World demonstrations in Iran: the singer Shervin Hajipour is silenced, but his song "Baraye" has become an

22:10  05 october  2022
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Paris condemns the "violent repression" of demonstrations in Iran

 Paris condemns the © (AP/SIPA) In a statement released on Monday, September 26, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed "its firmest conviction of violent repression, by the 'Iranian security apparatus, demonstrations "in Iran, after the death of the young Mahsa Amini. Paris reported on Monday of "his firmest conviction of violent repression, by the Iranian security apparatus, demonstrations" in Iran, following the death of this young woman after her arrest by the moral police.

hymn The song "Baraye" compiles tweets on protests and depicts the daily mobilizations of citizens, who earned them prosecution on the part of the Iranian authorities.

  Manifestations en Iran : le chanteur Shervin Hajipour est réduit au silence, mais sa chanson © supplied by Franceinfo

even if the Iranian pop singer Shervin Hajipour was silenced, his passionate song in support of protests after the death of Mahsa Amini remains an unofficial anthem for the movement. The song Baraye reached nearly 40 million views on Instagram before being deleted when Shervin Hajipour was recently arrested in northern Iran. But he has since been released on bail and has distanced himself from political life, probably a condition for his release.

Manifestations in Iran: celebrities and journalists in the collimator

 Manifestations in Iran: celebrities and journalists in the collimator © AFP The Iran intensified on Thursday the pressure on celebrities and journalists against a wave of demonstrations triggered by the death of a young Woman, Mahsa Amini, a few days after her arrest by moral police. The repression of this protest movement has killed dozens since mid-September, aroused numerous convictions abroad.

"Because we aspire to a normal life ... Because of this polluted air"

Baraye, which means "for" or "because of" in Persian, compiles tweets on protests and depicts the daily mobilizations of citizens , which have earned them prosecution from the Iranian authorities. It also highlights the concerns of the population in the face of shortages caused by the economic sanctions inflicted on Iran and their management by the country's authorities. "For dance in the street, because of the fear felt by kissing, for my sister, your sister, your sisters," said the song. "Because of the embarrassment of the empty pocket, because we aspire to a normal life ... Because of this polluted air."

Baraye resonates at night in buildings across Iran, in support of protests launched the death of Mahsa Amini on September 16, after her arrest in Tehran by the Police of Morers who reproached him for having Defeating the strict dress code, which is notably obliging women to wear the veil.

An American blocked in Iran will be able to leave the country, his son liberated

 An American blocked in Iran will be able to leave the country, his son liberated © Dado Ruvic / Reuters an 85-year-old American-Iranian, Backing Namazi, blocked in Iran after being detained, was authorized to leave the country , while his son Siamak was released from detention (illustration). In full wave of demonstrations after the death of Mahsa Amini, Iran released Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American businessman, detained since 2015. The latter's father, Backing Namazi, can leave him the country.

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inspired many times

this weekend, the song was also taken up in choir by the Iranians of the diaspora during gatherings in more than 150 cities around the world. In a video shared by the Center for Human Rights in Iran, based in New York, you can see a group of schoolgirls without scarf singer in class, back to the camera.

The song was removed from the Instagram account of Shervin Hajipour shortly after his arrest but is always available on social networks, including Twitter and Youtube. Baraye has inspired many times, notably that of the editorialist of the Jerusalem Post Emily Schrader, who said he learned the song in Persian and filmed on Instagram interpreting it, bringing together more than 650,000 views.

Stories Instagram forced

The singer's lawyer, Majid Kaveh, said he was released on Tuesday noon. His family had been informed Saturday of his arrest in Sari, in the north of the country, said reformist newspaper Shargh in articles citing his sister, Kamand Hajipour. In a post on Instagram, the latter said that her parents had been informed of her telephone arrest by the services of the City Ministry of Intelligence.

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Shortly after his release, Shervin Hajipour was back on Instagram, but this time to apologize and distance himself from political life. "I'm here to stay, I'm fine," he told his 1.9 million subscribers. "But I'm sorry that certain special movements based outside Iran, with which I have no link, have made a political use diverted from the song." "I would not exchange my country against any other and I will remain for my homeland, my flag, my people, and I will sing," he added. In response to this publication, many Internet users on Twitter proposed to add "because of forced Instagram stories" to the lyrics of the song.

Call to stop using forced confessions

of human rights organizations, in particular article 19, have repeatedly called Iran to stop using forced confessions, obtained according to them under constraint, even torture. Recently, a young Iranian, Sepideh Rashno, disappeared in Tehran after being involved in an argument with another woman who accused her of having removed her veil aboard a bus. It was owned by the powerful body of the Islamic revolution guards and made an appearance on television, which the activists qualified as forced confession. She was then released on bail at the end of August.

In Iran, the IT of hacked state television with an image of the Supreme Fire Guide .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs A group supporting the dispute in Iran managed to hack a chain of state television By broadcasting in the middle of the television news on Saturday evening, an image of the supreme guide Ali Khamenei surrounded by flames. "The blood of our young people drips with your fingers," said a message that appeared on the screen when the Journal de la Télévé d'étage. He accompanies a photo manipulated by Ali Khamenei, his body surrounded by flames and his head in a viewfinder.

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