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WorldTo survive in Kabul, boys scavenge for treasure in the city’s trash

04:05  11 february  2019
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Anti-communist guerrilla who became Afghan president dies

Anti-communist guerrilla who became Afghan president dies Sibghatullah Mujadidi, who was Afghanistan's first president following the withdrawal of the Soviet army and the collapse in 1992 of Kabul's pro-communist government, has died at 93.

The city ’ s trash is treasure for a wide array of collectors, for More significantly for the city , the scavenging of recyclables makes it difficult to track its own progress. The city has been reluctant to crack down on individuals who need the recyclables, in particular bottles and cans, to survive , and

Recology, the city ' s solid waste provider, sponsors an artists-in-residence program; artists scavenge through "junk" the public has thrown away and then Join the artists as they hunt for treasure amid 30-foot tall garbage heaps. And if you dig even deeper around Recology's grounds, you might just run

KABUL —On an early winter morning, the city is still dark when the boys gather at their regular spot, a garbage dump where a bony dog is already nosing for food. Each one carries an empty jute sack that will be bulging by nightfall. It is bitter cold, but they are dressed in thin, grimy jackets and pants. Most wear no gloves. Some wear no socks.

Taliban takes centre stage as Kabul cut out of peace talks

Taliban takes centre stage as Kabul cut out of peace talks President Ashraf Ghani is being pushed to the sidelines as the Taliban ignores his overtures for peace and negotiates instead with his friends, and enemies, over the future of Afghanistan. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); From Doha to Moscow, the insurgents are meeting an array of envoys with competing interests in Afghanistan, from the United States eager to withdraw their troops to political leaders in Kabul jostling for power.

Before you dive in, learn the best ways to find treasure in the trash . Budget-conscious DIY decorators scavenge for usable furniture and home decorations. Junk artists are people who upcycle and repurpose things they can use to make new things, both for personal use and to sell at craft fairs

A scared homeless pit bull is found hiding deep in a trash heap.

When the last straggler arrives, the band of a dozen scavengers sets off, looking for treasures in the trash.

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The boys walk fast, poking into bins and barrels and drain ditches, stuffing soda cans and plastic bottles into their sacks. They fan out among icy alleys, whistling and shouting to keep in touch.

Mansour, 15, is the oldest and sharpest. He keeps an eye out for the others, and carries an old cellphone to call home in emergencies. Every day, he wears the same smudged pink sweatshirt with a perky kitten logo. But he is unsmiling and stern.

Jalen Ramsey shades Josh Allen over ‘Am I still trash?’ jab

Jalen Ramsey shades Josh Allen over ‘Am I still trash?’ jab Jalen Ramsey not surprisingly refused to let Josh Allen troll him without issuing a response, as the outspoken Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback shaded the Buffalo Bills signal-caller’s recent smack talk on Twitter. During a recent autograph session, Allen signed a photograph of himself and added the message, “Hey Ramsey … Am I still trash?” along with a #BillsMafia hashtag. Josh Allen to Jalen Ramsey: "Am I still trash?"— Big Cat Country (@BigCatCountry) February 18, 2019 Allen’s one-liner, a reference to how Ramsey shaded him early on last season, elicited a response in the affirmative from the Jags star.

Urban Survival Site. How to Survive in the City When Disaster Strikes. The point is, you might have to scavenge for supplies after the shit hits the fan. If someone’ s life is on the line, you’ll have no choice. 5. Dumpsters – It won’t be fun, but you might find some hidden treasures in dumpsters.

Life in the city sometimes looks like a brutal struggle for survival and preservation of their human dignity. Constant stress, work-related, the sociological environment, the criminal situation Work on yourself, the proper organization of life and relationship to others will help you survive in the big city .

“Our parents are not happy to send us out here, but there are no jobs and no money,” Mansour said one recent morning. “They say it is honorable work, not like begging or stealing. Even if we only bring home 10 afghanis [7 cents] from what we sell, it is better than doing wrong work.”

Afghanistan’s capital of 6 million is full of new apartments and shopping malls, but it is also densely overcrowded and full of desperately poor people. There are few steady jobs for adults without skills, and even day-

labor work is scarce. No social welfare system exists for the poor, and only meager subsidies are available for disabled war victims and widows.

Virtually all charity comes from international agencies, and most of that goes to returned refugees from Pakistan and Iran, or to rural families displaced by fighting or drought. This winter, the World Food Program has provided food and cash to about 70,000 needy people in Kabul, many of them displaced families in tent settlements who have registered to receive aid.

Taliban to take part in 'intra-Afghan' talks in Moscow

Taliban to take part in 'intra-Afghan' talks in Moscow The Taliban say they will participate in what they call "intra-Afghan" talks in Moscow among prominent Afghan figures, including former President Hamid Karzai and tribal elders _ but no Kabul government officials. The office of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has criticized the meeting in the Russian capital, expected on Tuesday, as a gathering of the power-hungry.

Scavenge and Survive is a San Andreas Multiplayer server mod, a PvP survival game where everyone is pitched against each other. Supplies are scarce and everyone is willing to kill for the same goals! Safety in numbers is key to survival , but trust is hard to find. The game is run by the players

More than 5000 canners in New York City collect empty cans and bottles to make a city . Each bottle means 5 cents to them. Treasures in Trash : 30 years of New York garbage - Продолжительность: 2:23 New China TV 12 502 просмотра.

“We do what we can, but we are only putting our finger in the dike,” said Zlatan Milisic, the program’s director here. “We provide humanitarian aid to the displaced, and seasonal support to identified urban poor, but a lot of people who may need help don’t fit into any category.”

In 2018, WFP assisted more than 5 million Afghans, but with 13 million lacking sufficient food, Milisic said, “where can you even start?”

Those on the margins of city life survive any way they can. Some are beggars, old men with crutches and women in burqas who huddle outside mosques and markets. Some are boys with wizened faces who wash car windows, peddle toys, or blow smoke from tiny pots at strangers in a ritual blessing and hope for spare change in return.

The scavengers are a different breed.

Tightknit bands of brothers, cousins and neighbors, mostly between ages 8 and 14, they roam the back streets like small armies, each group with its own informal turf, finding value in items others have discarded — and a certain amount of pride in an occupation from which others would recoil.

Taliban demand new constitution for Afghanistan at rare talks

Taliban demand new constitution for Afghanistan at rare talks The Taliban demanded a new constitution for Afghanistan and promised an "inclusive Islamic system" to govern the war-torn country at a rare gathering with senior Afghan politicians in Russia Tuesday that excluded the Kabul government. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The insurgents' manifesto, outlined in Moscow before some of Afghanistan's most influential leaders, comes a week after the Taliban held unprecedented six-day talks with US negotiators in Doha about ending the 17-year war.

Use these urban survival skills and gear to survive any disaster from homelessness to all-out warfare. Start now with this urban survival guide. The good thing about urban survival is that you will have plenty of resources at your disposal. Learn to scavenge I will talk more about these subjects in our

For picking materials from the curbside trash collection, curb shopping, trash picking or street scavenging are sometimes used.[5] When seeking primarily metal to be recycled, one is scrapping. When picking the leftover food from traditional or industrial farming left in the fields one is gleaning.

They avoid traffic cops and keep stones handy to ward off menacing dogs. A few shopkeepers and security guards regularly save items for them. The boys often joke and roughhouse as they trudge along, but there are constant reminders of war and danger: A convoy of troops rumbles past; a strange metal object in a garbage bin looks like an unexploded mine.

Two summers ago, Mansour was scavenging downtown when a massive truck bomb exploded nearby, killing 80 people and wounding more than 400. His mother heard the blast and was worried. “I didn’t have a phone then, and she came all the way downtown, looking for me,” he recounted.

War has followed these boys since they were born. Some were raised in Pakistan, where their families had fled from civil war and Taliban repression. Some were driven from rural Afghan villages by conflict, and their families landed in Kabul with no work, relatives or sources of help.

Mostly, they rely on each other, sharing tiny houses off dirt alleys. Few of their fathers have formal jobs, though some go out with satchels of tools and wait for pickup construction work that brings home $4 a day. But in cold weather, even a chance to load bricks is rare. Often the only day’s income is from what the boys sell by the pound at junkyards.

Mansour’s family migrated from Laghman province four years ago after their village was overrun by the Taliban. Now they rent a decrepit house with two other families for $100 a month. Mansour, who goes to public school except during the three-month winter break, said that he wants to become a doctor someday but that his family comes first.

Afghan officials: Taliban kill 11 policemen, 10 others

Afghan officials: Taliban kill 11 policemen, 10 others The Taliban killed at least 21 people in their latest attacks in Afghanistan, including 11 policemen who were slain when the insurgents stormed a checkpoint in northern Baghlan province, provincial officials said Tuesday.The

For scavengers , discarded food in the heaps of trash provides sustenance and a livelihood. In the United States, where recycling programs have been operating in full force for years, some experts believe the answer to reducing waste lies in charging for its disposal by weight or other metrics.

How to continue the survival preparation? Worst case scenario: all alone and no supplies explained what to do. You will have to be able to resist all of those. In a crisis situation the first step in the struggle for survival is to properly prioritize and decide what the first emergency intervention should be.

“It is hard to send a child into the streets, but Mansour is a rock for us,” said his father, Wahidullah, 40, who has no job and has never been to school. “Our life has passed in hard times, and we want our children to have a normal life, if peace ever comes. For now, we tell him, ‘Don’t steal, don’t fight, just find something out there and come home early.’ ”

Once a week, Mansour and several other boys stop at a junkyard, where they dump out their sacks and the owner weighs the contents. Depending on the material, they get between 20 and 50 cents per pound. Mansour watches the scale carefully. “Sometimes they try to cheat us,” he says.

For 12-year-old Samiullah, life is even more precarious. His family of 13 lives in a walled dirt yard that was empty when they arrived a year ago, fleeing from fighting in Takhar province. His father, Niaz Mohammed, has built a two-room hut and a shed for keeping goats, whose owners pay him a small monthly fee. The landlord lets them live there free. A neighbor shares well water and lets them hook up a single lightbulb at night.

Almost everything Samiullah’s family possesses has been scavenged. His dad collected bricks and wood in a wheelbarrow to build their hut. The yard contains piles of plastic bottles and scrap metal. The goats eat limp carrots and cabbage his father has scrounged outside restaurants, and one of them has been draped in an old military jacket for warmth.

“I found this today. We’ll cook it for dinner,” said Mohammed, 47, pointing to a dish of eggplants. His face has a permanent look of defeat. He keeps an old document from the U.N. refugee agency, which gave him $1,000 when his family returned from Pakistan five years ago. The money is long gone, and Mohammed said he had been to several offices seeking help but could not remember their names.

Samiullah also has the furrowed brow of someone with heavy responsibilities. He worries about his 7-year-old brother Ezmat, who has been coughing lately when they go out scavenging. But one recent morning, when the boys came upon a smooth frozen patio in a park, their cares vanished. Abandoning their sacks, they began sliding and tumbling on the ice, shrieking with childish glee.

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Gary Payton and Ron Harper have a long history, and the instincts from their playing days are still there, just under the surface, waiting to come out. Payton and Harper were at a children’s hospital, helping kids make valentines. And the old habit they — or Payton, at least — showed off wasn’t a basketball skill, but one of the most important and underrated skills any athlete can have: trash talking. Gary Payton, talking trash to Ron Harper while they helping kids make Valentines Day art projects at a children’s hospital — J.A.

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