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WorldWhat is a no-deal Brexit and what would it mean for Britain?

17:45  04 september  2019
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iPhone-owning EU citizens are still waiting for Brexit residency app

iPhone-owning EU citizens are still waiting for Brexit residency app The Brexit situation in Britain isn't only causing chaos in the areas of politics and business, but is causing its share of technology woes too. The latest issue is with the government app which allows EU nationals residing in Britain to apply to stay in the country, which is only available for Android and not iPhone. EU nationals who live in Britain, of whom there are 3.6 million, can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to be granted "settled status" to allow them to remain. However, only 1 million eligible people have applied thus far.

Brexit - British exit - refers to the UK leaving the EU. If the UK leaves as planned on 31 October, it would be the first member state to withdraw from the EU. Why is the UK leaving? A public vote - or referendum - was held on Thursday 23 June 2016, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain.

A “ no deal ” Brexit does what it says on the tin. It means the UK and the EU has been unable to reach a withdrawal agreement. If this is the case, it means While Britain would no longer be bound by EU rules, it would have to face the EU’s external tariffs. The price of imported goods in shops for Britons

What is a no-deal Brexit and what would it mean for Britain?© DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/AFP/Getty Images TOPSHOT - An anti-Brexit activist waves a Union and a European Union flag as they demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in central London on January 23, 2019. - Britain's main opposition Labour party has proposed MPs be allowed to vote on a second referendum as part of a series of options to stop a "no deal" Brexit. (Photo by Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP) (Photo credit should read DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Tick, tick, tick.

The countdown to Brexit can now be measured in weeks, if not quite days -- and with time running out for an alternative way forward, Britain and the European Union are currently hurtling towards a no-deal split.

Brexit residency app reportedly inaccessible for iPhone users

Brexit residency app reportedly inaccessible for iPhone users The EU Settlement Scheme suggests iPhone users "borrow an Android device."

31. What might ‘ no deal ’ mean for everyday Brits? Without a deal, U.K. trucks arriving from the E.U. will face customs checks the day after Oct. Critics say that Britain would be the only large country in the world to trade with the E.U. on WTO rules, and warn that it would introduce huge uncertainty for

A no deal Brexit means the UK would leave the EU without having secured a formal withdrawal agreement. She could ask for an extension of Article 50, meaning Britain would leave at a later date, and could even reverse Brexit by halting Article 50 - but this is not supported by either the Tories or

It's the outcome that Theresa May, the country's opposition parties, and a majority of lawmakers in Parliament have been working for three years to avoid, and it's shrouded in warnings from economists and business leaders. But after politicians repeatedly failed to agree on another path, a no-deal remains the default option -- unless MPs are unable to pass legislation to block it.

Confused? You're not the only one. Britain's Brexit paralysis has long resembled a tangled web of claims, counterclaims and outright shouting matches.

But we can help -- here's what you need to know about no-deal.

What is a no-deal Brexit?

If Britain reaches the October 31 Brexit deadline without having a withdrawal agreement in place, the legal default is that it will just leave the EU without one.

Boris Johnson's rivals accuse him of taking UK ‘into the arms of Donald Trump’

Boris Johnson's rivals accuse him of taking UK ‘into the arms of Donald Trump’ A day after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his plan to suspend Parliament until just before Britain is to depart from the European Union, furious anti-Brexiteers are rallying the opposition and warning that the new prime minister intends to lead the U.K. “straight into the arms” of President Trump. © Provided by Fox News Network LLC“We’re back in parliament Tuesday to challenge Boris Johnson on what I think is a smash-and-grab raid on our democracy,” left-wing Labour Party opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said. Johnson requested on Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth II suspend Parliament until a Queen’s Speech on Oct. 14.

The government has said that while a no - deal Brexit alone won't lead to food shortages, consumer behaviour could. Panic buying could mean food retailers run short of some products. What will happen to mobile roaming charges after Brexit ? 9. Some ports and motorways could see extra delays.

What Does ‘ No - Deal ’ Mean ? By BENJAMIN MUELLER UPDATED Aug. Britain ’s two main political parties are haggling over the nation’s withdrawal from the European Union, but even with the departure on hold for the next few months, the badly divided government remains in crisis, unable to agree on

In an instant, the country would lose its access to the EU's single market and customs union, which facilitate trade between the bloc's members. All manner of legal arrangements agreed by EU bodies will no longer apply in the UK, and businesses, public bodies and citizens would have to respond to the changes that leaving the EU would bring.

Why do some people want a no-deal?

Some Conservative MPs have been arguing in favor of a no-deal Brexit, on the basis that it would immediately increase Britain's freedom to manage its own trade deals, laws and border arrangements.

Britain would revert to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, and would be free to negotiate trade pacts with other countries, such as the US, as well as with the EU.

It would also be able to set its own immigration laws, as it won't be bound by EU freedom of movement commitments.

And for many of the 17 million people who voted for Brexit, no-deal is appealing simply because it means Brexit will happen -- after a lengthy period of uncertainty in which the deadline has been delayed twice, and swirling speculation over the possibility of a second referendum which could cancel out the first one.

UK's Labour says no deal legislation will be tabled Tuesday

UK's Labour says no deal legislation will be tabled Tuesday UK's Labour says no deal legislation will be tabled Tuesday

Tuesday, January 15 - essentially spells D-day for British Prime Minister Theresa May as MPs take their seats in the House of Commons to deliver their

"Managed no - deal Brexit "[62] or "managed no deal Brexit "[63] was increasingly used near the end of 2018, in respect of the complex series of political, legal and technical decisions needed if No - deal Brexit . This means the UK would leave the European Union without a withdrawal agreement.[65].

What will the effects be?

The main certainty is uncertainty. Britain would be in uncharted waters if its splits from the EU overnight, and that would probably have an immediate impact on the strength of its currency.

The UK would likely face food, fuel and medicine shortages, according to the forecasts compiled by the Cabinet Office under the code name "Operation Yellowhammer," which were leaked last month.

That dossier also predicted the introduction of a hard border in Ireland, which has been a main sticking point in negotiations, and severe travel disruptions at UK ports that could last up to three months.

Medical supplies coming from Europe will be "vulnerable to severe extended delays," and the availability of fresh food will be reduced, causing prices to rise, the leak revealed.

But Michael Gove, the British minister responsible for planning for a no-deal Brexit, said after the leak that operation Yellowhammer was a "worst-case scenario" and that "significant steps have been taken in the last three weeks" to accelerate planning. Some have also disputed the accuracy of the report. The Government of Gibraltar -- which is a British territory on Spain's southern coast -- also told CNN the briefings were "out of date" and based on planning for worst-case scenarios which it has "already dealt with."

'Contemptuous!': Brexit Britain fumes at reclining MP

'Contemptuous!': Brexit Britain fumes at reclining MP The sight of hardline Brexit backer Jacob Rees-Mogg stretching out across the front bench of Britain's parliament during a particularly heated debate has become an instant meme, causing anger among government opponents. 

" No deal " can be a confusing term in the Brexit debate because there are, in fact, several potential deals waiting to be done. But when people talk about preparing for no deal at the moment, they mean the prospect of failing to reach agreement on the terms of departure, which are being

As the chancellor announces a further £2.1bn to prepare for a no - deal Brexit , we look again at what crashing out could mean for Britain .

As for travel, people seeking to head in or out of the UK face so many uncertainties in the event of a no-deal that it's almost impossible to plan effectively to avoid them.

Downing Street has confirmed that freedom of movement rules for EU citizens will change "immediately," with tougher criminality checks among the amendments. Further details on the changes are to be set out in due course.

Can a no-deal Brexit be avoided?

There are a number of routes which those opposed to a no-deal could still pursue, but time is running out.

The first path is legislative: MPs voted on Tuesday to take control of the parliamentary order paper from Boris Johnson's government, allowing them to debate a bill that would rule out a no-deal Brexit and force the government to ask for another Brexit delay on Wednesday.

Johnson reacted to the rebel move by announced he will seek an early election if MPs force his hand. The opposition has ruled out backing another election until no-deal is ruled out, but one can't be far way.

An election could certainly change the course of the Brexit process, if it swings Parliament further behind or against a no-deal. Johnson could return with a healthy majority in favor of an immediate split from the EU -- or he could be forced out and see a no-deal wiped off the table.

And, for the optimists -- Johnson could still secure a deal with the EU in the coming weeks, which if passed by Parliament would avert the need for a no-deal Brexit.

But a no-deal Brexit remains the legal default, and it's impossible to avoid on October 31 unless a new law is passed -- in agreement with the EU -- that says otherwise.

So any attempt to stop it has at least two formidable opponents -- the government, and the clock.

Merkel says still sees 'every chance' for Brexit deal.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday she believed agreement could still be reached with Britain on an orderly exit from the EU, pledging to fight for a deal. "The EU will in a few months experience the exit of an important member, the exit of Britain," Merkel said. "I am firmly convinced that we still have every chance to do it in an orderly way and the German government will work toward making this possible until the very last day." However she added that if the European Union and Britain failed to agree on terms for Brexit that Germany as the bloc's top economy was "prepared" for a disorderly divorce.

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