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After Macron's visit to Beirut: "French solution" for Lebanon?

Friday  20:17,   07 august 2020

Maximilian Felsch of the Haigazian University in Beirut is skeptical about the further political development of the badly ailing Lebanon. Conflicts between the religious groups could break out, since the Shiite Hezbollah was apparently responsible... >>>

A sweetheart deal: Germany to exempt unmarried couples from COVID-19 border controls

Friday  20:10,   07 august 2020

A sweetheart deal: Germany to exempt unmarried couples from COVID-19 border controlsThe exemption will apply to the partners of Germans from countries that Germany considers high-risk - currently most of the world outside the EU - and couples will... >>>

Ontario Urges Residents to Buy Local to Counter U.S. ‘Attack’

Friday  20:08,   07 august 2020

Ontario Premier Doug Ford urged consumers to shift purchases away from U.S. goods to retaliate against President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Canadian aluminum. Trump said Thursday he will remove Canada’s exemption from 10% tariffs, effective Aug. 16,... >>>

Air India Express passenger jet crashes while landing

Friday  20:08,   07 august 2020

CBS News has confirmed that at least the pilot was killed in the crash, while local media reported dozens of passengers were taken to hospital. "The flight was coming from Dubai," an emergency services official, speaking on condition of anonymity,... >>>

Air India flight skids off runway, splits in 2 while landing in southern India, dozens reported hospitalized

Friday  20:08,   07 august 2020

Dozens of people were rushed to the hospital after an Air India Express flight with 191 people on board skidded off a runway and split in two while landing Friday in heavy rain in southern India, an official said.It was not immediately clear if... >>>

Thailand’s Indigenous Chao Lay Struggle to Preserve Identity

Friday  20:08,   07 august 2020

The fragile cultural identity and traditions of Thailand’s indigenous seafaring people are threatened by development and conservation efforts.Chaem is an Urak Lawoi, one of Thailand's nomadic seafaring tribes. Collectively referred to as Chao Lay... >>>

N.Y. Schools Can Reopen; Florida Cases Stabilize: Virus Update

Friday  19:42,   07 august 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said all school districts in the state can reopen in September based on current infection rates. Florida’s daily new cases stabilized, increasing 1.5% in line with the state’s seven-day average.... >>>

China Tries to Calm U.S. Tensions After Fiery Pompeo Speech

Friday  19:16,   07 august 2020

Wang Yi told the Xinhua agency that China was under siege from "biased" and "hostile" U.S. politicians.Wang hit back at the comments made last month by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said international engagement with China had failed and that... >>>

Explosions in Lebanon: President Michel Aoun mentions the "missile" hypothesis

Friday  19:05,   07 august 2020

An explosive statement. Three days after the explosions that devastated Beirut, and while the very origin of the detonation is still unclear, Lebanese President Michel Aoun publicly mentioned the hypotheses of "negligence" or "a missile". As a... >>>

Brazil: Bolsonaro keeps a "clear conscience" as the coronavirus has caused nearly 100,000 deaths

Friday  19:05,   07 august 2020

"Life goes on and we must find a way out", said the Brazilian president, who is awaiting the arrival vaccines © Eraldo Peres / AP / SIPA The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro himself has been infected with Covid-19 Epidemic - "Life goes on and we... >>>

French health ministry notes uptick in virus cases in France, Europe

Friday  18:51,   07 august 2020

French health ministry notes uptick in virus cases in France, Europe"The virus continues to circulate very actively worldwide. There is an upward trend in France and Europe," Salomon told a news... >>>

Rhône: a mosque affected by the start of a fire, the privileged criminal track

Friday  18:41,   07 august 2020

The Omar mosque in Bron, south-east of Lyon, serves mainly as a storage location. The incident did not cause any injuries. © Provided by Franceinfo The Omar mosque in Bron, in the metropolis of Lyon (Rhône), was hit by a fire starting on the night... >>>

Beirut: is France sufficiently protecting its stocks of ammonium nitrate?

Friday  18:40,   07 august 2020

France consumes large quantities of ammonium nitrates, mainly for agriculture in the form of nitrogen fertilizer. 108 Seveso classified sites stock ammonitrate. © afp.com/Eric CABANIS The site of the AZF factory in Toulouse after the explosion,... >>>

Pope Francis names six women to Vatican council in historic shift

Friday  18:28,   07 august 2020

Pope Francis appointed six women to oversee the Vatican's finances on Thursday, making them the most senior female officials who have ever served there.The new female members of the Vatican's Council for the Economy -- which seats 15 members and >>>