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War in Ukraine: Two Russians flee towards Alaska and ask for asylum in the United States

Friday  05:20,   07 october 2022

© Yasuyoshi Chiba in mid-September, Vladimir Putin ordered partial mobilization to strengthen his troops in Ukraine, which concerns around 300,000 reservists. Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP is the craziest desertion listed so... >>>

Xinjiang: The UN refuses to debate the abuses committed by China

Friday  04:10,   07 october 2022

© Ozan Kose/AFP The United States had requested, on September 26, 2022, a debate from the Council of Human Rights of the UN on China, due to the human rights situation in the Xinjiang region, refused Thursday, October 6, of debating the abuses of... >>>

after arrival in Frankfurt: Possible IS terrorists after returning from Syria in custody

Friday  02:30,   07 october 2022

The federal police arrested three returnees from Kurdish prison camps. A suspect is said to have been a minor at the time of the crime. © Photo: dpa/Andreas Arnold A machine of the US Airforce has landed at the Rhine-Main-Airport and may have had... >>>

Cryptocurrencies: A scam of 780 million euros dismantled in Brazil

Friday  02:30,   07 october 2022

© Travis/Adobe Stock Cryptomonnaies: a scam of 780 million euros dismantled in Brazil A hundred agents were mobilized in three Brazilian states to searches 20 addresses of members of this gang suspected of having "cheated thousands of people in... >>>

Possible new election in Berlin: traffic lights want to ask 300 of the 2256 constituencies for urn

Friday  00:00,   07 october 2022

© Paul Zinken/AFP via Getty Images at the election for the Bundestag election and House of Representatives in Berlin in September 2021, the voters were in line. in the election for the Bundestag election and House of Representatives in Berlin in... >>>

Lindner: Relief package is a strong signal against Putin

Thursday  23:40,   06 october 2022

Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, the planned 200 billion euro relief package described as a strong signal against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The war against Ukraine is also an energy war against Germany with the aim of damaging >>>

Burkina Faso: Ibrahim Traoré, young putschist at the head of the country of honest men

Thursday  21:41,   06 october 2022

The new leader of the military junta said that he would respect the commitments already made for a rapid return of civilians in power. © supplied by Franceinfo Captain Ibrahim Traoré, author of the last coup in Burkina Faso, officially became... >>>

Vatican: deprived of meeting with the Pope, a tourist ransacking two statues in a museum

Thursday  20:40,   06 october 2022

The two busts of approximately 2,000 years have been accident but can be restored © Maria Grazia Picciarella/Shutter Le Pape Francis au Vatican. Big anger - The two busts of about 2,000 years have been accident but may be restored Some people are... >>>

A million tons of CO2 through photovoltaic modules saved in savings

Thursday  19:00,   06 october 2022

photovoltaic modules on noise protection buildings along the German motorways and train tracks could make a significant contribution to climate protection and save up to one million tons of CO2 every year. This potential has resulted in an analysis >>>

Signal to Putin: More than 40 European countries advise on war in Ukraine

Thursday  18:43,   06 october 2022

in Prague, the heads of state and government advise more than 40 European countries on the Russian attack war in Ukraine. The goals of the new European political community are "more stability, more security, more peace," said EU Council President... >>>

Trump resented having to sign letters for US troops killed in Afghanistan during his presidency because he didn't want to 'attach his name to a war he disliked': book

Thursday  18:42,   06 october 2022

"Aides were struck that he seemed rattled by the number of deaths involved," Maggie Haberman wrote of Trump's view of Afghanistan in her new book.In August 2012, Trump tweeted that Afghanistan was "a complete waste" and added that it was time... >>>

emigration broken off: Silvia Wollny already has new plans!

Thursday  18:30,   06 october 2022

Lange had dreamed Silvia Wollny to emigrate to Turkey. It should finally be ready in spring: two holiday apartments were rented to house them and their family. After all, Harald, Sarafina, Peter, the twins, "Püppi", Estefania and Loredana also... >>>

The Nobel Prize for Literature awarded French Annie Ernaux

Thursday  16:13,   06 october 2022

© Nobel Prize The judges of the Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award, this Thursday, October 6, 2022, the very prestigious Nobel Prize in French literature Annie Ernaux. YouTube screenshot. The judges of the Swedish Academy of Sciences... >>>

Lower Saxony does not push any people in Iran from

Thursday  16:11,   06 october 2022

because of the violent approach of security forces against protests in Iran, Lower Saxony will initially no longer deport people into the country. State Minister of the Interior Boris Pistorius (SPD) said on Thursday in Hanover. At the next... >>>

US dispatches aircraft carrier to waters off South Korea as tensions rise over North’s missile launches

Thursday  15:54,   06 october 2022

NORTH KOREA FIRES MISSILES IN PROTEST: For the second time in a week, and the sixth time in less than two weeks, North Korea has fired ballistic missiles into the sea in what Pyongyang called a “just counteraction” in protest of the resumption of... >>>