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Russian shells slam into eastern Ukraine, killing 3 people

Monday  16:51,   15 august 2022

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — At least three Ukrainian civilians have been killed and nearly 20 others wounded in the latest artillery barrages from the Russian military, Ukrainian officials said Monday. The eastern region of Donetsk, one of the two... >>>

After the visit of an American delegation to Taiwan, China relaunches military exercises

Monday  16:20,   15 august 2022

© AFP - Handout Taiwanese President Tsai ING -Wen and American senator Ed Markey in Taipei on August 15, 2022. new military exercises Around Taiwan were launched by China in response to the visit of five American parliamentarians, less than two... >>>

While the state of Salman Rushdie improves, Iran rejects all responsibility in the attack

Monday  16:10,   15 august 2022

© David Hartley/Rex/Sipa Salman Rushdie, a writer fighting Islamism for decades. A symbol of attacked freedom but still alive. Salman Rushdie was the victim of an assassination in New York on Friday August 12, when he was about to speak at a... >>>

Norway bridge collapses, drivers of 2 vehicles rescued

Monday  15:31,   15 august 2022

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A wooden bridge over a river in southern Norway collapsed early Monday, with a car plunging into the water and a truck getting stuck on a raised section. The drivers of both vehicles were rescued and doing well, police... >>>

The Chinese dream of home ownership is crumbling. The economy could go with it

Monday  15:31,   15 august 2022

As financing dries up and debts come due, a cash crunch leaves thousands of homes unfinished, in a crisis with implications for the global economy.Nearly 500 miles away in Shanghai, a 26-year-old interior designer watched video of the protest on... >>>

Ukraine HIMARS Destroy Wagner HQ After Russian Doxxes Forces: Report

Monday  15:21,   15 august 2022

Images of the aftermath of the attack have begun circulating on Telegram, with the Wagner Group also confirming the incident.According to Ukrainian media outlet Hromadske, Russian Telegram channels have shared photos of the aftermath of an attack at >>>

Ukraine hits Russian Wagner mercenary HQ in east

Monday  15:21,   15 august 2022

Russian and Ukrainian sources say a Wagner group base was hit in Popasna, Luhansk region.The attack in Popasna was reported by Serhiy Hayday, Ukrainian governor of Luhansk region, and several pro-Kremlin war... >>>

Red panda found in fig tree after escaping Australian zoo

Monday  15:21,   15 august 2022

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A red panda that spent two days on the lam after escaping from an Australian zoo was recaptured Sunday after he was spotted hanging out in a fig tree in a nearby park. Named Ravi, the 7-year-old panda had arrived at... >>>

Afghanistan marks 1 year since Taliban seizure as woes mount

Monday  15:21,   15 august 2022

KABUL (AP) — The Taliban on Monday marked a year since they seized the Afghan capital of Kabul, a rapid takeover that triggered a hasty escape of the nation's Western-backed leaders, sent the economy into a tailspin and fundamentally transformed >>>

Myanmar court jails Suu Kyi for six years for corruption - source

Monday  15:21,   15 august 2022

Myanmar court jails Suu Kyi for six years for corruption - sourceThe 77-year-old Nobel laureate and figurehead of Myanmar's opposition to military rule has been charged with at least 18 offences ranging from graft to election violations, carrying... >>>

PSG: Luis Campos did not say his last word for Marcus Rashford

Monday  15:00,   15 august 2022

Le Paris Saint-Germain would not let go in the Marcus Rashford file. Luis Campos would like to offer a long -term counter and a major English -style project. For the time being, Manchester United would refute the advances of the Parisian club.... >>>

Shanghai classification: Universities in the United States still in mind, the French people resist

Monday  14:40,   15 august 2022

© Maddie Meyer / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP Anglo-Saxon establishments stand out as last year at the first ten Places: Eight American universities and two British occupies the top of the 2022 edition of this world ranking of... >>>

Iran rejects all responsibility in the attack on Rushdie

Monday  14:20,   15 august 2022

Personalit-Salman-Rushdie-Iran: Iran rejects all responsibility in the attack on Rushdie © Reuters/Lisi Niesner Iran rejects all responsibility in the 'Attack on Rushdie Dubai (Reuters) - Iran rejects any responsibility in the attack on Friday... >>>

Iran "categorically" denies any link with the assailant of Salman Rushdie

Monday  14:10,   15 august 2022

© Copyright 2022, the Obs Iran denied this Monday, August 15, "categorically" all link with the assailant who stabbed Salman Rushdie , author of the novel "Satanic verses", at a conference in the north of the United States on... >>>

Two Boys Whose Toy Pirate Ship Crossed Atlantic Ocean Launch Antarctic Mission

Monday  13:20,   15 august 2022

Two young brothers whose toy pirate ship sailed across the Atlantic are now recreating a Michael Palin book - by building two warships for an expedition to the Antarctic. The Ferguson boys, Ollie, 10, and Harry, 12, have used Palin's Erebus: The... >>>