World In Iraq, Téhéran strikes against the Iranian Kurdish opposition give at least thirteen dead

05:20  29 september  2022
05:20  29 september  2022 Source:   rfi.fr

Iranian Kurd exiles in Iraq under fire as protests rage

  Iranian Kurd exiles in Iraq under fire as protests rage As protests flare across Iran over the death of young Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, the Kurdistan region of neighbouring Iraq has paid a price, coming under bombardment from the Islamic republic's forces. A general in Iran has charged that the Kurdish opposition groups have been inciting the Mahsa Amini protests in Iranian Kurdistan, in the face of a lethal crackdown by the security forces. © Shwan MOHAMMED Iranian workers wait for jobs at Workers Square in front of the Great Mosque in Sulaimaniyah, in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region Amini, 22, was pronounced dead on September 16, days after Iran's notorious morality police detained her f

Revendiqués par Téhéran, ces bombardements ont fait au total neuf morts et 32 blessés, dont les victimes se trouvent dans l'hôpital d'Erbil, capitale de la région autonome. © AFP - Safin Hamed claimed by Tehran, these bombings made a total of nine dead and 32 wounded, whose victims are in the 'Erbil hospital, capital of the autonomous region.

at least thirteen people were killed and thirty wounded this Wednesday in Iraqi Kurdistan in Iranian strikes against armed groups of the Iranian Kurdish opposition, which denounces the repression of demonstrations in the Islamic Republic.

The Iraqi federal government and the regional power of autonomous Kurdistan, in the north of the country, condemned missile strikes and others carried out according to Baghdad by "20 drones loaded with explosives" which have targeted four sectors. Iranian state television said that "the land forces for the guards of the revolution have targeted several districts of separatist terrorists in northern Iraq with precision missiles and destructive drones".

Tehran bombes Iraqi Kurdistan, at least 9 dead

 Tehran bombes Iraqi Kurdistan, at least 9 dead at least nine people were killed and around thirty wounded in Iraqi Kurdistan in Iranian strikes on armed groups from the Kurdish opposition Iranian on Wednesday, which denounces the repression of demonstrations in Islamic Republic. View onononews © Claire Thomas/AP Iranian strikes left at least nine dead and more than thirty injured.

These bombings left in total thirteen dead and fifty injured, announced the Minister of Health of Kurdistan, Saman Al-Barzanji, at the bedside of the victims in a hospital in Erbil, capital of the autonomous region. The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI), one of the groups targeted by bombing in the Koysinjaq region, east of Erbil, reported two dead in its ranks. On Twitter, the pdki castigated "loose attacks", carried out at a time when the Iranian regime "is unable (...) to silence the civil resistance" of the Kurdish and Iranian population.

These strikes intervene in a tense context in Iran, where night demonstrations have taken place daily in the country since the death of Mahsa Amini , a young 22 -year -old woman who died after her arrest by the moral police. From senior officials to Tehran have also linked these bombings to the "riots" who agitate Iran.

Ayatollah, President, Guide to the Revolution ... who really exercises power in Iran?

 Ayatollah, President, Guide to the Revolution ... who really exercises power in Iran? © AFP Photo / Ho / Khamenei.ir The supreme chief of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Monday, October 3, 2022, during a ceremony in Tehran. While the important demonstrations caused by the Mahsa Amini death continue to be severely repressed by the power in Iran since September 13, 2022, how does power be articulated in the country? Response elements.

Kurdistan of Iraq welcomes several Kurdish Iranian opposition groups which, historically, have led an armed insurrection against Tehran, even if in recent years their military activities have been down. However, they remain very critical on the social networks of the situation in Iran, sharing videos on the protest movement. In recent days, already, Iranian artillery fire has repeatedly targeted border areas of Kurdistan of Iraq, without making significant damage.

In response, Baghdad announced this Wednesday the "urgently" convocation of the Iranian ambassador to protest against attacks, Iraqi diplomacy castigating "unilateral and provocative actions". The United States has "strongly" condemned these strikes, and warned of Tehran against new attacks on the Kurdish Iranian opposition groups. Berlin for his part denounced an "unacceptable escalation".

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