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WorldAngela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe

07:55  28 may  2019
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Macron jumps into EU campaign warning of 'existential risk'

Macron jumps into EU campaign warning of 'existential risk' French President Emmanuel Macron has warned of an "existential risk" to the EU just days ahead of elections for the European Parliament, while playing down the political risks of being personally involved in the high-stakes campaign. 

Angela Merkel ’s political obituary has been written many times since last year’s bruising federal election, when her centre-right Christian As a leader on the international stage, Macron is also proving a divisive figure, very different from Merkel . Casting himself as Europe ’s champion against

Europe in Concert. Faith Matters. Focus on Europe . Merkel defended democratic values in an interview following a contentious summer for her government. German Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized the importance of press freedom, protections for minorities and independent courts in an

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said "there is work to be done" in Germany to face up to the dark forces that are finding mainstream support there and in other parts of the world.

"In Germany, obviously, they always have to be seen in a certain context, in the context of our past, which means we have to be that much more vigilant than others," she said.

Speaking exclusively to CNN's Christiane Amanpour a day after the European elections, where nationalists failed to live up to a forecasted surge in support, Merkel said we have to face-up "to the specters of the past."

Emmanuel Macron’s Grand Ambitions Are at Stake in European Elections

Emmanuel Macron’s Grand Ambitions Are at Stake in European Elections For President Emmanuel Macron of France, it has been Europe or bust from the beginning. 

Chancellor Merkel has cautioned Germans against playing the blame game over the success of the In her first video message since the election, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said pointing the The AfD emerged as the third-largest political force nationwide in last Sunday's election, but in some

As Angela Merkel ’s star dims, Europe is facing perhaps its biggest challenge since 1930s. Voter dissatisfaction with the federal government had had a regrettable negative influence on the results in Hesse, she said. Seeking to draw a line under a series of political crises that have rocked her fragile

"We have to tell our young people what history has brought over us and others."

In recent days, German Jews were warned by a leading government official not to wear kippahs in public, following a rise in anti-Semitic attacks. Addressing the rise in anti-Semitism, Merkel said that Germany has "always had a certain number of anti-Semites among us, unfortunately."

"There is to this day not a single Synagogue not a single daycare center for Jewish children, not a single school for Jewish children that does not need to be guarded by German policemen," she added.

Merkel, who has been Chancellor for more than 13 years and outlasted many global leaders, has shouldered much of the blame for Europe's populist wave, with some pinning the spike in support for the far-right, anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD) on her handling of the European refugee crisis.

Exiled by Trump, Steve Bannon Could be About to Rise Again in Europe

Exiled by Trump, Steve Bannon Could be About to Rise Again in Europe Former White House strategist Steve Bannon is spending the EU elections in a key battleground country.

German leader retires with reputation both for calm reliability and lack of vision.

Angela Merkel : ‘The EU can’t rely completely on the US and UK’. Europe can no longer completely rely on its longstanding British and US allies The two-day G7 summit in Italy pitted the US president – whom Merkel did not mention by name – against the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy

The Chancellor again defended her decision to allow nearly 1 million refugees into Germany, saying that the best way to manage immigration in the wake of humanitarian crises, like those in Syria and Iraq, was not to "shut ourselves off from each other," but to be more "vigilant" in making sure that refugees fleeing these countries are "sufficiently cared for."

That the forecasted far-right surge in last week's European elections didn't happen was largely attributed to increased support for pro-European Union green and liberal parties and an increased turnout across the bloc.

In Germany, the green party finished second to Merkel's Christian Democratic Union.

The Chancellor said that she was "pleased that more people went to the elections than in the last European elections," but conceded that the Greens' performance "has to do with issues that people are interested in the most these days, for example climate change, and that is also for my party, of course, a challenge now."

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote The 32-year-old’s fall came after scandal engulfed his onetime partner, the far-right Freedom Party.

Angela Dorothea Merkel (/ˈmɜːrkəl, ˈmɛərkəl/, German: [aŋˈɡeːla ˈmɛɐ̯kl̩]; née Kasner; born 17 July 1954) is a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany leaving a meeting of the Christian Democratic Union in Berlin early Monday. Under Ms. Merkel , Germany has been a bulwark against the rise of the far right in Europe and the increasing turn against migrants.

Merkel has been criticized for her reliance on burning coal and bowing to pressure from German industry -- catering to their needs rather than the needs of the environment. This might seem strange, given that Merkel has previously been dubbed the "climate Chancellor" due to her public support for green and clean energy initiatives. Indeed, she was one of the most vocal critics of US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

Of her relationship with Trump, Merkel responded to a question about the public perception of her being a punching bag for the US President, by acknowledging that they have "had contentious debates" but that they've managed to find "common ground" where it was needed.

She said that all German Chancellors had an "obligation" to forge a relationship with the US President.

"One of the most important decisions that (the) United States took after the second world war, to give Germany and Europe a chance to actually develop themselves, well ... That was achieved by the Marshall Plan. America has always defended us," Merkel said.

Merkel Slams 'Protectionism' and 'Trade Conflicts' In Apparent Dig at Trump

Merkel Slams 'Protectionism' and 'Trade Conflicts' In Apparent Dig at Trump “In short, we have to work together rather than alone,” the German chancellor told Harvard alumni.

Angela Merkel has turned her fire on America’s “home alone” policies, saying multilateral bodies cannot simply be smashed up, and warned the US “Now that we see great pressure on the classic order we are used to, the question now is: do we fall apart into pieces of a puzzle and think everyone

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel have both called for an EU army (EPA). The election of Mr Trump to the White House appears to have given Students sit in circles as they read the Koran on the first day of Ramadan at Ar-Raudhatul Hasanah Islamic boarding school in Medan, North Sumatra

It's widely assumed that Merkel had a better relationship with Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama. But Merkel revealed to CNN that her relationship with the former President "did not start very smoothly" and that "it was not that easy in the beginning."

Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe
Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe
Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe

She recalled the speech he gave at the Brandenburg gate, saying, "I had been criticized a lot when he wanted to speak in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate, but I said he's not the President yet. And only presidents can speak there."

Speaking of another ex-US leader, Merkel responded to the viral image of President George W. Bush giving her what appeared to be an uninvited neck rub at a 2006 meeting in Russia. The Chancellor brushed off the much-commented-on interaction as a "kind gesture at the time, a friendship" from the then-President.

Merkel is nearly halfway through her fourth and final term as Chancellor. Reflecting on nearly 15 years as leader of one of the world's most powerful nations, the most powerful politician in Europe and, arguably, the most powerful woman in the world, she spoke of the responsibility she felt to women and girls that looked up to her.

Germany's Greens shoot into first place in poll, overtaking Merkel's conservatives

Germany's Greens shoot into first place in poll, overtaking Merkel's conservatives The Greens have overtaken Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives to become the most popular party in Germany, an opinion poll released on Saturday showed, while her Socialist SPD coalition partners fell to an all-time low. The poll, asking voters which party they would back in a national election, showed the Greens at 27% support, one point ahead of Merkel's conservative CDU/CSU bloc. It suggests a trend which saw the Greens surge past the SPD into second place in a European election a week ago has only intensified since.

Earlier, Chancellor Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to continue supporting Franco-German efforts to strengthen a "sovereign Europe " amid concerns that the European Union was at a "crossroads" regarding its future role in the world.

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel has been a seemingly invincible figure in German politics. In office 13 years, she has been Europe ’s most powerful leader, a presence so synonymous with stability Germans call her Mutti, or Mother.

Asked if she sees herself as a feminist, the Chancellor said that, having been asked this question before, the Dutch Queen Maxima helped her find her own definition of feminism.

She said the Queen explained to her that feminism meant "women having the same rights everywhere and this is parity... from politics to the media, to the business community, that must be our objective, we are not there yet."

"For many girls, apparently, I have become indeed a role model, during my time of chancellorship," she added. "We need more women in these relevant positions and that means men have to change their way of life."

With Merkel's final term as Chancellor ending in 2021, backers of her brand of politics fear it's on the way out as populism from both the left and right erodes the political center.

Merkel strongly rejected ceding any ground to populist forces, instead saying there was a need to show "why we are for democracy, why we try to bring about solutions, why we always have to put ourselves into the other person's shoes, why we stand-up against intolerance, why we show no tolerance towards violations of human rights."

In the immediate aftermath of the European elections, in which the center-right European People's Party had its dominance eroded, exactly how popular Merkel's signature pragmatism is remains far from clear. Especially as her Christian Democratic centrism is currently at the heart of the EPP's vision for Europe's future.

As Merkel prepares to leave office, she might find that those who replace her sweep away her legacy not only in Germany, but across the continent she has for so long dominated.

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Police investigate apparent murder of German local politician.
German police are investigating the apparent murder of a prominent local politician, known for his pro-migrant views, who was found dead of a gunshot wound at his home. Walter Luebcke, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, was found lying in a pool of blood on the terrace of his home in the state of Hesse in the early hours of Sunday morning. He had been shot in the head. Police from Hesse's criminal investigation division said it remained unclear why Luebcke had been shot but they did not rule out a possible political motive.

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