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Sights still on US, migrant caravan marks month on the road

Tuesday  21:41,   13 november 2018

The caravan of Central American migrants trekking across Mexico toward the United States marked one month on the road Tuesday with a full day of walking and hitch-hiking and no celebrations. The caravan, which currently has around 5,000 migrants,... >>>

NATO chief voices concern about Chinese missiles

Tuesday  12:41,   13 november 2018

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday voiced concern about Chinese as well as Russian medium-range missiles and urged Beijing to join an international nuclear arms control treaty. "We see that China is investing heavily in new, modern weapons,... >>>

Syrian Kurds resume final push against ISIS

Tuesday  09:55,   13 november 2018

Syrian Kurdish forces are resuming the final phase of operations against ISIS, as the terrorist group is pushed back into its last remaining slivers of territory. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

Five migrants die after boat sinks off western Turkey

Monday  22:10,   12 november 2018

Five migrants die after boat sinks off western... >>>

San Antonio, Texas pastor is walking with the caravan

Monday  21:45,   12 november 2018

It’s difficult to understand how asylum-seekers from Central America are making their way to the U.S. border, thousands of them together and on foot for almost a month now, apparently without major incident or... >>>

China temporarily restores ban on rhino, tiger products after uproar

Monday  13:41,   12 november 2018

China has flip-flopped on a controversial move to legalize the use of endangered tiger and rhino products for "medical" purposes, a move wildlife activists said would be a setback to efforts to protect the increasingly endangered animals. In an... >>>

Journalists Rally Behind Veteran Philippine Journalist Facing Fresh Legal Threats

Monday  13:06,   12 november 2018

The looming threat of tax evasion charges against prominent Philippine journalist Maria Ressa has prompted an outpouring of... >>>

At least three killed in Kabul suicide attack: officials

Monday  13:06,   12 november 2018

At least three people were killed when a suicide attacker blew himself up in Kabul Monday, close to where scores of Afghans had been protesting against Taliban attacks on the minority Hazara ethnic group. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"],... >>>

Ebola outbreak worst in history of Democratic Republic of Congo

Monday  10:30,   12 november 2018

Violent militant groups are preventing health workers from containing the escalating crisis, says the country's minister of public... >>>

Iranians Fear Medicine Shortages as U.S. Tightens Sanctions

Monday  05:30,   12 november 2018

Harsh restrictions against doing business with Iran have made it nearly impossible for pharmaceutical companies to continue working in the country. Trump administration officials say that the sanctions will not affect trade in humanitarian items,... >>>

Nigeria Battles Enduring Problem: Rigging

Sunday  12:55,   11 november 2018

As Nigeria heads toward general elections in February, it’s in a race to stamp out the bane of the voting system in Africa’s biggest democracy: rigging. Ballot snatching and buying, underage and multiple voting, falsifying results and the... >>>

Sri Lanka's Rajapakse vows to hold polls despite challenge

Sunday  12:30,   11 november 2018

Sri Lanka's former strongman leader Mahinda Rajapakse Sunday vowed snap elections would go ahead to "seek a mandate from the people" after the president's sacking of parliament plunged the country deeper into political turmoil.... >>>

Thousands march in Rome to protest against 'climate of hatred'

Sunday  03:40,   11 november 2018

Rome, Italy - At least 20,000 people have marched in Rome to express their opposition to Italy's populist government which, they argued, has been fuelling a "growing climate of hatred" since coming to power five months ago. The demonstration on... >>>

Tensions Ease in Gaza, Allowing Money and Fuel to Roll In

Saturday  03:55,   10 november 2018

But the relaxation of the embargo presents risks for the leaders of both Israel and Hamas, and it has been denounced by the Palestinian... >>>

Boeing jet crash-lands at Guyana airport, six injured: minister

Friday  14:42,   09 november 2018

A Boeing jetliner carrying 126 people crash-landed at the airport in Guyana's capital Georgetown on Friday, injuring six people, the transport minister said. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>