2020

© Supplied by Cover Media S.O.S.: Renovation operation: how to give new life to your clothes? When we love, we don't count. When you like a piece of clothing, you don't count the number of times you wear it. But this renewed pleasure in wearing... >>>

Chancellor Angela Merkel: No alternative

Thursday  05:35,   09 april 2020

© Michael Kappeler / dpa At the end of her time in the Chancellery, Angela Merkel once again becomes the undisputed crisis manager. The verdict on them will also depend on how Germany gets through the pandemic. Even Friedrich Merz has to admit it... >>>

Cats can catch coronavirus, study finds, prompting WHO investigation

Thursday  05:25,   09 april 2020

HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/PETS (UPDATE 1, PIX):UPDATE 1-Cats can catch coronavirus, study finds, prompting WHO investigation >>>

Trump says drug companies in touch with Johnson's doctors about 'potential cures'

Thursday  05:06,   09 april 2020

President Trump says he's a "matchmaker" --putting American drug companies with "potential cures" in touch with Boris Johnson's doctors.“We had (the drug companies) contact his doctors at the hospital in London, and they're talking right... >>>

Global Coronavirus Battle Rages On Amid ‘Glimmers of Hope’

Thursday  05:05,   09 april 2020

The world began this week to see small but encouraging signs that concerted efforts to drastically change human behavior — to suspend daily routines by staying at home — are slowing the insidious spread of the novel coronavirus, which has killed... >>>

Mali: the opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé still in the hands of his captors

Thursday  02:40,   09 april 2020

© MICHELE CATTANI / AFP The leader of the Malian opposition, Soumaïla Cissé during a march in September 2018 in Bamako. Two weeks after his abduction, still no news from Soumaïla Cissé. The opposition leader was kidnapped on Wednesday March 25... >>>

Coronavirus: a Chinese millionaire critical of Xi Jinping under investigation

Thursday  02:40,   09 april 2020

© Anthony WALLACE / AFP Chinese President Xi Jinping during a speech in Hong Kong on July 1, 2017 (illustration image). Disappeared from speed cameras since last March after denouncing the Chinese government's late response to the epidemic, former... >>>

Americans say officials in Peru doused them in bleach after holding them in forced quarantine

Thursday  01:55,   09 april 2020

The substance discolored the travelers’ clothing and smelled like bleach, but authorities would not tell them what it was.The substance discolored the Americans’ clothing and smelled like bleach, but authorities would not tell them what it was, said >>>

Virus-stricken Australian liner to dock in Montevideo

Thursday  01:20,   09 april 2020

The virus-stricken Australian cruise ship Greg Mortimer will be allowed to dock in Montevideo and the passengers will be flown home, Uruguay's foreign ministry said Wednesday. Passengers will be taken in buses to the city's international... >>>

Coronavirus: Ryad-led coalition announces unilateral ceasefire in Yemen

Thursday  00:30,   09 april 2020

© Nabil Hasan, AFP Forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition patrol the city of Zinjibar in southern Yemen, September 2, 2019. The Saudi-led military coalition, which intervenes in Yemen against the Houthi rebels, will observe a cease-fire from... >>>

Quarantined drag queens land TV show in Israel

Thursday  00:15,   09 april 2020

Amid a nationwide lockdown, two drag performers decided to put on a variety show in their own living room. The show was just picked up by a TV network.Two of them decided to make the best of it by putting on a variety show in their own living room.... >>>