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JDAMs: Ukraine’s New Killer U.S. Weapon Going to War Against Russia

Wednesday  22:41,   28 december 2022

JDAM – Satellite-Guided Bombs Headed to Ukraine: The White House will, for the first time, send Patriot air and missile defense systems to Ukraine, along with Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), as part of a $1.8 billion military aid package that >>>

Vladimir Putin offers mysterious rings to eight foreign leaders

Wednesday  22:40,   28 december 2022

© Konstantin Zavrazhin / Sputnik / AFP V Ladimir Putin brought together the leaders of the Community of Independent States (CEI) for the traditional annual meeting on December 26 in Saint -Petersburg, and offered them a gift that marked the finest... >>>

Majority of young Israelis fear for Israel's democracy - survey

Wednesday  21:00,   28 december 2022

A majority of Israeli youth and university graduates, both Jewish and Arab, responded that they feared for the future of Israel’s democracy. >>>

China slams Taiwan's 'cannon fodder' conscription decision

Wednesday  21:00,   28 december 2022

BEIJING, Dec 28 (Reuters) - China's government criticized Taiwan on Wednesday for seeking to use the Taiwanese people as "cannon fodder" by extending compulsory military service from four months to one year starting in 2024. Taiwan's... >>>

Kim Jong Un has made some terrifying New Year's resolutions

Wednesday  21:00,   28 december 2022

His statement comes amid heightened tension with rival South Korea.On the second day of the ruling Workers’ Party’s plenary meeting, the 38-year-old reviewed security challenges on the Korean... >>>

Russians Face Freezing to Death As They Run Out of Fuel To Heat Homes

Wednesday  21:00,   28 december 2022

An investigation has been launched into the cause of a coal shortage in the Russian town of Kamen-na-Obi and criminal proceedings could be initiated.On Wednesday Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, tweeted a... >>>

Italy demands Corona tests

Wednesday  20:20,   28 december 2022

from Chinese passengers after the Corona measures canceled China's freedom of travel of its citizens. But in some countries they encounter hurdles. © Kyodo/Picture Alliance not like away-Passengers at the airport in Beijing Italy is the first EU... >>>

Mayor of Istanbul warns of new pressure from Erdogan's government to harm his party

Wednesday  17:50,   28 december 2022

The Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, warned on Wednesday that the Turkish authorities will increase the pressure on him and his city administration after his two -year and Seven -month prison sentence was confirmed a few days ago for insulting... >>>

New night train between Berlin and Brussels

Wednesday  17:10,   28 december 2022

The young Belgian-Dutch railway company European Sleeper wants to offer a night train between Berlin and Brussels from May. The journey from Berlin's main station is offered on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and lasted about ten and a half hours,... >>>

The mayor of Istanbul warns against new pressure from the government of Erdogan to harm his party.

Wednesday  16:40,   28 december 2022

© supplied by News 360 The mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu. - Onur Dogman / Zuma Press / Contactophoto The mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, warned on Wednesday that the Turkish authorities were going to continue to increase pressure on him and... >>>

Russia strikes back: massive missile fire

Wednesday  16:00,   28 december 2022

Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon. New, heavy Russian attacks were reported in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. +++ Heavy explosion in Russian city +++ The Ukrainian General Staff said that 33 Russian missiles were fired at civilian... >>>

Germany continues to be attractive location

Wednesday  15:50,   28 december 2022

DeinGustrialization of Germany? No, because despite the exploding energy prices and increasing shortage of skilled workers, the feared burglary of foreign investments in Germany failed to do so this... >>>

Angers: The SCO is already preparing after Ounahi

Wednesday  15:50,   28 december 2022

Angers SCO has already identified a track to compensate for the future departure of its nugget, Azzedine Ounahi. © icon Sport Moataz Zemzemi Angers SCO has already identified a track to compensate for the future departure of its nugget, Azzedine... >>>

Search for emergency accommodation: Berlin hardly becomes Mr.

Wednesday  15:30,   28 december 2022

© dpa The Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) and Katja Kipping (left) in the former Tempelhof Airport. The number of asylum seekers in Berlin has increased significantly this year , In addition, thousands of war refugees from Ukraine arrive in... >>>