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Ex-Barclays Trader Guilty of Rate Rigging Faces Extradition

Monday  04:05,   28 september 2020

A former Barclays Plc trader who fled to France before he was convicted of helping to rig a key benchmark is facing extradition proceedings that could lead to him being sent to the U.K. to serve his sentence. The status of Philippe Moryoussef, who... >>>

Thai parliament delays decision on constitution changes

Monday  04:02,   28 september 2020

Thai parliament delays decision on constitution changesBANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's parliament voted on Thursday to delay making a decision on whether it will amend the constitution, as demanded by anti-government protesters who have demonstrated... >>>

Tory Rebellion Gains Ground to Curb U.K. Ministers’ Covid Powers

Monday  04:01,   28 september 2020

A Conservative Party rebellion against Boris Johnson’s emergency coronavirus powers is gaining momentum after opposition parties signaled their support. © Photographer: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP Police patrol in Soho, in central London on September 24, 2020... >>>

Argentina Virus Outbreak Rages While Region Sees Some Relief

Monday  03:20,   28 september 2020

Argentina is standing out for the wrong reasons in its six month battle to ward off the coronavirus pandemic. As some relief finally arrives to places like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru that were hit hard by the respiratory disease,... >>>

NATO aerial exercises test 'vulnerable' Baltic defense against Russian air assault

Monday  03:20,   28 september 2020

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA — Ten NATO nations kicked off the Tobruq Legacy multinational aerial exercises this week over the skies of Lithuania, Poland, and Germany, aiming to practice defending NATO’s most vulnerable region from a Russian air attack. ©... >>>

Italy tells Britain it too loves freedom but 'behaves responsibly'

Monday  03:20,   28 september 2020

Italian President Sergio Mattarella responded Thursday to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's comments on the two countries' handling of the coronavirus, saying Italy too loved freedom but also behaved responsibly. Asked about the... >>>

Melbourne Eases Curfew; Deaths Near 1 Million: Virus Update

Monday  03:20,   28 september 2020

The official death toll from Covid-19 neared one million, though experts say the real tally may be almost double that. India’s infections are set to top 6 million while Russia is seeing a resurgence of cases. Australia’s prime minister urged the... >>>

British pubs were on life support before the pandemic. Many won't survive new restrictions

Monday  03:11,   28 september 2020

The Southampton Arms barely survived the spring. Now, it's in trouble again in the wake of new restrictions.For three and a half months, during the first peak of the pandemic, the UK government ordered the country's pubs, bars and restaurants... >>>

Jordan. Dissolution of Parliament for elections in November

Monday  03:05,   28 september 2020

© AFP / Khalil MAZRAAWI King Abdullah of Jordan issued a royal edict ordering the dissolution of Parliament as of Sunday. The Jordanian parliament was dissolved on Sunday, paving the way for elections in November amid growing popular discontent.... >>>

Weak Stranded Whales in Australia to Be Euthanized, Hundreds Already Dead

Monday  03:00,   28 september 2020

Nearly 400 beached whales have died on the shores of Tasmania, Australia, since Monday.More than 450 long-finned pilot whales have beached themselves on the shores of Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania—an island state of Australia located to the south of... >>>

British ministers prepare for social lockdown in northern Britain, London: The Times

Monday  02:10,   28 september 2020

British ministers prepare for social lockdown in northern Britain, London: The TimesUnder the new lockdown measures being considered, all pubs, restaurants and bars would be ordered to shut for two weeks initially, the report... >>>

Myanmar reports 1,000 coronavirus cases in one day in record rise

Monday  01:20,   28 september 2020

Myanmar reports 1,000 coronavirus cases in one day in record riseThe Southeast Asian nation has now recorded 8,344 total cases, more than double the number in neighbouring Thailand, which has a bigger... >>>

Vietnam police seize 345,000 used condoms that were sold as new

Monday  01:20,   28 september 2020

Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new, state media reported. © VTV/AP The used condoms were seized in a warehouse located in the Binh Duong province in Vietnam. Footage... >>>

Decision in Breonna Taylor case sparks new protests

Monday  01:15,   28 september 2020

Global eyes are on renewed racial justice protests in the US, with demonstrations again erupting in several cities around the country in response to Wednesday’s announced decision not to charge Kentucky police officers for the shooting death of... >>>

Azerbaijan, Armenia declare martial law after clashes kill at least 16 military members

Monday  01:15,   28 september 2020

Azerbaijan and Armenia both declared martial law early Sunday after clashes killed at least 16 military members and several civilians.The two countries, both former Soviet republics, experienced their heaviest clash since 2016 on Sunday over... >>>