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Poland’s prime minister, first head of government to congratulate Italian candidate Meloni

Monday  08:21,   26 september 2022

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was the first head of government to congratulate Georgia Meloni on the results of exit polls that would give the right-wing parties a large majority […]"Congratulations, Meloni!" celebrated Morawiecki --... >>>

British, French police clash with protesters at Iranian embassies

Monday  08:20,   26 september 2022

British police arrested at least 12 people outside the Iranian Embassy in London on Sunday as hundreds gathered to call for an end to the Iranian regime. © Teresa Suarez/EPA-EFE A woman affected by the tear gas thrown by French riot police when... >>>

Hong Kong cardinal among activists on trial over protest fund

Monday  08:10,   26 september 2022

A 90-year-old Hong Kong cardinal went on trial alongside five fellow democracy supporters on Monday over their role in running a fund to help defend people arrested in anti-government protests. Zen's group acted as trustees of a now-defunct fund >>>

Powerful typhoon leaves 5 rescuers dead in north Philippines

Monday  07:52,   26 september 2022

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Typhoon Noru blew out of the northern Philippines on Monday, leaving five rescuers dead, causing floods and power outages and forcing officials to suspend classes and government work in the capital and outlying provinces.... >>>

North Korea, China resume freight trains services: reports

Monday  07:52,   26 september 2022

Reported resumption of cross-border trains comes after services were suspended in April due to an outbreak of COVID-19.A freight train travelled from the Chinese border city of Dandong to North Korea’s Sinuiju, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency... >>>

Washington enjoined Moscow privately to stop its nuclear threats

Monday  07:50,   26 september 2022

© Bryan R. Smith US Secretary of State Antony Blinken addresses the UN Security Council on September 22, 2022 The United States Asked via private channels from Russia to put an end to its waving nuclear threat in the war in Ukraine, a weapon whose... >>>

Japanese leader's trip to China in '72 was diplomatic gamble

Monday  07:30,   26 september 2022

TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese leader who normalized relations with China 50 years ago feared for his life when he flew to Beijing for the high-stakes negotiations at the height of the Cold War, according to his daughter, a former Japanese foreign... >>>

Atlantic Canada reels from Fiona’s effects as Prime Minister Trudeau cancels Japan trip

Monday  07:30,   26 september 2022

Atlantic Canada was reeling Sunday after the downgraded Hurricane Fiona swept away houses — and at least one person — and cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people across several coastal provinces. The powerful storm, downgraded to a tropical >>>

US warns Russia of 'castastrophic' consequences of nuclear strike

Monday  07:30,   26 september 2022

The United States has warned Russia privately of "catastrophic" consequences if it uses nuclear weapons as part of the Ukraine invasion, top US officials said. Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden's national security advisor, said in a separate... >>>

Top Russian lawmakers slam ‘excesses’ of Putin’s war mobilization

Monday  06:00,   26 september 2022

Two high-ranking Russian lawmakers on Sunday criticized those carrying out Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move last week to draw up some 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine. Valentina Matviyenko, who chairs Russia’s upper legislative chamber... >>>

British prime minister says she wants negotiated solution with EU on Northern Ireland

Monday  06:00,   26 september 2022

Britain's new prime minister said she would prefer a negotiated solution with the European Union to issues relating to the Northern Ireland protocol, the deal negotiated as part of Brexit that Britain has tried to override. Prime Minister Liz... >>>

in Paris, tear gas used to prevent demonstrators from arriving at the Iran

Monday  04:30,   26 september 2022

© Teresa Suarez / Epa-Efe Embassy with an Iranian flag manifest in front of the Iranian embassy in Paris, the September 25, 2022. New demonstrations against repression in Iran were organized all over the world, this Sunday, September 25, 2022. In... >>>

After Brexit, London moves the bonuses of the bankers of the City

Monday  03:50,   26 september 2022

© 283839302/Eskystudio - Stock.adobe.com The removal by London of this ceiling was expected in the aftermath of the European Union. The Bankers of the City finally found a reason to rejoice in Brexit. Capped for almost a decade by Brussels, their... >>>

Paris: A person arrested during a demonstration in front of the Iran

Monday  01:30,   26 september 2022

© Kenzo Tribouillard embassy from Place d'Iéna, the Parisian procession made up of around 4,000 people, according to the prefecture, was directed to the Iranian Embassy. (Illustration) AFP/Kenzo Tribouillard The police used tear gas this Sunday to... >>>

Söder rejects claims for electricity price zones back

Monday  00:50,   26 september 2022

Bayern's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has sharply rejected the initiative of the northern German area countries for a division of Germany into different price zones during electricity. He would understand the demand if there was no help at... >>>