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On 'Easter of war,' pope implicitly criticises Russia over Ukraine

Sunday  16:00,   17 april 2022

On 'Easter of war,' pope implicitly criticises Russia over UkraineVideo: Zelensky: Ukrainians will never become ‘slaves’ (The Washington... >>>

Sanctioned Russian oligarch's $65 million yacht is heading toward Greece after stopping in Turkey, satellite data shows

Sunday  16:00,   17 april 2022

The yacht was spotted by a witness arriving in Turkey's bay of Göcek on Saturday but satellite tracking shows the vessel did not stay too long.The $65 million yacht, "Clio," belongs to billionaire industrialist Oleg Deripaska, according to... >>>

Before peace is possible, Ukraine will have to experience more war

Sunday  15:56,   17 april 2022

As the war in Ukraine approaches its third month, there are a few conclusions worth noting. First, the Russian military has revealed itself to be a bumbling mess. A military that is devoid of skilled commanders at the top and motivated soldiers at... >>>

Dozens of COVID Deaths Unreported in China's Shanghai Lockdown: Report

Sunday  15:55,   17 april 2022

Shanghai has an official COVID death toll of seven, the last of which was recorded more than two years ago. The BBC this week said at least 27 unvaccinated patients at a single hospital had their cause of death listed as "underlying health... >>>

Mariupol: Ukraine rejects deadline to surrender as Russia threatens to eliminate resistance

Sunday  15:51,   17 april 2022

Russia's Ministry of Defense confirmed Sunday that an ultimatum for Ukrainian soldiers still resisting an unrelenting assault in parts of the devastated southeastern city to surrender had been ignored. © Andrey Borodulin/AFP/Getty Images An... >>>

Putin Prepared to Use Nuclear Weapons—Khrushchev's Great-granddaughter

Sunday  15:51,   17 april 2022

Nina Khrushcheva said she fears Russian President Vladimir Putin will eventually deploy tactical nuclear weapons to claim victory in Ukraine. "I think this war is really the one that Putin plans to win, and plans to win at any cost," she told the... >>>

UK archbishop slams plan to send migrants to Rwanda

Sunday  15:51,   17 april 2022

The leader of the Church of England, Justin Welby, on Sunday criticised the British government's plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda to process their claims. While "the details are for politics and politicians," Welby suggested that sending... >>>

Column: The cost of China's harsh 'zero COVID' policy? Human suffering and economic damage

Sunday  15:51,   17 april 2022

China's economic juggernaut hits a roadblock: Xi Jinping's inflexibility on the draconian 'zero COVID' lockdown policy.Millions have been confined to their homes, their movements monitored by pandemic police in white hazmat suits.... >>>

Easter, Ukraine and the persistence of evil

Sunday  15:51,   17 april 2022

Far too often those who purport to be followers of Jesus have perpetrated evil.Mass graves are being unearthed. Executed civilians, hands tied behind their backs, have been left by the side of the road. Entire cities have been essentially wiped off... >>>

Mexican crooner converts heartbreak into joy — and music

Sunday  14:55,   17 april 2022

At 24, Silvana Estrada has already established herself as one of Mexico’s most promising singer-songwriters. Her debut album, “Marchita,” or "Withered," tells the story of how she learned to take care of herself after her first big heartbreak — and... >>>

‘We have no future’: Afghan women protest Taliban restrictions

Sunday  14:55,   17 april 2022

The US has ended its war in Afghanistan, the bombs have stopped falling and the Taliban are back in power. But life hasn't improved for millions of Afghans under the new government.First, she lost her job as a librarian. Then, she was told that... >>>

Surprise COVID Lockdown in China Leaves Woman Stuck in Blind Date's Apartment for Days

Sunday  14:50,   17 april 2022

The 30-year-old woman was set up on a series of dates with 10 different men. She was on her fifth date when the lockdown happened.That's because the 30-year-old woman, only referred to as Wang, was on a blind date when the neighborhood she was in at >>>

Myanmars Junta makes more than 1600 prisoners free

Sunday  13:48,   17 april 2022

An amnesty at New Year's Day in Myanmar tradition - last year 23,000 prisoners had been released. Apparently, only criminals and no political prisoners were amnested. © Myat Thu Kyaw / Nurphoto / Picture Alliance Friends and well-known wait... >>>

Live Updates | Ukraine says besieged Mariupol still holding

Sunday  13:36,   17 april 2022

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s deputy defense minister says that the key port of Mariupol is holding despite the continuing Russian attacks. Hanna Malyar said Sunday that the defenders of the key Sea of Azov port have tied up significant Russian forces... >>>

Ukraine's biggest rail company temporarily restricts grain exports, which could have further knock-on effects on US prices

Sunday  13:36,   17 april 2022

Signs that Ukrainian grain is struggling to leave the country will likely put further pressure on US cereal prices, which are up nearly 10% this year.The grains in question are vital in the manufacturing of cereal and cooking... >>>