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WorldBrexit could make thousands of kids in U.K. undocumented immigrants

01:15  12 september  2019
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Ex-PM Cameron says Johnson believed Brexit would be 'crushed'

Ex-PM Cameron says Johnson believed Brexit would be 'crushed' Former prime minister David Cameron, who quit after calling Britain's EU membership referendum in 2016 -- said Boris Johnson had told him he was sure Brexit would be "crushed like a toad". 

The number of undocumented immigrants from Mexico continued to decline, while more came from Central America, according to the Pew Research Center. Immigration More. 11 migrant parents separated from kids can return to U .S. Thousands of people primarily from Honduras make up the bulk of the migrant caravan that's been trekking towards U . K . cabinet member resigns over Brexit .

Children born to undocumented immigrants accounted for 6 percent of the 4 million births in the U .S. in 2016, the Pew The number of immigrants engaging in "birth tourism," or deliberate travel into the United States solely to achieve birthright citizenship for a U . K . cabinet member resigns over Brexit .

London — Brexit could make thousands of children under the guardianship of the British government undocumented immigrants, child advocacy groups have warned. These children urgently need to apply to the government's "settlement scheme" for European nationals or they could lose their rights to live and work in Britain, but authorities may not have the data or the documentation necessary for them to do so in time, Marianne Lagrue, a lawyer with children's legal advocacy group Coram, told CBS News.

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An estimated 5,000 young people under state guardianship in Britain are at risk, including minors in group homes run by the state, foster homes, or those who have had a social worker assigned to look after them.

UK Labour leader to discuss election and Brexit tactics with allies

UK Labour leader to discuss election and Brexit tactics with allies UK Labour leader to discuss election and Brexit tactics with allies

The undocumented immigrant yelped “ayúdame” and “no hice nada” — “help” and “I didn’t do anything” in Spanish — as more than a dozen U .S The battle could have dragged on for years longer in court, the family’s attorney said, but they were worried President Trump could make Hernandez’s

Children of undocumented (illegal) immigrants who were born in the United States become U .S. citizens automatically - children born outside of the U .S. do not. Can the Child of an Undocumented Immigrant Become a U .S. Citizen?

"There is so much confusion, including among professionals like social workers. If they don't understand what to do, how are children supposed to understand?" Lagrue said, calling it "an uphill battle to assist vulnerable people."

The U.K. is currently set to leave the EU on October 31. If there is no agreement reached with the bloc, European citizens living in Britain will have until December 31, 2020 to apply for "settled status," or lose their work and residency rights as well as the chance to apply in the future.

Mixed results in test run

Britain's Home Office says it is providing up to £9 million in funding for groups, including Coram, to help EU citizens apply for the program. But a test of the system has shown it may take more than money to address the problem.

Merkel says still sees 'every chance' for Brexit deal

Merkel says still sees 'every chance' for Brexit deal German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday she believed agreement could still be reached with Britain on an orderly exit from the EU, pledging to fight for a deal. "The EU will in a few months experience the exit of an important member, the exit of Britain," Merkel said. "I am firmly convinced that we still have every chance to do it in an orderly way and the German government will work toward making this possible until the very last day." However she added that if the European Union and Britain failed to agree on terms for Brexit that Germany as the bloc's top economy was "prepared" for a disorderly divorce.

Debate over immigrants . Immigrant advocates said that mass deportations could disrupt businesses across Michigan and lead to population losses "We’ll make sure that you have training to represent individuals in immigration courts and hopefully stave deportations for hopefully fewer people than we

While immigration groups are nervous about what a Trump presidency might hold, President Barack Obama has been particularly tough on immigrants , formally removing more than any previous president and locking up growing numbers of immigrants and asylum seekers.

At the end of last year, the government ran a pilot to test the process. Some local authorities were able to help children, but others had major trouble.

In London's Waltham Forest, the local government wasn't able to lodge a single application in the time-frame provided in the test.

The government said it would "make provisions" for children who miss the deadline because their guardians didn't do it for them, but less than two months before Britain's scheduled departure from the EU, how they would do that, and whether the provisions will be enough, still wasn't unclear.

Experts worry that children who fail to attain legal status could, when they turn 18 and leave the care system, find themselves suddenly in Britain as illegal immigrants, but without anywhere to go as many hold no passports.

Incomplete information on nationality

One of the reasons Waltham Forest was unable to successfully file applications for any children during the pilot was because of difficulties for European minors in coming up with the required documentation.

Some health-related deferred deportation requests to be processed

Some health-related deferred deportation requests to be processed After a public uproar, the Trump administration said it will process medical deferred action requests that were pending on August 7. But the program has been closed for future applicants

Undocumented immigrant children brought from US-Mexico border 2,000 miles to NYC. Cayuga Centers social service center in New York City houses more than 200 undocumented immigrant children taken from their parents by federal officials after the family crossed the southern U .S. border.

Were there 3 million illegal votes from undocumented immigrants in this year’s presidential election? Well, that’s what some websites are saying. "There is no credible evidence I have seen to show large numbers of noncitizens voting in U .S. elections anywhere," Hasen said.

In the U.K., citizenship is dependent on the immigration status and residency of parents. This means a child can be born in Britain and live their whole lives there, but not be British.

Information about nationality is not always collected when a child enters the care system, Lagrue explained, so the first major hurdle facing young EU citizens in British state care — as well as the people looking after them — is even knowing what country they're citizens of. That can be difficult for children whose parents and other family members are out of the picture.

If they know where they're from, they must secure documentation to prove it and to show they meet the requirements for settled status. That includes proving five years of residence in Britain and possessing official ID documents, usually issued by the embassy of the country of citizenship, which can be difficult to get without both parents.

Britain's Home Office has acknowledged that children in care may face problems getting formal ID documents like passports from foreign embassies, and has said that in those cases, applications can be made with alternative evidence. But Lagrue said the government hasn't made it clear what that means, and that granting a child permission to remain in Britain without granting them British citizenship could effectively trap them in the country.

Pound Drops Below $1.20 for First Time Since January 2017

Pound Drops Below $1.20 for First Time Since January 2017 The pound declined below $1.20 for the first time since January 2017 as Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to call an election to deliver Brexit. © Mario Gutiérrez/Getty Images Pound sterling The currency fell for a fifth day against the dollar, sliding as much as 0.6% to $1.1994, and weakening against all its Group-of-10 peers. Johnson is planning for a general election on Oct. 14 if he loses a crucial vote over a no-deal Brexit in Parliament this week, according to a senior U.K. official.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants have kids in the US. Its purpose was to make clear that African Americans who were slaves before the Civil War were Excluding children of undocumented immigrants from birthright citizenship would require either a

Undocumented immigrants actually pay billions of dollars into Social Security and Medicare. One of the biggest misconceptions about undocumented immigrants is that they don’t pay any taxes. In his first address to Congress in 2017, President Donald Trump set the tone for his immigration agenda

"While applying without a passport might solve the problem of giving the child status in the U.K. in the short term, it doesn't solve the problem of that child not being able to access or evidence their (European) nationality," she told CBS News. "What if they want to travel?"

"At a time when there is so much uncertainty for young people, many of whom were born and have grown up in this country, it is vital the government seriously considers implementing a declaratory system to give automatic rights to all European nationals and supports them to secure their British citizenship where possible," Ilona Pinter, policy and research manager at The Children's Society and co-chair of the Refugee and Migrant Children's Consortium, said in a statement.

"This includes vulnerable children and young people so they do not fall into destitution and despair."

'Contemptuous!': Brexit Britain fumes at reclining MP.
The sight of hardline Brexit backer Jacob Rees-Mogg stretching out across the front bench of Britain's parliament during a particularly heated debate has become an instant meme, causing anger among government opponents. 

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