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Mighty river to muddy trickle: South America's Parana rings climate alarm

Wednesday  14:21,   27 october 2021

Mighty river to muddy trickle: South America's Parana rings climate alarmCHARIGUE, Argentina (Reuters) - Gustavo Alcides Diaz, an Argentine fisherman and hunter from a river island community, is at home on the water. The Parana River once lapped >>>

Sister of UK Bataclan victim: 'We don't hate you'

Wednesday  14:21,   27 october 2021

Nick Alexander died at a Paris rock gig during the assault by Islamic State (IS) extremists in 2015.Her brother Nick Alexander, 35, was killed when gunmen stormed the Bataclan Theatre in Paris during a rock... >>>

Hong Kong passes film censorship law

Wednesday  14:10,   27 october 2021

Authorities will have the power to ban films deemed to violate China's national security interests.Punishment for violating the law includes up to three years imprisonment and $130,000 (£95,000) in... >>>

Belgium warns Poland "not to play with fire" over EU dispute

Wednesday  14:10,   27 october 2021

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union founding member Belgium warned Poland on Wednesday not to treat the EU like “a cash machine” to boost its economic fortunes while disregarding its democratic and rule of law principles at will. “You cannot pocket all... >>>

Russia marks another daily coronavirus death high

Wednesday  14:10,   27 october 2021

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia hit another record for daily COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday as authorities across the country moved to keep most people off work in line with a Kremlin order aimed at stemming the spread. The government coronavirus task force... >>>

climbing fans soon crash on New Yorks skyscrapers

Wednesday  14:00,   27 october 2021

Anyone who always wanted to climb outside on a skyscraper, which can do that soon in New York. © Christina Horsten / DPA / Archive At the opening of the observation platform "The Edge", there were artists. Now visitors can bump up at the skyscraper >>>

New York: Japan's Princess Mako moves in 1-room apartment

Wednesday  13:55,   27 october 2021

a Royal thanks, because she loves a so-called "bourgeois" - we know that somewhere. This case, however, plays at the other end of the world. © Pool / Getty Images Princess Mako Move Kei Komuro right in advance: Yes, the model we think comes from... >>>

Israel demands 'diplomatic, economic and even military' retaliation against Iran's oil tanker attack

Wednesday  13:35,   27 october 2021

Western allies must develop an urgent plan to retaliate against Iran following multiple reported attacks on oil tankers near Oman, according to a senior Israeli official who warned Tehran is reaching a major nuclear threshold. © Provided by... >>>

'We live in fear:' Daughter of former Saudi official says kingdom attempted to lure her to consulate in Istanbul

Wednesday  13:25,   27 october 2021

The daughter of a former top Saudi intelligence official has told CNN that representatives of the Saudi government attempted to lure her to the same consulate where Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in Istanbul, as part of a series of threats against her >>>

Movie Rejected for Oscars for Showing 'Hatred Towards British'

Wednesday  13:20,   27 october 2021

"Sardar Udham" is a biopic about Punjabi Sikh revolutionary Udham Singh, who assassinated a British official as revenge for a colonial-era massacre.Sardar Udham, directed by Shoojit Sircar, is a biopic about Punjabi Sikh revolutionary Udham Singh,... >>>

Most Europeans think governments will miss climate goals, poll finds

Wednesday  13:20,   27 october 2021

Most Europeans think governments will miss climate goals, poll findsBRUSSELS (Reuters) - A majority of European Union citizens think their government will fail to tackle climate change, which Europeans view as the biggest challenge facing humanity... >>>

Malaysia's Namewee banned in China after music video mocks online nationalists

Wednesday  13:20,   27 october 2021

“I am [ethnically] Chinese. Am I insulting myself?” said Namewee in a statement published on his Instagram account. Namewee said he is a lover of Chinese culture and that he has traveled the country as a backpacker over the years. He said he has... >>>

China Telecom: FCC bans company from operating in the United States

Wednesday  13:20,   27 october 2021

Washington is barring a major Chinese state-owned telecommunications firm from operating in the United States over national security concerns — an action that threatens to once again increase tensions between the world's two largest... >>>

John Oliver Irks China Press As Taiwan Skit Overshadows Xi Jinping Speech

Wednesday  13:20,   27 october 2021

The episode, which aired late on Sunday in the United States, dropped shortly after Xi Jinping had given a lengthy speech about China at the United Nations.Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times dismissed the skit as amateurish, while mentions of... >>>

Green suits and global summits: Royal family throws its weight behind climate action

Wednesday  13:15,   27 october 2021

Climate change has prompted emotional pleas from the royal family, and united three generations ahead of the U.N.’s COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland.Yet climate change is an issue that has not only prompted emotional public pleas from the royal >>>