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World Outrage over killing of 'forest guardian' in Brazil's Amazon

23:50  03 november  2019
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In the Amazon, Fires Steal Breath, but Smoke Smells of Money

  In the Amazon, Fires Steal Breath, but Smoke Smells of Money With thousands of intentionally set fires raging across its enormous expanse, Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has been a smoky mess in recent weeks: Roads and airports enveloped by a soupy fog. Local governments declaring emergencies and advising people to stay indoors. Many coughing and spitting, their lungs clogged with irritating particles of dust. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

A Brazilian indigenous land defender has been killed in an ambush by illegal loggers in an Amazon The tribesmen are members of indigenous forest guard called Guardians of the Forest , which Few land conflict-related killings in Brazil result in convictions, which advocates say produces a cycle of

Amazon rainforest fires: global leaders urged to divert Brazil from 'suicide' path. Many said the fires were a result of Bolsonaro’ s plans to develop the Amazon forest and permit mining and commercial Hundreds protest over killing of Ágatha Félix, eight, allegedly shot in back by police bullet in favela.

Activists expressed outrage Sunday at the killing of an indigenous "guardian of the forest" in Brazil's Amazon and called on the government to thwart illegal loggers in the region.

a close up of a map: Map of deforestation and indigenous territories in Brazil, including the area where a land defender was killed in an ambush by loggers on November 1, 2019© Simon MALFATTO Map of deforestation and indigenous territories in Brazil, including the area where a land defender was killed in an ambush by loggers on November 1, 2019

Paulo Paulino Guajajara and another tribesman, Laercio Guajajara, were ambushed by loggers late Friday as they patrolled the Arariboia territory in the northeastern state of Maranhao.

Both men are members of the Guardians of the Forest, a group of more than 100 tribesmen who attempt to protect their land from criminal logging gangs.

Oil Spill in Brazil Hits Breeding Grounds for Humpback Whales

  Oil Spill in Brazil Hits Breeding Grounds for Humpback Whales The mysterious oil spill that hit Brazil’s coastline two months ago has reached the archipelago of Abrolhos, a national marine park that’s home to the greatest biodiversity in the southern Atlantic Ocean -- the waters where humpback whales migrate to breed. Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva flew over the five islands that comprise Abrolhos park located off the southern coast of Bahia in the northeast of Brazil on Sunday to monitor the impact. Small fragments of oil were spotted in some locations, Brazil’s Navy said on Saturday. The oil also threatens Abrolhos’ highly sensitive coral reefs.

FUNAI, Brazil ’ s indigenous agency, issued a statement announcing the assignment of a special technical Violence against indigenous peoples has escalated in Brazil over recent years, making it one of A response of outrage . The assassination of Guardian Paulo Paulino Guajajaraimmediately

Illegal loggers ambushed a group of indigenous forest guards in Brazil ' s Amazon , killing one and injuring Fires used to clear land in the Amazon increased sharply in July and August, causing international alarm over a region Amazon rainforest guardian shot dead by illegal loggers in Brazil .

Paulo Paulino was shot in the neck and died in the jungle, according to Survival International, a group that defends indigenous rights. Laercio was shot in the back but managed to escape.

The two men had left their village to look for water when the attack occurred, the Maranhao government's human rights secretariat said on Twitter.

"Violence and death threats against the guardians have been happening for years," Sarah Shenker, a researcher with Survival International who knew Paulo Paulino, told AFP.

"There is a lot of impunity. The authorities are unwilling to protect the indigenous lands," Shenker charged.

"Their racist words and genocidal, anti-indigenous proposals give a kind of green light."

Greenpeace said the two men were "the most recent victims of a state that refuses to comply with what the constitution determines."

Brazil's Bolsonaro says 'worst is yet to come' on oil spill

  Brazil's Bolsonaro says 'worst is yet to come' on oil spill Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Sunday that "the worst is yet to come" with an oil spill that has affected more than 200 beaches on the country's coast. "What came so far and what was collected is a small amount of what was spilled," Bolsonaro said in an interview with Record television. He said he did not know if additional oil would impact his country's coastline, but that "everything indicates that the currents went to the coast of Brazil.

Brazil ' s Amazon rainforest has seen a huge jump in the number of fires this year, new Wildfires often occur in the dry season in Brazil but they are also deliberately started in efforts to illegally The reports of a rise in forest fires come amid criticism over Mr Bolsonaro's environmental policies.

A Brazilian land defender was killed and a second injured in an ambush by loggers in the Amazon rainforest , regional authorities reported. Indigenous leader Paulo Paulino Guajajara and his partner Laercio were members of “ Guardians of the forest ”, a group who attempt to protect their land from

"It is time to stop this institutionalized genocide. Stop authorizing the bloodshed of our people!" Sonia Guajajara, coordinator of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, said on Twitter.

- 'Their responsibility' -

Since taking office in January, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been accused of harming the Amazon and indigenous tribes in order to benefit his supporters in the logging, mining and farming industries.

Amazon deforestation nearly doubled in the first eight months of the year, compared with the same period a year before. Raging fires in the region made international headlines.

In September, Human Rights Watch said the threats and attacks on forest defenders were "only getting worse" under Bolsonaro.

The group said the right-wing president's "assault on the country's environmental agencies is putting the rainforest and the people who live there at much greater risk."

Google workers demand the company achieves zero emissions by 2030

  Google workers demand the company achieves zero emissions by 2030 Over a thousand Google workers -- 1,137 as of this writing -- signed an open letter calling on Google to conjure up and implement a company-wide climate plan. They're demanding a strategy that incorporates four elements in particular, starting with the capability to achieve zero emissions by 2030. The tech giant has been purchasing (PDF) carbon credits for years and recently announced that it's investing $2 billion in renewable energy infrastructure, but the workers probably think the company can do better. They even referenced an article by environmental reporter Lisa Song that says "carbon credits for forest preservation may be worse than nothing.

The director of Brazil ’ s National Space Research Institute (INPE) has been sacked in the midst of a controversy over its satellite data showing a rise in Amazon deforestation , which the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has called “lies”. Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon surges to record high.

The killing increases concerns about escalating violence against Amazon forest protectors. Non-profit group Survival International Brazil ' s populist President Jair Bolsonaro has drawn intense domestic and international criticism for failing to protect the Guardians ' territory in the eastern Amazon region.

Bolsonaro has vehemently defended his policies.

After the attacks on the forest guardians in Maranhao, Justice Minister Sergio Moro tweeted that police would investigate the murder, which took place some 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the state capital San Luis.

"We will do everything to bring those responsible for this serious crime before the courts," said Moro, a former federal judge.

Shenker, who was in the region in April, said they would hold Moro to his promise.

"The Brazilian government has to accept that it is their responsibility to protect those lands. That they do not, their absence there, is what pushes the guardians to assume this defense -- a very hard and dangerous job," she told AFP.

In a video interview released by Survival International last year, Laercio said: "They want to kill us all."

The Arariboia territory is home to about 5,000 indigenous people -- the Guajajara and the Awa.

Three other forest guardians have died in previous attacks there, Survival International said.

Brazil's National Indian Foundation, Funai, issued a statement lamenting the death of Paulo Paulino, and said it would send a special team of technical experts to the area.

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