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WorldHow Macron pulled a fast one on Trump with a gamble over Iran

01:30  26 august  2019
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Macron says will meet Iranians before G7 summit

Macron says will meet Iranians before G7 summit France’s president said on Wednesday he would meet Iranian officials ahead of this weekend's G7 summit and make proposals to help de-escalate tensions between Washington and Tehran. © Reuters/SPUTNIK French President Macron attends a meeting with Russian President Putin at Fort Bregancon near the village of Bormes-les-Mimosas "In the coming hours before the G7 I will have meetings with the Iranians to propose things," Emmanuel Macron told reporters. Iran’s foreign minister said earlier this week he would meet Macron and Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in Paris on Friday.

However, Trump , who has pushed a maximum pressure policy on Iran , pushed back. Subscribe on Telegram to get latest news from Middle East. He was supposed to discuss those ideas with Trump on the sidelines of the G7, which also comprises Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and the EU.

As long as Iranian money flows and Iranian -backed Shia militias expand their influence, Assad will remain in power with a dangerous sectarian dynamic that could enable a resurgence of the Islamic State. That poses a direct threat to French security interests. If Macron wants to see an end state in

(Bloomberg) -- In a break in summit talks on Sunday afternoon, cameras caught British Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulating his French host on his handling of a tense dinner the night before.

How Macron pulled a fast one on Trump with a gamble over Iran© Thomson Reuters French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. President Donald Trump chat during the family photo session with invited guests at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France August 25, 2019. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann/Pool

“Well played,” Johnson told Emmanuel Macron, breaking, momentarily, into French. Conversations between U.S. President Donald Trump and other Group of Seven leaders had grown heated around the issues of Iran and particularly Russia.

G7 leaders struggle for breakthrough on economy, Iran

G7 leaders struggle for breakthrough on economy, Iran G-7 leaders are wrapping up a summit dominated by tensions over U.S. trade policies and a surprise visit by Iran's top diplomat. U.S. President Donald Trump and summit host French President Emmanuel Macron will finish off the three-day summit with a joint news conference Monday. But first the leaders of the Group of Seven rich democracies — the U.S., France, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada and Italy — are holding a string of meetings on climate change, how digitalization is transforming the world and other issues. The troubled world economy is overshadowing the meetings in the French Atlantic resort of Biarritz.

Mr. Macron has made a gamble , given Mr. Trump ’s unpopularity, that he How did the French leader Emmanuel Macron and President Trump end up with such a cordial relationship? His tone in talking about the Iran nuclear nonproliferation pact and the Paris climate accord brushes aside Mr. Trump ’s

Like Trump , Macron ’s victory came against the odds, and as a result of having laid waste to his country’s traditional political landscape. Despite unconcealed disagreements, such as when Trump announced he was pulling the US out of the Paris climate accords, the two leaders have developed a

"You did very well last night," Johnson went on. "My God, that was a difficult one."

Macron’s response: “I’m not finished...”

In fact, the 41-year-old president was just getting started. Yet his shock tactics to reinvent the tired old G-7 format were beginning to wear on his colleagues, and that was even before they discovered what was headed their way (literally).

Incoming Aircraft

As lunch was wrapping up, reporters and advisers in Biarritz began tracking a plane on the Flightradar app that was approaching the town’s closed airport. Iran’s green, white and red flag was emblazoned on the jet’s blue tailwing.

G7: Trump says he was given heads up on Iranian diplomat's visit

G7: Trump says he was given heads up on Iranian diplomat's visit President Donald Trump says French President Emmanuel Macron notified him in advance that a top Iranian diplomat would attend the G7 summit in France.

Highlighting just how difficult agreeing on concrete measures between allies is, Macron said the leaders’ views had converged on not wanting Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb and ensuring peace and security in the Middle East. He was supposed to discuss those ideas with Trump on the sidelines of

The first fissures emerged among G-7 leaders on Sunday over how to deal with Iran , as U.S. President Donald Trump denied For several months, Macron has taken a lead role in trying to save the 2015 nuclear accord, which has been unraveling since Trump pulled the U.S. out of the agreement.

Onboard, was Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Iran has divided the G-7 ever since Trump pulled out of a nuclear deal with the country in 2018. European countries want to salvage the agreement but the U.S. president is holding firm. Zarif himself is under U.S. sanctions and had his movements heavily restricted during a recent visit to New York.

Barack Obama’s team choreographed his movements around the United Nations headquarters in 2009 to avoid a chance run-in with the Iranians. Bringing Zarif to the same beach resort as Trump could easily be seen as a provocation for a U.S. administration that is very hostile to the Iranian regime.

“This is completely disrespectful to @realDonaldTrump and the other leaders at the G-7," Nikki Haley, Trump’s former ambassador to the UN said in a tweet. "Iran supports terrorism at every turn and continues to pursue ’Death to America.’ Manipulative of Macron to do this and very insincere."

Iran president makes case for talks as G7 gambit slammed

Iran president makes case for talks as G7 gambit slammed Iran's President Hassan Rouhani came out strongly in favour of talks Monday as his top diplomat came under fire from hardline media for a surprise visit to a G7 summit. "I believe that for our country's national interests we must use any tool," Rouhani said in a speech aired live on state television. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); "And if I knew that I was going to have a meeting with someone that would (lead to) prosperity for my country and people's problems would be resolved, I would not hesitate.

Mr Macron said a new pact must cover Iran 's ballistic missile programme and its role in the Middle East. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was quoted as saying that Tehran would "most likely" abandon the accord if the US pulled out. What did Trump and Macron say in Washington?

Macron is on the first state visit to take place during Trump ’s presidency. The two presidents have gone out of their way to stress their personal Saving the Iran nuclear deal would be a diplomatic coup for Macron , who has taken a political gamble in befriending a US president who is deeply unpopular

Typical Stunt

In the corridors of the summit, aides reacted with a mixture of disdain and frustration. It was a typical Macron stunt, a G-7 official said.

The other Europeans at the summit thought they had a plan to tread softly with Trump, hoping to persuade him to ease the trade tensions that are threatening the global economy. Instead, there was a sense that Macron had overreached.

As French TV showed the Iranian motorcade heading into the town center, Macron played it straight at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on African development and refused to take questions on any other subject.

Brigitte Macron, the president’s closest confidante through his dizzying rise to power, had taken Melania Trump and the other leaders’ partners to sample sangria. “Just an advice," she warned them playfully, "don’t drink too much.”

But on a terrace outside the summit venue, Macron’s advisers were smoking one cigarette after another, looking out across the empty beach -- cleared of tourists for security reasons. One said that he’d kicked his habit before he joined Macron’s team, but he’d started again under the pressure of the French president’s high-wire diplomacy.

Trump and the G-7 -- These are the three big scores from Biarritz

Trump and the G-7 -- These are the three big scores from Biarritz The G-7 is back on track. Frazzled sometimes, but fully functional. That’s because the G-7 are the core guardians of the “rules-based order” in the world today. And they’ve pulled off three big scores in Biarritz. Topping the list is Iran. Iran is a major worry for the G-7 this summer, overshadowing even Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. When Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson came out of their breakfast meeting talking about increasing British pork pie exports to the US, it was pure distraction.

Trumps welcome Macrons to first state dinner. Macron : Trump handshake was moment of truth. The startling contrast between Macron palling around with Trump on a state visit and his velvet He called for differences on trade imbalances and over capacity to be worked out through the World

BIARRITZ, France (AP) - The first fissures emerged among G7 leaders on Sunday over how to deal with Iran , as U.S. President For several months, Macron has taken a lead role in trying to save the 2015 nuclear accord, which has been unravelling since Trump pulled the U.S. out of the agreement.

The question everyone was asking was: who knew what, and when?


One person familiar with Macron’s plans said the idea started to take shape on Friday after a fruitful meeting with Zarif in Paris. When Trump arrived in Biarritz on Saturday, Macron grabbed him for an impromptu lunch and pitched him with a plan for lowering the tensions over Iran -- the Tehran government would be allowed to export more oil if it returned to compliance with the nuclear accord and joined formal talks.

But trouble was already brewing between the U.S. delegation and their hosts. The U.S. had bristled at the focus on climate and White House aides said they thought the French were deliberately manipulating the agenda to embarrass the president.

U.S. officials said the president knew nothing about the Zarif plans when they left Washington on Friday night. And they couldn’t say whether he was given any warning when he was eating alone with Macron.

The Italians found out from French news wire AFP, while Merkel later said she was “well informed” but “just in time.” Merkel said that Macron had decided to take the leap after what both Trump and Johnson called a "lively” discussion at the Lighthouse gala dinner.

Those exchanges over more than three hours were the turning point. It was when Macron seemed to have thought he had secured an agreement to take the initiative on Iran on behalf of the entire club.

Trump, Iran's president talk of possible meeting to solve nuclear impasse

Trump, Iran's president talk of possible meeting to solve nuclear impasse U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he would meet Iran's president under the right circumstances to end a confrontation over a 2015 nuclear deal and that talks were underway to see how countries could open credit lines to keep Iran's economy afloat. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); But Trump, speaking at a G7 summit in the French resort of Biarritz, ruled out lifting economic sanctions to compensate for losses suffered by Iran.

Iran announced its partial withdrawal from the nuclear deal a year later. Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Iran correspondent. The tone in which figures such as the French president Emmanuel Macron challenge Trump ’s judgment call, and bellicose rhetoric, will also be critical to future transatlantic relations.

President Trump said pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal sends a message that “the United States no longer makes empty threats President Emmanuel Macron of France, whom the president welcomed with a state dinner two weeks ago, learned of his decision in a phone call with Mr. Trump on Tuesday

But Sunday morning saw more friction with Trump. Macron told reporters he had the backing of the G-7 to deliver a joint message to Iran. Trump said, “We’ll do our own outreach."

500 Meters Away

Whatever the substance of the Saturday night agreement, no one looked like they were expecting Macron to move so fast, or so far. French officials insisted that all the other participants had been informed. But they refused to say when -- the warning came as the plane was about to land, a separate G-7 official said.

By Sunday afternoon, Zarif was installed in the mayor of Biarritz’s office for three hours of meetings -- including a brief greeting with Macron himself.

Trump retreated to his room in the Hotel du Palais, just 500 meters away and didn’t reemerge until Zarif had left. You could almost pretend that the past six hours had never happened.

By the time Zarif was wheels up, Trump still hadn’t tweeted a single thing about his visit and heading out to enjoy another dinner with the rest of the leaders.

--With assistance from Helene Fouquet and Jennifer Jacobs.

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France Dangles $15 Billion Bailout for Iran in Effort to Save Nuclear Deal.
A senior Iranian delegation arrived in Paris on Monday to work out the details of a financial bailout package that France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, intends to use to compensate Iran for oil sales lost to American sanctions. In return for the money, Iran would agree to return to compliance with a 2015 nuclear accord. Iranian press reports and a senior American official say that the core of the package is a $15 billion letter of credit that would allow Iran to receive hard currency, at a time when most of the cash it makes from selling oil is frozen in banks around the world.

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