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US to keep about 650 troops in Afghanistan after withdrawal

Friday  12:36,   25 june 2021

WASHINGTON (AP) — Roughly 650 U.S. troops are expected to remain in Afghanistan to provide security for diplomats after the main American military force completes its withdrawal, which is set to be largely done in the next two weeks, U.S. officials... >>>

Trial of the Missed Putsch of 2019 in Gabon: the Military Court keeps its competence

Friday  12:30,   25 june 2021

© AFP / YouTube Image of the whopping soldiers when reading their communiqué on the radio and Gabonese television, on January 7, 2019. (Image of Illustration) On January 7, 2019, in Gabon, a commando led by Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang had taken... >>>

Joe Biden receives President Afghan to evoke American withdrawal

Friday  11:45,   25 june 2021

© Tom Brenner, Reuters Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell met with President Afghan Ashraf Ghani, Capitol (Washington), Thursday, June 24th. President Afghan ASHRAF Ghani will be received at the White House in Washington on Friday. During... >>>

Why Britain's friends and adversaries will have watched the Russia confrontation closely

Friday  11:15,   25 june 2021

The flare-up between a Royal Navy warship and Russian forces near Crimea on Wednesday will have been watched far beyond the Black Sea -- and could have repercussions involving a number of Britain's allies and foes.The incident, which has sparked >>>

Belarus moves jailed opposition blogger Protasevich to house arrest -BBC

Friday  11:15,   25 june 2021

Belarus moves jailed opposition blogger Protasevich to house arrest -BBCProtasevich is now in a rented flat in Minsk, his father Dmitri Protasevich told the BBC, but said the authorities were still not providing any information to the... >>>

Merkel wanted even sharper way: EU states decide harder price against Russia

Friday  08:50,   25 june 2021

The EU states want to react significantly harder to malicious actions of Russia in the future. According to a decision of the heads of state and government from the night of Friday, a plan for punitive measures is to be created, which also includes >>>

Your accommodation could soon lose value, a "reform bis" with the blown pensions at Emmanuel Macron ... The Flash eco of the day

Friday  08:20,   25 june 2021

© Sophie Levy Ayoun / Capital Your accommodation will soon lose value, a "reform" Bis "blown retreats to Emmanuel Macron ... The eco-day flash Find most of the eco news of the day in the Flash realized by capital. The number of the day: 4%. This is >>>

Nike boss says firm is 'of China and for China'

Friday  07:41,   25 june 2021

The sportswear giant was recently hit by a backlash over statements on Xinjiang and the Uyghurs.Chief executive John Donahoe said "Nike is a brand that is of China and for China" in response to a question about competition from Chinese... >>>

The European Union excludes the possibility of a peak with Vladimir Putin

Friday  07:00,   25 june 2021

© Olivier Matthys, Reuters German Chancellors Angela Merkel and Austrian Sebastian Kurz at the European summit in Brussels (Belgium), Thursday, June 24, 2021. Leaders Countries of the European Union, gathered for a summit in Brussels, discarded... >>>

Hawley Condemns Canada's Arrest of Church Leaders; Asks U.S. for Support

Friday  06:18,   25 june 2021

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley released a letter Thursday addressed to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, asking its leaders to reprimand Canada for the country's restrictions on religious freedom during the pandemic. © Anna... >>>

Gibraltar votes to ease tough abortion laws

Friday  06:15,   25 june 2021

Referendum results show support for lifting the rules, which are some of the harshest in Europe.The tiny British territory has some of the harshest abortion laws in Europe - the penalty for breaching the law is life... >>>

US says 'all countries should be concerned' about arms sales to Myanmar junta

Friday  05:38,   25 june 2021

The United States said the international community should be "concerned" about arms sales to the military junta in Myanmar without mentioning any suppliers by name. © Provided by Washington Examiner As Myanmar faces increased isolation from the... >>>

Uyghurs in Xinjiang are being given long prison sentences. Their families say they have done nothing wrong

Friday  05:38,   25 june 2021

Alongside the system of extra-legal detention, experts say there is a separate program that involves the lengthy imprisonment of Uyghurs for alleged crimes including terrorism, separatism and inciting ethnic hatred. Chinese government figures show a >>>

The U.S. Is About to Change the Way the World Thinks About UFOs

Friday  03:26,   25 june 2021

A subject often dismissed as fantasy has found new legitimacy in an upcoming U.S. report into UFOs. Those who have spent their lives studying the subject say it will be a game-changer.Less spectacularly, but equally consequential, China three years... >>>

Writing about the apocalypse changed my life

Friday  03:06,   25 june 2021

JP Saxe's career changed with the release of If The World Was Ending - and so did his love life.That night, he stood in Newfoundland's Mile One Stadium and cheered as Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies and Justin Bieber took to the stage. But it... >>>