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01:00  09 june  2020
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Cities are changing fast. Keep up with the CityLab Daily newsletter. “He sought to expel the popular classes­ from the center , to push them out, to the north and northeast of the city . As the concentration of Muslim migrants in banlieue neighborhoods has grown with increased migration, so

Berlin was a tough place to live during the Cold War, even for those who lived on the west side and had access to West Germany. It had a lot of buildings that were occupied by People from outside of Berlin could not do their shopping and celebrations in Berlin because the city was a virtual island.

Despite the growth of the past few years, Berlin is increasingly dividing itself into poor and rich. The marginalized areas in particular are affected by social disadvantage.

Das Märkischen Viertels in Berlin gehört zu den Stadtteilen, die immer mehr abgehängt werden. © Photo: Thilo Rückeis The Märkischen quarter in Berlin is one of the districts that are increasingly being left behind.

Berlin is booming - but not everywhere. The city could develop in a similar way to Paris and other large cities before it: prosperity and growth in city locations and large settlements on the outskirts of , in which the displaced households from the coveted areas live with little income. This is shown by the updated "Monitoring Social City" of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing. And it has some other surprising results.

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So the difference between the rich and poor districts are not as glaring as in London or New York, for example. Even “ poor ” parts of Berlin have expensive For example, Kreuzberg was considered a rough Turkish- centric district but some parts are just as expensive as Mitte-Tiergarten or Grunewald.

It was not a fashionable locality – Anson’s father was a man somewhat superior to his class, which composed New York society, which was snobbish and vulgar, and he wanted his sons to learn habits of concentration and have sound constitutions and grow up into right-living and successful men.

This is how the “deterioration” of the social situation in western Berlin is concentrated. Only affected there: the "outer city". The planners therefore also speak of a “peripheralization of social disadvantage”. In Paris, the highway that leads to the outskirts is called "Périphérique".

As "Banlieues" from Berlin, with a concentration of "social disadvantage", the report lists Reinickendorf and the Märkisches Viertel, Gropiusstadt, Falkenhagener Feld, Charlottenburg-Nord, Gesundbrunnen, Britz and other districts of Neukölln, but also of Spandau as well as Moabit, Kreuzberg and as the only East Berlin district of Hellersdorf.

Whereby Hellersdorf is also listed as a district with above average development . The explanation is simple: in some cases, areas that are moving up and down are close together. Quarters in the green suburbs that are built up in small numbers with row and single-family houses are often inhabited by middle-income commuters. Wherever large-scale settlements developed in the neighborhood during the 1960s to 1980s, an above-average number of households with low incomes live.

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Like New York in the 1980s and Berlin in the 90s, the occupation movement in São Paulo has exploded into one of the most dynamic forces in Brazil. For much of the past few decades, the city centre – and its poor residents – have been the victims of neglect.

Being poor is difficult enough, but opportunities dwindle if you live in a district of concentrated Outside cities , poverty is more difficult to deal with because social services are harder to provide. Things are worse in small cities nearby. Youngstown, once a booming centre of steel production with

The Senate is responding to this with a bouquet of advisory and support programs. The best-known of these is the “neighborhood management”, which provides residents with one or more contact persons who can help with contacts with the authorities and authorities or who have a short line to the local police in serious conflicts. The Senate also wants to prevent 24 locations in Berlin from tipping over by calling in funds from the new federal program “Strengthening Berlin's Large Settlements”.

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"It is gratifying that the social differences have decreased slightly, but Berlin is still characterized by spatial differences," says the Senator for Urban Development and Housing, Katrin Lompscher (left). The "sustainable fight against socio-spatial problems" must "continue with a view to the consequences of the corona pandemic".

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The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer . That's what world leaders who are gathering for The skyscraper replacing the World Trade Center opens its top floor to the public. A castle in Poland has been transformed into a College of Wizardry to welcome Harry Potter fans.

Information rich /information poor . In recent years researchers have pointed out that there are huge differences in people’s ability to obtain and act on This is causing concern, with experts arguing that a fundamental split is developing between the information haves and havenots throughout the world.

In fact, the report closes with the indication that the consequences of the lockdown on trade and the economy have not been taken into account. The data in the report are based on statistics and surveys, some of which are over a year old. Back then, Berlin was still in an economic catch-up process with above-average growth.

Income and employment also grew - two of the important factors for the social classification of urban areas - unemployment, transfer support despite employment and child poverty. The researchers check the status of an area at the time of the survey and compare it to the situation two years earlier - from this they derive a positive or negative dynamic. And make appropriate recommendations to the Senate, such as which areas need "special attention" if the social situation there worsens.

cause for concern and new additions to this group in the current report are the "planning rooms" Gesundbrunnen (Wedding / Mitte), Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg (Pankow), Plötzensee (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf), Gütersloher Weg (Spandau), Wissmannstraße and Goldhähnchenweg (Neukölln ) and the yellow quarter (Marzahn-Hellersdorf).

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The rich own more and more, while the working class and middle class own less and less. This process is especially pronounced in Russia. Meduza breaks down these trends into graphs and takes a closer look at how Russia became a world leader in social inequality.

Nine planning areas with positive tendencies

There are nine planning areas with positive tendencies. These are "mainly planning rooms in Spandau". Spandau, which West Berliners used to add “near Berlin” to during the Berlin Wall, had somewhat lost its economic connection in the past decade. The district is an alternative to crowded, densely populated city locations thanks to the connection with a fast subway line, plenty of pretty waterfront locations and, recently, lively construction activity. The dismissal of several quarters from the area of ​​urban planning concerns suggests that this is now increasingly recognized.

Researchers identified 42 of such areas "with special attention" in Berlin, one of ten planning rooms in the city (426) is affected. Quarters with a very low "social status" and at the same time "negative dynamics" are affected - to put it simply: if an above-average number of unemployed or low-income people live there, whose children are at risk of poverty due to the low household income - and the number of socially disadvantaged people in the past has increased for two years.

The largest housing association in Berlin and Brandenburg (BBU) said on request: "The results show that, especially with the newly emerging housing projects such as the Buckower fields or Tegel, a balanced tenant, good transport links as well as good day-care centers and schools must be respected, ”says spokesman David Eberhart.

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