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04:35  12 september  2019
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Russia-Ukraine Gas Talks Resume as EU Seeks to Avert Supply Cut (Bloomberg) -- Russia and Ukraine are set to restart natural gas talks later on Thursday, with the European Union seeking to avoid disruptions in imports this winter from its biggest supplier. In the past five years, mediation by the commission has helped avert disruptions in Russian gas supply to Europe via pipelines across Ukraine, the current deal on which ends this year. European traders are closely watching the trilateral talks as a potential delay in a deal or disruption in flows may affect prices during the peak winter demand season, with few signals that any party expects an immediate agreement.

Trump Sparks Fear In Ukraine . Ukraine ' s top leaders have become deeply concerned about President Donald Trump ' s yet unexplained decision to withhold a key form of military support as they face off against Russian aggression, fearing the move that has wrought intense scrutiny from

Since war broke out in 2014 in the country' s eastern reaches, Ukrainian forces fighting Russian-backed separatists have been able to achieve a stalemate

Ukraine's top leaders have become deeply concerned about President Donald Trump's yet unexplained decision to withhold a key form of military support as they face off against Russian aggression, fearing the move that has wrought intense scrutiny from Congress may signal a broader White House retreat.

Trump’s Withholding Military Funds Sparks Fear Among Ukraine’s Leaders© The Associated Press The Associated Press

"It does cause concern among top leadership in charge of national security," Orysia Lutsevych, manager of Chatham House's Ukraine Forum, says from Kyiv. Officials familiar with the situation in Ukraine have echoed the concerns but declined to speak publicly to avoid further inflaming the already precarious situation.

Iran: Zarif threatens 'all out war' in case of military strike after Saudi oil attack

Iran: Zarif threatens 'all out war' in case of military strike after Saudi oil attack In an exclusive interview with CNN's Nick Paton Walsh, Zarif raised the specter of 'all out war' in case of a US or Saudi military strike on the country.

The Trump – Ukraine scandal is an ongoing political scandal in the United States. It revolves around efforts by U. S . President Donald Trump to coerce Ukraine and other foreign countries into providing

President Trump was responding to reports that he had directed his staff to freeze military aid to Ukraine before he pressed the country’ s president NATO also set up a number of trust funds to help Ukraine develop military defense capabilities. A NATO official said that allies had pledged 40 million

Since war broke out in 2014 in the country's eastern reaches, Ukrainian forces fighting Russian-backed separatists have been able to achieve a stalemate because of U.S. military assistance, Lutsevych says, warning that if the U.S. withdraws it the conflict "could tilt in Russia's favor and lower the cost of the military campaign for them."

The National Security Council, State Department and Pentagon have not provided any public explanation for why the president chose in recent weeks to withhold from Ukraine the latest $250 million in annual funds Congress appropriated in a demonstration of rare bipartisan support. Though a minuscule amount by American defense budget standards, it represents 5 percent of the $4.8 billion Ukraine spent on its defenses last year. And since its inception it has helped the country's atrophied military fill vital gaps in its capabilities that it may not be able to effect on its own.

Trump says he will hit Iran with new sanctions over Saudi oil attack

Trump says he will hit Iran with new sanctions over Saudi oil attack Trump's administration already slapped Iran with crippling sanctions aimed at driving the country’s oil exports to zero and choking Tehran’s economy. The goal, administration officials say, is to force Iran back to the negotiating table after Trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal last year. Trump said that deal was not restrictive enough and he wants a new agreement that would limit Iran’s ballistic missile program and its support for terrorism in the region. I have just instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to substantially increase Sanctions on the country of Iran!— Donald J.

Senate Republicans, meanwhile, say they’re fine with Trump draining construction projects in their states because they expect the funding will be replenished, POLITICO’s Marianne — Trump ’ s withholding military funds sparks fear among Ukraine ’ s leaders : U.S. News & World Report.

President Trump confirms he withheld military aid to Ukraine , while speaking with reporters at the U.N. earlier. Some speculate the hold in military aid was to pressure an investigation on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son. Yahoo Finance’ s Zack Guzman and Heidi Chung discuss with

Senior officials in Washington and Kyiv tell U.S. News they have been working behind the scenes to rectify or at least offset the president's decision, though concerns remain that Trump appears determined to exploit Ukraine's reliance on the U.S.

The president's unilateral decision has provoked widespread concern and at times outrage on Capitol Hill. It prompted leaders in three House committees to announce Monday evening they plan to investigate whether it is at all designed to coerce Kyiv into cooperating with a politically motivated investigation orchestrated by Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has been looking into whether Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden pressured the government to end a probe into a company associated with his son – a charge that has largely been discredited and is widely seen as an attempt to sow disinformation about the former vice president.

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When President Donald Trump slammed the brakes on delivering military aid to Ukraine in June, he tapped He has insisted he wasn't withholding aid from Ukraine as political leverage to convince The unusual process the Trump administration went through to freeze foreign aid sparked confusion

Mr. Trump also repeatedly told the Ukrainian leader , Volodymyr Zelensky, to talk with his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, who had been urging Any attempt by Mr. Trump to ask a foreign power to “dig up dirt” on a political rival while withholding aid is corrupt, said Representative Adam B. Schiff

The latest controversy threatens to undermine Ukraine's already precarious security situation, as congressional officials warn Kyiv against any action that could raise suspicions it has succumbed to pressure to interfere in domestic American politics.

American officials insist publicly that U.S. support for Ukraine – and its position as a bulwark against Russian aggression there and elsewhere – has not changed. But privately, many in Washington and Kyiv express concerns that Trump's abrupt move, which under current law the president can make alone, indicates an apparent willingness to abandon key allies and emboldens Russia.

"It's a very troubling message to the Ukrainians," says Steven Pifer, a fellow at Stanford University's Center for International Security Cooperation. In his former role in the State Department, which included serving as U.S. ambassador in Kyiv in the late 1990s, Pifer helped draft the agreement that would remove nuclear weapons from post-Cold War Ukraine in exchange for promises of U.S. security support, known as the Budapest Memorandum. He sees the latest behavior by the Trump administration as reneging on that pledge at a time of perhaps unprecedented need in Kyiv.

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AP FACT CHECK: Trump's bluster on hurricanes, guns Facing another deadly mass shooting, President Donald Trump is deflecting on gun control. Over the weekend, he pointed to mental illness as a likely culprit behind recent shootings in Odessa, Texas and elsewhere, even though criminologists routinely point to gun ownership as a far better predictor of public mass shootings than indicators of mental illness. There were no immediate indications Sunday that mental illness contributed to the shootings that killed 7 and injured 22 others in Texas , a state with one of the most lenient gun control laws.

President Trump suggested then-vice president Joe Biden sought to save his son, Hunter, from prosecution in Ukraine . A whistleblower from the U. S . intelligence community said Trump withheld military aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son.

US President Donald Trump said the military is gearing up to distribute a coronavirus vaccine when one is ready, unleashing a torrent of takes from conspiracy-minded netizens, many sounding Trump mobilizing MILITARY to deliver Covid-19 vaccine ‘assuming we get it,’ sparks conspiracy frenzy.

"The delay would not be consistent with the sort of support we should be providing to Ukraine, given the commitment we made to them," he says of the fund, created in the aftermath of Russia's 2014 incursion. "If you're sitting in Kyiv, it is still going to make you a little bit uneasy, just the fact that it's delayed."

Other factors have contributed to the widespread concern that Trump may have lost interest in supporting Ukraine. He canceled a trip to Poland earlier this month to meet with newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, citing the need to monitor the response to Hurricane Dorian, and sent Vice President Mike Pence instead.

Officials within the administration have also expressed to U.S. News privately their concern that the White House has not yet scheduled a specific time to meet with Zelensky, including when he travels to the U.N. General Assembly later this month, despite public announcements of a summit between the two leaders.

And Trump has worried Ukraine watchers with his repeated assertions around this year's G7 Summit that Russia should reenter the group, despite its removal from the economic bloc as retribution for its annexation of Crimea in 2014 and subsequent support for separatist fighters in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, known collectively as the Donbas.

Trump official offered millions of dollars to captain of Iranian ship

Trump official offered millions of dollars to captain of Iranian ship The Trump administration has used diplomatic pressure, legal action, economic sanctions – and hard cash – to try to get an Iranian oil tanker. It hasn't worked.

White House officials have previously pushed back on assertions that the president has eased U.S. pressure on Russia, citing his decision to authorize for the first time shipments of lethal arms to the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian Embassy in D.C. did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Responding to inquiries about Trump's decision to withhold the military assistance, a State Department spokesman, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told U.S. News, "Our policy on Ukraine has not changed. The international community, including the United States, strongly supports Ukraine in the face of ongoing Russian aggression."

The spokesman declined to discuss the internal budget deliberations regarding Trump's decision and referred further questions to the White House, which, like the Pentagon, did not respond to requests for comment.

But the spokesman referenced the $1.5 billion the U.S. has already supplied to Ukraine as a part of the fund Trump has temporarily siphoned off, known formally as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, as well as military equipment and training the U.S. along with NATO partners has supplied.

"U.S. security assistance has saved lives while helping to build Ukraine's long-term defense capacity. We remain committed to a robust partnership with Ukraine, as seen by national security advisor John Bolton's recent visit to Kyiv," the spokesman said.

Bolton was fired on Tuesday due at least in part to stark foreign policy disagreements with the president.

Trump’s Dorian Tweet Whips Up a Fight Over a Science Powerhouse

Trump’s Dorian Tweet Whips Up a Fight Over a Science Powerhouse SILVER SPRING, Md. — On Friday morning in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., government scientists in khakis and sensible shoes bustled to work — beneath a towering bronze sculpture of a hand releasing seabirds — heading for a small scientific agency caught up in a political mess triggered by President Trump’s tweet about Hurricane Dorian. 

Other officials, however, question the State Department's insistence that U.S. support for Ukraine has not changed.

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a Republican, and Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a Democrat, traveled to Ukraine last week and met with Zelensky, the political novice who unseated incumbent Petro Poroshenko in a contentious election earlier this year.

Multiple sources tell U.S. News the pair reportedly told Zelensky and other senior Ukrainian officials that if Trump does not release this year's funds, the Senate will appropriate two years worth of money in the next budget year and include a stipulation in the legislation that the president cannot unilaterally withhold it again. That pledge reportedly did not relieve Ukrainian leaders' concerns.

"We know that there's been a lot of attention here on the president's suspension of security aid, we don't know what the final determination will be," Murphy told Ukrainian non-profit journalism service Hromadske International in an interview during his trip last week. "But I think the president knows there was broad bipartisan support for continued aid and support for lifting what we hope is a temporary hold on this important security funding for Ukraine."

Murphy previously described Trump's cutting off aid to Ukraine as "an absolute gift to the Russians" and raised concern about its apparent connection to Giuliani's attempts to pressure Ukraine into meddling in the upcoming presidential election.

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