World Good Samaritans helped thousands at sea. Now they're on trial

13:05  07 december  2019
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Brandt Jean, Brother Of Botham, To Receive Award For Actions During Amber Guyger Murder Trial

  Brandt Jean, Brother Of Botham, To Receive Award For Actions During Amber Guyger Murder Trial On Tuesday, the brother of Botham Jean will receive an award for his actions of forgiveness during the Amber Guyger murder trial. During the sentencing phase of the trial in Dallas, 18-year-old Brandt Jean told Guyger he forgave her for killing his brother, then asked the judge’s permission to step down from the stand and hug her.Amber Guyger is the former Dallas police officer convicted of murdering Botham Jean. A jury sentenced her to 10 years in prison. © Provided by CBS Dallas Brandt’s actions brought the courtroom to tears.

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When Sean Binder arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos in October 2017, the migrant crisis facing Europe had changed from a temporary emergency to a long-term political reality. While the number of crossings had dropped dramatically since 2015, deaths at sea remained high, and those surviving the journey were facing indefinite stays in overcrowded camps on arrival.

Hearing postponed for man charged in Lorenzen Wright’s murder

  Hearing postponed for man charged in Lorenzen Wright’s murder The man charged in the murder of Memphis basketball great Lorenzen Wright will not know his trial date until next year. © Provided by WMC Action News 5 Memphis Hearing postponed for man charged in Lorenzen Wright’s murder There was a chance Billy Turner would get a trial date Wednesday, but his hearing was continued until Jan. 15. The judge said a trial date can be set once the defense and prosecution can coordinate schedules with their expert witnesses which likely will be by the next hearing.Turner was charged with murder alongside Wright’s ex-wife, Sherra.

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As a trained rescue diver, Binder travelled from Ireland to Lesbos to volunteer with the non-profit organization Emergency Response Centre International. "I helped on rescue efforts on the southern shore. During our operations we worked closely with the Greek authorities -- the coast guard," he tells CNN.

Yet despite working alongside local authorities for almost a year, Binder, along with two fellow search and rescue volunteers, was arrested for his aid work in August 2018. "It was 3am. We were looking out in case there was an arrival and that's when the police came to arrest us."

He was placed in pre-trial detention on the Greek Island of Chios, where he spent nearly four months in a small prison while police investigated his case. Binder was released on bail in December 2018, while the investigation continues. He still faces a number of serious charges. "The most outrageous are; being part of a criminal organization, money laundering, smuggling... and espionage or spying," Binder tells CNN.

GOP resolution looks to block Dem candidates from Senate impeachment trial

  GOP resolution looks to block Dem candidates from Senate impeachment trial Congressional Republicans want to require Senate Democrats running for president to recuse themselves from a possible impeachment trial against President Trump.

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If found guilty, he could spend up to 25 years in prison, however Binder is adamant that authorities aren't looking to convict him.

"Despite the aggressive nature of the charges, there is no real will to prosecute and that's because there's insufficient evidence to actually do so," he explains.

"For instance I'm accused of being a spy, and that's because I used communication services that are encrypted. Which sounds nefarious, but what they don't allude to, is that it's WhatsApp."

The real reason for the charges, Binder believes, is to deter other aid workers from taking part in vital search and rescue operations at sea.

"The effect has been to embroil us in costly and lengthy legal procedures and this acts as a form of deterrence. When we worked on the southern shore of Lesbos, we were one of three or four organizations. There are now none of them," he says.

"This has been the effect. It's frightened people away from doing this kind of work."

Why Republicans should drag out Trump's Senate trial

  Why Republicans should drag out Trump's Senate trial If Nancy Pelosi's recent comments are any indication, it is likely that President Trump will be impeached by the House of Representatives before the end of the month. We all know what is going to happen next: his impeachment will be taken up by the GOP Senate and the president will be acquitted. What we don't know at the moment is when exactly the second part is going to happen. After enduring months of self-important pontificating and procedural skullduggery at the hands of their Democratic colleagues, House Republicans want payback.

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In December, Binder will appear in court to find out whether the judicial council in Lesbos plans to indict him. Until that happens, he remains the subject of an ongoing investigation. Under Greek law, the prosecutor overseeing this case is prohibited from commenting on the charges.

CNN has contacted the Greek government for comment regarding the investigation. As yet, there has been no response.

Wider crackdown

Binder's case is not isolated. Rather, it is part of a wider crackdown against aid workers and good Samaritans taking place across Europe.

In June, an EU-funded research paper found that since the height of Europe's migrant crisis in 2015, at least 158 individuals have been "investigated or formally prosecuted on grounds of smuggling and other grounds... such as money laundering, membership of a criminal organisation and sabotage". It also found at least 16 NGOs have been affected by the investigations of their volunteers.

One of the most prominent cases this year occurred in June, when German Sea-Watch Captain Carola Rackete defied Italian authorities by disembarking her ship in the port of Lampedusa with 40 rescued migrants on board. The boat had been stranded in the Mediterranean for more than two weeks before docking in the Italian port without permission.

Schumer to colleagues running for White House: Impeachment comes first

  Schumer to colleagues running for White House: Impeachment comes first Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) says Democratic colleagues running for president, such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), should prioritize the Senate impeachment trial over campaigning ahead of the Iowa caucuses.The trial could tie up senators on the Senate floor for the entire month of January, right before the first contest of the Democratic primary calendar scheduled in Iowa for Feb. 3. With the possibility of close votes on procedural questions such as what witnesses should be called to the Senate floor, Schumer says colleagues should make the trial their first priority, even if it might tread on their campaign plans.

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Rackete was then arrested for aiding illegal migration and entering a port without permission. Some of the charges have since been dropped, but she still faces an ongoing investigation under people-smuggling laws.

Rackete says cases like hers will continue, unless there's public pressure.

"I don't see their policies changing until civil society in Europe steps up and confronts them. Right now, the EU is intent on being perceived as the good guy, holding up human rights... but we are criminalizing human beings helping other human beings in need," she tells CNN.

A successful deterrent

According to the European Union's Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), these cases are successfully serving as a deterrent.

In a note published in October 2018, and updated in June 2019, the FRA found "the recent trend of initiating criminal proceedings against non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or other private entities deploying rescue vessels... resulted in most NGOs stopping their operations by the end of 2018." The FRA also acknowledged that this trend is taking place while "deaths at sea remain high."

Lawyers and academics say that by pursuing cases against aid organizations, EU member states are exploiting a loophole in what is known as the "Facilitation Directive." Put in place in 2002, the directive acts as the EU's main framework for cracking down on people-smugglers.

Broward Judge To Consider Delaying Trial Start For Confessed Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz

  Broward Judge To Consider Delaying Trial Start For Confessed Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer said Tuesday she will consider a defense motion to delay the start of the trial against confessed Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz beyond late January. © Provided by CBS MiamiScherer set a Dec. 19 date for arguments on the motion by defense lawyers who claim the case is moving much too swiftly and runs the risk of legal errors. That could mean a conviction of Cruz might be reversed on appeal, sending it back for another high-profile trial. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

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In its current form, the directive allows member states to prosecute anyone who helps a migrant enter Europe illegally. There is no guaranteed protection for humanitarian workers written into the document and it doesn't stipulate that financial gain must be involved in order to charge someone with smuggling.

This is in stark contrast to the UN Smuggling Protocol, and violates basic principles of International Humanitarian Law. Legal experts even argue that the Facilitation Directive has created uncertainty over what is and what is not a crime of migrant smuggling.

Paula Schmid Porras is a human rights lawyer who has represented several volunteers who have been arrested while rescuing migrants.

In 2016, she petitioned the EU Parliament to reword and clarify the directive to close the loopholes.

"The response of the former European Parliament's legislature was receptive," she tells CNN.

"MEPs from the most representative political parties understood that it's unacceptable that European citizens can be prosecuted for helping humans in need."

Porras says the initial momentum to overhaul the directive stalled following the success of far-right parties in the European elections this year.

"The amending process should have started one year ago, but the European elections stopped the process," she explains.

Porras says members of the EU Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs are still working to amend these laws, but "sadly, the implicit xenophobia of the far-right MEPs is blocking the cause."

The European Union has commissioned several studies to examine the Facilitation Directive, dating back to 2016.

Consistently, the research recommends that "legislative change is needed to bring the EU legislation and policies in line with international, regional and EU criminal justice and fundamental rights standards."

In 2017, the European Commission undertook its own assessment of the directive. Despite evaluating evidence of its misuse, the Commission refrained from making any amendments. The latest analysis of the directive by the European Parliament published in January this year reiterated that it "stands at odds with the EU's founding values" and recommended parts of it "should be changed to prohibit the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance."

In a statement to CNN, a European Commission spokeswoman acknowledged there "is a lack of clarity in the implementation of the humanitarian exemption clause" in the directive, and that the EU continues to "gather evidence" about how these laws are being applied.

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