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World‘Traitors must be punished’: Vladimir Putin’s stark warnings to Russians who defect to the West

01:30  11 september  2019
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'Close friends' Putin and Modi vow to boost military, trade ties

'Close friends' Putin and Modi vow to boost military, trade ties Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised his "close friend" Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday as the pair said they would work to boost military, trade and energy ties. The leaders met on the first day of Russia's economic forum in the Pacific coast city of Vladivostok, an annual event since 2015 as Moscow looks to bolster relations with Asia amid tensions with the West. "I'm very grateful to my close friend Vladimir Putin for this opportunity," Modi said at a press conference following talks and a tour of a naval shipyard.

Vladimir Putin dismissed accusations of Russian involvement. The inquest is due to resume next month. Stephen Curtis, a millionaire lawyer with close ties to the exiled Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, died when his helicopter crashed close to Bournemouth airport in 2004.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin : ‘The Russian leadership will continue to reject the outcome of the cold war.’ Photograph: Alexei Nikolsky/TASS. When I arrived in Moscow as the EU’ s ambassador to Russia four years ago, relations between the two blocs were strained but functional.

In the summer, Vladimir Putin was asked about the poisoning of a former Russian double agent and his daughter last year in Britain. The Russian president denied his government was involved, but he didn’t hold back on what he thought of traitors.

‘Traitors must be punished’: Vladimir Putin’s stark warnings to Russians who defect to the West© Alexei Nikolsky/AP Russian President Vladimir Putin casts his ballot at a polling station during a city council election in Moscow on Sunday.

Treason is not only the “gravest crime possible” but also the “most despicable crime that one can imagine,” he told the Financial Times. Putin, a former KGB agent when Russia was part of the Soviet Union, repeated twice to the journalists: “Traitors must be punished.”

Putin says Russia will produce new missiles after demise of nuclear pact

Putin says Russia will produce new missiles after demise of nuclear pact President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia would produce missiles that were banned under a landmark Cold-War era nuclear pact that ended last month, but that Moscow would not deploy them unless the United States did so first. © Alexander Nemenov/Pool via REUTERS Russian President Vladimir Putin opens a plenary session of Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia September 5, 2019. Alexander Nemenov/Pool via REUTERS Speaking at an economic forum in Russia's Far East, Putin said he was concerned by U.S.

Is Vladimir Putin engaged in a long-running Putin ’ s re-election is not in doubt; he effectively fixed the result in advance. The west is well aware of Moscow’ s revived ambitions; it needs no reminding. Another aim is to send an intimidatory message to Russians in Russia that challenging the regime is

In Soviet KGB days Russian spies who defected to the West generally were allowed to live out British and Russian citizens alike who have offended President Putin should therefore continue to The view here is that these guys [Lugovoy and Kovtun] are heroes because they punished a traitor .”

This attitude toward Russians who work with foreign intelligence services is one reason that the identity of a CIA source who provided important information about Putin and the Kremlin has been kept secret by U.S. officials.

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Although the source was exfiltrated from Russia in 2017 and is in the United States, his safety cannot be guaranteed. On Tuesday, a day after the news of the source’s existence was confirmed in the U.S. media, Russian news outlets published the name of a former Russian official living in the D.C. area.

Putin again threatens to develop previously banned missiles if US does

Putin again threatens to develop previously banned missiles if US does Vladimir Putin warned the U.S. once again this week that Russia would develop missiles previously banned under a landmark nuclear forces treaty if it learns that the United States has begun building them.

Russian president attacks former spy but angrily denies Kremlin ordered his poisoning.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (/ˈpuːtɪn/; Russian : Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин, romanized: Vladímir Vladímirovič Pútin ; born 7 October 1952) is the President of Russia since 2012

Joseph Augustyn, a former director of defector resettlement operations at the CIA, said that the U.S. government would be well aware of the risks and probably would have 24-7 security on the defector. “Putin is very revengeful. Putin will go after these people,” Augustyn said.

A number of Kremlin foes who have fled abroad have met unfortunate fates. Sergei Skripal, the aforementioned former Russian double agent, was found slumped on a park bench in the English town of Salisbury alongside his daughter Yulia in March 2018.

Skripal, then 66, had been jailed in Moscow for sharing the names of undercover Russian intelligence agents working overseas with European authorities. He had been living in Britain since 2010, following a prisoner exchange after the discovery of 10 Russian sleeper agents in the United States.

British police later found that Skripal had been poisoned with a deadly Soviet-era nerve agent known as Novichok. Although Skripal and his daughter survived, a British woman, Dawn Sturgess, later died of accidental contact with the nerve agent.

Putin orders 'symmetrical response' to US missile test

Putin orders 'symmetrical response' to US missile test Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to prepare a "symmetrical response" to a recent US test of a cruise missile, the Kremlin said in a statement.

Vladimir Putin retains grip on Russia , exit poll shows. "If you go to a restaurant and they say Faced with Putin ' s single-minded fixation on the apparently existential need to preserve power, the Russian state television has been playing this very simply -- as a justified attack against a traitor to the state.

Russia must end its "irresponsible and destabilising activity", Theresa May has told President Vladimir Putin in one-to-one talks, Downing Street said. "It' s all very easy to be disparaging about democracy when you've never had to bother with it at home," Mr Hunt said. Referring to the attack on Sergei and

British authorities soon identified two Russians who they said were behind the assassination attempt on Skripal; Britain and its allies expelled scores of Russian diplomats in the wake of the attack.

Not all such attempts fail. Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB operative who had turned into a high-profile critic of Putin, died three weeks after drinking tea laced with a radioactive substance in 2006. Ten years later, a British public inquiry found that Putin “probably” ordered the killing. The Kremlin, denying involvement, has refused to extradite the two men British authorities have accused in the attempt on Litvinenko.

Many seemingly similar events are never officially confirmed as Russian assassinations, giving an air of mystery to the deaths. There was the Russian billionaire who was found apparently hanged in his bathroom in Britain; a former Moscow businessman turned whistleblower who dropped dead of a heart attack in 2012; and perhaps more unambiguously, the Chechen exile shot dead in Berlin last month.

These may be only the tip of the iceberg. Some suspect cases have occurred within the United States, too, even within the Washington area. A onetime aide to Putin who had helped launch the Kremlin’s global English-language Russia Today television network, Mikhail Y. Lesin, was found dead in a Dupont Circle hotel in 2015.

What Spy? Kremlin Mocks Aide Recruited by C.I.A. as a Boozy Nobody

What Spy? Kremlin Mocks Aide Recruited by C.I.A. as a Boozy Nobody MOSCOW — He drank too much, abandoned his sick, aged mother and — in Russia’s own account of the man portrayed in the United States as a highly valued spy burrowed deep into the Kremlin — he had no contact whatsoever with President Vladimir V. Putin. Just hours after The New York Times and other American news outlets this week detailed how an unnamed Russian informant helped the C.I.A. conclude that Mr. Putin ordered and orchestrated a campaign of interference in the 2016 United States election, Russia fired up its propaganda machine to provide an entirely different picture of the same man, who the state-controlled news media identified as Oleg B. Smolenkov.

Vladimir Putin came to power with the sponsorship of Boris Yeltsin: Yelstsin came to power with the sponsorship of the Russian Oligarchs. For Millennium, the Cabal has been using the Heligian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic was the policies of George Hagel a German Philosopher.

“As concerns treason, of course, it must be punishable . The scandal surrounding this case did much more harm than good as it soured relations between Russia and the UK damaging economic ties while contributing virtually nothing to the investigation of the real causes of this incident, he said.

Although Lesin’s death was ruled accidental — a result of head injuries sustained after days of “excessive” drinking, according to D.C. authorities — speculation has followed it.

Calder Walton, a historian at Harvard University who studies espionage, said that it did appear there was a “red line” for Russia when it came to assassinations on U.S. soil. Although, he added, Putin, who is believed to have personally ordered election interference in the United States, could choose to step over that line.

Historically, although few Soviet defectors to the United States are believed to have been assassinated, there has always been speculation. When Walter Krivitsky, a Soviet intelligence officer who revealed plans of a neutrality pact with Nazi Germany, was found dead of gunshot wounds in 1941, many suspected foul play.

“Was it suicide? Or was he suicide-ed?” Walton said.

By refusing to admit any link, even when evidence seems to confirm Russian involvement, Putin in effect allows all suspect deaths of Russian exiles to look like retribution.

But the Russian president is never ambiguous when it comes to what he thinks of those he views as traitors. Speaking at an international energy forum in October, Putin suggested that though Russia had no reason to attack Skripal, as he had already served time in prison, the Russian president wasn’t concerned about Skripal’s well-being, either.

“He’s just a spy, a traitor to the motherland,” Putin said. “Think about it as a citizen, what would be your attitude to someone who betrayed your own country? He’s just a scumbag.”

Putin's fiscal fortress shields Russia from recession, global turbulence and the West.
In the latest display of deepening cracks in the West's formerly unified economic campaign against Russia, France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters Monday that "the time is right" for reconciliation in EU-Moscow relations. © Marcos Brindicci/Reuters US President Donald Trump may have warm personal relations with his Russian counterpart, but tensions have continued to escalate. The latest French overture comes as US lawmakers returned to work this week and at least two sanctions bills against Russia are making their way through Congress.

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