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Russian nuclear-powered giant icebreaker completes test run

Saturday  17:40,   14 december 2019

Russia's nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika, touted as the strongest of its kind and a symbol of Moscow's ambition to tap the Arctic's commercial potential, returned to Saint Petersburg on Saturday after a two-day test run. The run... >>>

Protests rage as US, UK warn on travel to northeast India

Saturday  17:11,   14 december 2019

Protests against a divisive new citizenship law raged Saturday as Washington and London issued travel warnings for northeast India following days of violent clashes that have killed two people so far. Many in the far-flung, resource-rich... >>>

He Was One of Mexico’s Deadliest Assassins. Then He Turned on His Cartel.

Saturday  15:58,   14 december 2019

JOJUTLA, Mexico — The recruits filed into a clearing, where a group of trainers with the stern bearing of drill sergeants stood in a tight row, hiding something. “How many of you have killed someone before?” one of the instructors asked. A few... >>>

The Aramco attack was an 'act of war' by Iran: Senior State Department official

Saturday  14:53,   14 december 2019

The September attack on Saudi Aramco's facilities that temporarily shut down half of the kingdom's oil production represented an act of war by the Iranian state, U.S. special representative to Iran Brian Hook told CNBC on Saturday. ©... >>>

North Korea Links 2nd ‘Crucial’ Test to Nuclear Weapons Program

Saturday  12:51,   14 december 2019

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said on Saturday that it had conducted “another crucial test” at a missile-engine and satellite-launching site, its second such test in a week as the country attempts to press the United States into further talks and >>>

Cholera kills over 27,000 pigs in Indonesia

Saturday  12:50,   14 december 2019

More than 27,000 pigs have died in a hog-cholera epidemic that has struck Indonesia, with thousands more at risk, an animal welfare official said. Previously, lab tests found that the animals died of hog cholera but officials said they are also... >>>

Explosion in south Nepal town kills 3, injures another 3

Saturday  11:53,   14 december 2019

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — An explosion at a house in a southern Nepal town killed three people including the owner, his son and a police officer who responded to the call about the device, police said Saturday. The explosion just after midnight at... >>>

North Korea says it conducted another crucial test at satellite launch site: KCNA

Saturday  09:05,   14 december 2019

North Korea says it conducted another crucial test at satellite launch site: KCNAKCNA on Sunday said that North Korea had carried out a "very important" test at the Sohae satellite launch site, a rocket-testing ground that U.S. officials once said... >>>

Pompeo Warns Iran of ‘Decisive’ Response if Attacks in Iraq Continue

Saturday  08:55,   14 december 2019

The secretary of state confirmed that Iran-backed groups twice this week attacked Baghdad International Airport – which houses U.S. troops – injuring multiple Iraqis.Iranian proxies launched rocket attacks against Baghdad International Airport on... >>>

China tightens info control after leaks on detention camps

Saturday  08:45,   14 december 2019

The Xinjiang regional government in China’s far west is deleting data, destroying documents, tightening controls on information and holding high-level meetings in response to leaks of classified papers on its mass detention camps for Uighurs and... >>>

$66 million Klimt painting stolen 20 years ago may have been found

Saturday  07:50,   14 december 2019

A $66 million painting by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt that was stolen 20 years ago may have been foundBut it may have just been found -- and in the external wall of the very gallery from which it was thought... >>>

Hong Kong leader Lam heads for Beijing as pressure mounts at home

Saturday  07:05,   14 december 2019

Hong Kong leader Lam heads for Beijing as pressure mounts at homeLam is due to discuss the political and economic situation in the China-ruled city with Beijing officials during a four-day visit. She will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, >>>

Chile starts identifying remains of plane crash victims

Saturday  05:35,   14 december 2019

Remains of people killed in a military plane crash that claimed 38 lives were flown Friday to a military base in Chile for identification. The remains were brought in aboard a Hercules C-130 plane -- just like the one that went down Monday off the... >>>

Johnson Joins Trump in Redefining Conservatism

Saturday  05:05,   14 december 2019

Boris Johnson’s win drives another nail into the coffin of the Reagan-Thatcher brand of conservative politics, write Stephen Fidler and Gerald F. Seib. Fiscal restraint matters less than appealing to working-class concerns.As Mr. Johnson’s decisive... >>>

Trudeau says Canadian farmers hit by trade disputes should be helped faster

Saturday  03:05,   14 december 2019

Trudeau says Canadian farmers hit by trade disputes should be helped fasterCanadian farmers are caught up in a trade and diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and... >>>