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Bolsonaro now calls Coronavirus "the greatest challenge of our generation"

 Bolsonaro now calls Coronavirus © Sergio LIMA Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has reversed his attitude towards the Corona pandemic and now calls it the "greatest challenge of our generation". So far, Covid-19 was just a "little flu" for Bolsonaro. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has made a reversal in his stance on the coronavirus pandemic and now calls it the "biggest challenge of our generation" in the South American country.

China stopped the coronavirus by acting objectively when faced with literally a deadly threat – imposing a provenly successful lockdown, the fundamental “The Covid-19 pandemic is a global public health crisis with a horrific scale not seen in generations ; the effort to overcome both it and its impact will be

Immigrants in the US have faced uncertainty over their work visas due to the coronavirus crisis. While the country appears to have contained the coronavirus pandemic , Chinese overseas are facing a struggle to return home due to The 33-year-old was so confident about building a life in America

Every day, student Xiong Yanfei sits at her desk in her parent's small apartment in Wuhan, studying for an exam that could change the course of her life.

Faced with the coronavirus, the COP26 in Glasgow postponed

 Faced with the coronavirus, the COP26 in Glasgow postponed © Chris J Ratcliffe British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during the presentation of COP26 on February 4, 2020 in London The international climate conference COP26 which was to be held at Glasgow in November is postponed due to the pandemic of new coronavirus, the British government announced on Wednesday, receiving support from environmental associations.

After all, who can live their entire life without eating a hamburger, or the traditional turkey at Thanksgiving? I feel very fortunate to be a vegetarian in an age where there are so many meat alternatives. My friends and family appreciate that I don’t try to force my food choices on them.

Unless an entire population shelters in place for many months, infectious agents like influenza or this Hospitals might have to turn away all but the people most seriously ill; their ability to handle their usual load Ensuring all of this means facing the hard facts of this unfolding pandemic — and that

She starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 11 p.m. Normally, at school she'd get little breaks between classes during the day, before coming home to revise. But for the past two months her city was on coronavirus lockdown, so she studied all day in front of her laptop until her eyes hurt.

"I'm quite anxious. The gaokao is really too important a turning point. A person's education background is really important. There are very few successful people who are not highly educated," Xiong said.

Every year, millions of high school students and vocational trainees across China sit the college entrance exam, known colloquially as the "gaokao," or big exam.

In Brazil, a concert of saucepans in the windows against Bolsonaro the “skeptical coronavirus”

 In Brazil, a concert of saucepans in the windows against Bolsonaro the “skeptical coronavirus” © Copyright 2020, L'Obs All during his televised speech. And there were people on the balcony. In the land of batucadas, everything is good for making noise. Opponents of President Jair Bolsonaro tapped their pots and pans hard from their windows on Tuesday night across Brazil as far-right leader addressed the nation over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Officers said their acts had brought bad impact on society, and they would be 'dealt with' by law The Xinhua timeline did not refer to the Huanan market or its connection to the pandemic . China 's President Xi revealed in a speech on February 3 that he first gave instructions on the coronavirus on

Both are new, tougher exams . Exam boards said this year's results were broadly consistent with Exam boards insist that standards have been held steady, despite complaints by some students and Half a million pupils are getting their results, amid a switch to a new numerical grading system and

A high score in the exam, which 10 million people have registered to take this year, is the only way to get into the country's top universities, helping to secure a good future and lucrative career.

Huge pressure is put on students to succeed, so much so that, in 2019, the Chinese government ordered parents and teachers to not overload them with work.

Originally scheduled for June, the Chinese government has delayed the exam by at least a month.

Across China, students and teachers are speculating on whether the deferral will help or hinder their grades. But for some the prospect of another month of study is already causing extreme anxiety.

"After the gaokao was postponed, I had more anxiety," Xiong wrote in a viral post on her Weibo account. "But this is a psychological battle and I have to win, and I must win."

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Make or break

The exam will now be administered between July 7 and 8, apart from in Beijing and Hubei province, the original epicenter of the virus, which have yet to announce their dates.

Trump attacks WHO - "Really screwed up"

 Trump attacks WHO - © Reuters / KEVIN LAMARQUE U.S. President Trump leads daily coronavirus response briefing at the White House in Washington Washington (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump has sharply criticized the World Health Organization (WHO). In a tweet, he accused her of concentrating too much on China and making incorrect recommendations in the Corona crisis. "The WHO really screwed up," Trump tweeted. The organization is largely funded by the United States, but is still very much centered on China.

Their short videos are a small part of a massive nationwide attempt to lift all of China 's 1.4 billion people out of The dream of eradicating widespread poverty in China didn't begin with Xi. Instead, it helped create a famine that cost tens of millions of lives and aggravated poverty across the country.

The Chinese government has been cautiously promoting such borrowing because it wants people to spend more and thereby give the economy a boost and reduce its reliance on investment. Debtors who cannot keep up with payments can face horrors. First, there are the debt collectors.

The postponement is designed to account for the disruption to students' education caused by the virus.

While high school seniors in more than a dozen provinces have returned to school, students in many other places, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hubei, are still waiting to go back and studying online, according to state news agency Xinhua.

Students in Shanghai and Guangdong in their last years of school will return to classes on April 27.

But the delay of the gaokao has divided students. While some celebrated the chance to get more study in before the exam, others were horrified at the prospect of another month of stress.

The gaokao is a nine-hour exam which takes place over two days and covers four subjects: Chinese, math, English, and either the sciences (physics, chemistry and biology) or liberal arts (politics, history and geography).

Students' results on the test are the sole criteria for admission to university in China, unlike the SAT in the US, where students can take the exam several times. Most Chinese students only get one shot.

After the announcement, one viral meme showed a cartoon character setting up a 100-day countdown to the exam, only to check a month later and see there were now still 98 days to go.

Coronavirus: New infections in China at their highest since the beginning of March

 Coronavirus: New infections in China at their highest since the beginning of March HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-CHINA: Coronavirus: New infections in China at the highest since the beginning of March © Reuters / STRINGER CORONAVIRUS: NEW CONTAMINATIONS IN CHINA AT THE HIGHEST SINCE MARCH BEIJING (Reuters) - China has registered 108 additional cases of coronavirus contamination in the past 24 hours, a figure that marks an acceleration from the previous day, reports the National Health Commission on Monday. The assessment communicated Sunday reported 99 new cases.

A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new infectious disease. The word is from the Greek 'pan' meaning 'all' and 'demos' meaning 'people'. An epidemic will see a disease rapidly spread among a large number of people in a given population. During an epidemic the disease will normally spread in

Chinese students have been banned from wearing bras in a move to stop cheating in one of the world's toughest exams . Students will have to go through a metal detector before the university entrance exams , known as gaokao, as authorities crack down on the use of hidden gadgets like wireless

Guangzhou student Sharon Li was relieved to hear about the deferment. She has been studying from home for the gaokao for weeks, hitting the books every day from 7.30 a.m. until 6 p.m., after which she does extra homework.

Li said when she began studying from home, she put herself under huge pressure to compete with other students. She recalled one of her teacher's warnings about slacking off.

"He said because we couldn't compare how hard we were studying with each other now, some students wouldn't feel the pressure, and once we return to school and take exams, we would realize how far we had fallen behind," she said.

She began to stay up late, studying sometimes until 2 a.m., but both her mental health and her grades suffered. Now with an extra month to study, Li hopes to adopt a more relaxed study program.

"I can use the extra month to strengthen my weak points. Maybe I can even create some miracles -- it might be possible," she said.

But Li Yongjun, whose daughter Ruoran is currently studying for the exam in Beijing, said the postponement meant another "month of torment" for the millions of parents like him.

"We're all tired," he said. "It's hard on everyone. We all hope the exams can be done earlier, the sooner the better. It tires everyone out if it drags on."

'Chosen by God'

In a twist of fate, many of the teenagers taking the exam this year were born in 2003 -- when severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) gripped China. A coronavirus dominated the year they were born, now it will scar their final year at school.

NYT's Haberman hits Trump over 'misleading' audio on her coronavirus reporting

  NYT's Haberman hits Trump over 'misleading' audio on her coronavirus reporting New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman accused President Trump of using "misleading" audio of her coronavirus reporting during a White House video at Monday's press briefing meant to defend his response to the pandemic.In the audio clip from her late March appearance on the Times podcast "The Daily," which was played as part of an administration video of generally positive news coverage, Haberman said the president was "widely criticized" forIn the audio clip from her late March appearance on the Times podcast "The Daily," which was played as part of an administration video of generally positive news coverage, Haberman said the president was "widely criticized" for stopping flights from China fr

This pandemic is making life far more difficult than SARS, during which most schools stayed open despite the virus infecting 8,098 people and killing 744.

Guangzhou high school student Li said the fact that she was born just months before the SARS epidemic and was now studying for the gaokao during another outbreak makes her feel like her generation was "chosen by God." "It's like a drama," she said. "We're really witnessing history."

Other students felt they had grown up more in the past three months than in the rest of their lives. Wuhan vocational student Xiong wrote in her Weibo post that she and her sister had stopped thinking about "celebrities and food" and were now deciding what to do with their lives.

"In no time we've turned from two carefree kids into two young women who worry about their future ... I don't see where the path lies ahead," she said.

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Trump Is Right about the WHO .
The more the World Health Organization capitulates to Chinese soft power, the less effective — and the less deserving of our support — it will be. The White House is right to bring serious pressure to bear to try to check this trend.

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