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France to limit fuel bill rises to 15%

Wednesday  08:01,   28 september 2022

NBC’s Ken Dilanian joins Shep Smith to report that Facebook’s parent company Meta is accusing China of trying to interfere in U.S. politics ahead of November’s midterm... >>>

France to limit fuel bill rises to 15%

Wednesday  08:00,   28 september 2022

By EARLE GALE in London | China Daily Global | Updated: 2022-09-28 09:18 The government of France will spend 45 billion euros ($43.2 billion) on insulating households and enterprises from the worst ravages of the fuel crisis. The nation's... >>>

Cyber warfare rife in Ukraine, but impact stays in shadows

Wednesday  08:00,   28 september 2022

Hackings, network sabotage and other cyber warfare campaigns are being intensely deployed by both sides as Russia's invasion of Ukraine grinds on, though the covert operations have not proved decisive on the battlefield -- at least so far. And... >>>

11 killed, dozens missing after attack on Burkina Faso convoy

Wednesday  08:00,   28 september 2022

Burkina Faso condemns ‘barbaric, cowardly’ attack after fighters ambush an army-escorted resupply convoy in the Sahel.In a statement on Tuesday, the government said the assault took place on Monday in the commune of Gaskinde in Soum province, where... >>>

Military mobilization, nuclear threat: Russian escalation in Ukraine

Wednesday  08:00,   28 september 2022

in the face of Russian difficulties on the ground, Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of its population, before again brandishing the threat of the use of nuclear weapons . Why did the Kremlin master have taken this new stage, even if... >>>

Man Who Cheated On His Wife With Ukrainian Refugee Dumps Her As Police Get Called To His Home

Wednesday  04:42,   28 september 2022

Who could have seen this comingDistraught, 22-year-old Sofiia Karkadym made an attempt to win back her 30-year-old security guard boyfriend, Tony Garnett, by showing up at his house and professing her love for him — only he didn’t answer the... >>>

Scholz spends entire corona isolation in the Chancellery

Wednesday  03:40,   28 september 2022

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) spends his entire corona isolation time in the Chancellery. The small apartment there "offers itself because I can do well from here," said Scholz, who normally lives in Potsdam, in an interview with the "Neue... >>>

Scholz warns Russia of the use of atomic bomb: "Let it stay!"

Wednesday  03:40,   28 september 2022

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has urged Russia's President Vladimir Putin against the use of atomic bombs. When asked whether Putin could make his threats true, the Chancellor said in a video interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" on... >>>

and Althusmann are in the sign of the energy price crisis

Wednesday  01:10,   28 september 2022

a week before the state election in Lower Saxony, Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and Vice-Prime Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU), a television duel delivered a television duel in the sign of the current energy and inflation crisis . The top... >>>

"SPIEGEL": CIA warned Berlin weeks ago before attacks on Baltic Pipelines

Wednesday  00:50,   28 september 2022

The US secret service CIA, according to a media report, warned of possible attacks on natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea weeks ago. Such an indication of the US foreign intelligence service was received in Berlin in summer, the "Spiegel"... >>>

Case Christian Quesada: This letter written to his ex in which he dezégue Jean-Luc Reichmann

Tuesday  23:40,   27 september 2022

© Cedric Perrin / Bestimage case Christian Quesada: This letter written to his ex in which he dezintues Jean-Luc Reichmann Tuesday, September 27, Guillaume Genton unveiled the content of a letter that Christian Quesada would have written to his ex, >>>

Energy crisis in Europe: Germany will extend two nuclear power plants and blame France

Tuesday  22:50,   27 september 2022

While many French nuclear reactors are stopped, Germany has announced that two power plants in the south of the country would remain operational this winter. © supplied by Franceinfo Germany confirms its attachment to nuclear energy to face the... >>>

How the West abandoned Snowden at Putin

Tuesday  22:50,   27 september 2022

© AFP Edward Snowden Vladimir Putin decided to grant Russian nationality to the American whistleblower Edward Snowden, former employee of the American NSA. The latter has been a refugee in Moscow since 2013. It was at this time that he had to flee... >>>

The bazooka of the energy crisis: The gas price lid would be hesitated to agree with the urgently needed signal

Tuesday  21:40,   27 september 2022

Lindner. Basically right - but in the current crisis, the euros in the state treasury are not the most important currency. © Photo: dpa/Attila Volgyi/Xinhua Gas lines with shut -off valves and pressure gauges lead into a natural gass storage. in... >>>

Did the French police hit a demonstrator to the blood in front of the Iranian embassy?

Tuesday  20:50,   27 september 2022

To illustrate an article published Monday entitled "Iran: the demonstration of support in Paris violently repressed by the police, the images of shame", The multimedia platform of news from the rebellious France, the insubord , chose An image... >>>