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WorldHow Did the Amazon Rainforest Fires Start?

17:40  22 august  2019
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Amazon rainforest fires: Smoke can be seen from space

Amazon rainforest fires: Smoke can be seen from space Smoke from record wildfires raging in the Amazon rainforest blanketed São Paulo on Monday and could be seen from space.

How did the Amazon rainforest fires start ? Wildfires often occur in the dry season in Brazil, but this year has been worse than normal, according to INPE. In addition, fires are deliberately started in efforts to illegally deforest land for cattle ranching.

Unfortunately, there are countless fires in the Amazon rainforest which make it hard - if not impossible - to predict exactly when it started . Having said that, the fires have increased recently, with more than 9,500 infernos since Thursday, August 15, according to INPE. The heavy smoke caused a daytime

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Wildfires are currently burning across large tracts of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, amid international outcry over inaction on the part of President Jair Bolsonaro's administration.

Brazil has experienced a record number of wildfires this year, more than half of which occurred in the Amazon region. That's according to data collected by the country's National Institute for Space Research (INPE).

The Amazon rainforest is on fire: Cause, scope, and how you can help

The Amazon rainforest is on fire: Cause, scope, and how you can help A record number of fires have been raging for three weeks.

THE AMAZON rainforest is ablaze as thousands of acres have been decimated by the numerous wildfires sweeping Brazil. Wildfires continue to rip through the largest tropical forest in the world and a wealth of animal species but when did the amazon rainforest fire start ?

Amazon fires : An estimated measure done by shows approx 640 million acres have burned (Image: Google Maps). Two years later, Burger King cancelled thirty-five million dollars worth of beef contracts and agreed to stop importing beef from the rainforest .

The figures show an 83 percent increase in comparison to the same period in 2018, representing the highest number of blazes since the agency began collecting such data in 2013, Reuters reported.

In fact, INPE says it has identified more than 72,000 fires in Brazil between January and August this year, comfortably more than the roughly 40,000 recorded in the entirety of 2018. Many of the recent fires in the Amazon region have been centered on the Brazilian states of Rondônia, Pará, Amazonas and Mato Grosso, which saw a 39 percent increase over 2018 as of August 2.

How Did the Amazon Rainforest Fires Start?© Mario Tama/Getty Images A fire burns trees next to grazing land in the Amazon basin on November 22, 2014 in Ze Doca, Brazil.

So what exactly is causing these fires?

According to NASA, the Amazon rainforest has been relatively fire-resistant throughout its history due to its moist and humid conditions. But an increase in the frequency and intensity of droughts—a phenomenon that's linked to anthropogenic climate change—in combination with human activities in the forest has led to a spike in the number of fires.

Amazon fires caused by humans, environmentalists say

Amazon fires caused by humans, environmentalists say The rainforest protection group Amazon Watch says farmers, emboldened by the government, intentionally set the forest ablaze

Amazon rainforest fires : What caused them and why activists are blaming Brazil’s president. Unlike in other ecosystems, scientists say the wildfires burning in the Amazon are not natural.

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While natural wildfires do sometimes occur in the Amazon during the dry season—which runs roughly between August and November—these tend to be relatively low in frequency and intensity, with flames that only reach a few inches in height, Mongabay reported.

However, experts are warning the recent spike in wildfires is likely the result of human activities.

"This is without any question one of only two times that there have been fires like this [in the Amazon,]" ecologist Thomas Lovejoy told National Geographic. "There's no question that it's a consequence of the recent uptick in deforestation."

Recently released INPE data has shown that Amazon deforestation rates have risen to the point where around three soccer fields of tree cover are being lost every minute, The Guardian reported. In fact, the figures show that in July this year, deforestation had increased by nearly 300 percent in comparison to the same month in 2018.

Trump says he offered Bolsonaro assistance with Amazon rainforest fires

Trump says he offered Bolsonaro assistance with Amazon rainforest fires President Trump on Friday said he offered assistance Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro if needed to address wildfires that are engulfing parts of the Amazon Rainforest.Trump tweeted that U.S. has "very exciting" trade prospects with Brazil, and that the relationship between the two countries is "perhaps stronger than ever before.""I told him if the United States can help with the Amazon Rainforest fires, we stand ready to assist!" Trump tweeted. Just spoke with President @JairBolsonaro of Brazil. Our future Trade prospects are very exciting and our relationship is strong, perhaps stronger than ever before.

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The Amazon rainforest has been “ fire -resistant” for much of its history because of its natural While drought can be a factor in rainforest fires , INPE researchers have said there is nothing abnormal Carlos Rittl of the Observatorio do Clima (Climate Observatory) told CNN that environmentalists and

Unlike previous years in which Amazon wildfires have been linked to unusually low rainfall—experts say that conditions this year have been relatively moist.

"There is nothing abnormal about the climate this year or the rainfall in the Amazon region, which is just a little below average," Alberto Setzer from INPE told Reuters. "The dry season creates the favorable conditions for the use and spread of fire, but starting a fire is the work of humans, either deliberately or by accident."

Fire is commonly used in the Amazon as a technique to clear land for cattle ranches, soy plantations or other uses, although the practice is not always legal.

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