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11:45  07 july  2020
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Italy: a summer without Americans is 1.8 billion euros less (union)

 Italy: a summer without Americans is 1.8 billion euros less (union) © ANDREA PATTARO In Venice, June 12, 2020 The closure of European borders to Americans this summer due to the pandemic would translate into a loss of 1.8 billion euros for the Italian economy, estimated Sunday the main agricultural union, Coldiretti. "Travelers from the United States are the non-European tourists who appreciate Italy the most, with 12.4 million overnight stays in summer", according to data from the Bank of Italy (Bankitalia) in the 3rd quarter 2019, cited by Coldiretti.

That would only play into the hands of terrorists who are deeply opposed to the Good Friday Agreement and all that it stands for. Indeed, our media's obsession with hate may even play into the hands of the evil, may breathe air into the smoldering embers of their paranoid loathing.

One of the most outstanding figures was Robert McGill, who lived in Moscow and served as an intermediary between Lancashire mill engineers and the So as long as the writers of the show keep coming up with new planets for the Doctor and his companion to visit, and new alien villains for them

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- The European Union’s political leaders will meet next week to negotiate the details of their joint fiscal response to the Covid-19 crisis. The Netherlands has emerged as the main villain opposing the plan, as Prime Minister Mark Rutte demands that countries should implement economic reforms in exchange for any financial help.

Rutte is being too rigid, but supporters of the possible 750 billion-euro ($848 billion) fund aren’t being helped by Italy, which suffered one of the worst outbreaks in Europe. Rome is struggling to come up with a credible plan to put the country back on track. The coalition of the center-left Democratic Party and the populist Five Star Movement is weak and divided, and it only pays lip service to the idea of long-term reforms.

Short track world champion ‘fighting for her life’

  Short track world champion ‘fighting for her life’ Lara van Ruijven, a world champion short track speed skater from the Netherlands, is "fighting for her life" with an autoimmune disorder.Van Ruijven, 27, was hospitalized last week after feeling ill at a training camp in the French Pyrenees. Complications arose over the weekend, including internal bleeding.

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Pressure groups and revolutionaries can play a part. African American English came from a minority, mostly poor, often oppressed, all of whom were descended from a different language pool than English, and yet their expressions colonized the English language and not only of youth.

Meanwhile, the country’s far-right opposition, led by Matteo Salvini’s League, does little beyond shouting at the government and at Europe. Italy is playing into the hands of those, such as the Dutch, who doubt European money will be well spent.

The pandemic has hit Italy especially hard. The International Monetary Fund expects its gross domestic product to shrink by nearly 13% this year, more than the euro-zone average. The government has put together a hefty fiscal stimulus, but this will add to the country’s huge public debt. Italy’s 10-year bond yields are now higher than Greece’s — not exactly a sign of confidence from investors.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Ever The Laggard © Bloomberg Ever The Laggard

Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s prime minister, has become very popular during the pandemic, after he enforced one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe. He’s failing, however, to come up with meaningful post-virus policies. He has essentially frozen the economy, barring companies from firing workers and implementing a generous furlough scheme. Yet there’s little sign of what will come next. Last month, he touted the idea of cutting value-added tax, but the coalition partners quickly rebuffed him.

European police shut criminal phone network used to plan murders

  European police shut criminal phone network used to plan murders Police said Thursday they had shut down an encrypted phone network used as a key tool by organised crime groups across Europe to plot assassination attempts and major drug deals. The hack allowed police to "look into the heart" of organised crime groups, Wil van Gemert, Deputy Executive Director of the EU police agency Europol, told a press conference in The Hague. The hacking of the phones allowed the "disruption of criminal activities including violent attacks, corruption, attempted murders and large-scale drug transports," Europol and the EU judicial agency added in a joint statement.

From Dutch boys to splitting the bill, we explain how to survive dating the Dutch . But come on… we’re not teens anymore and I refuse to turn into a machiavelic love soldier. Limbo definitely has to come from the Dutch language, implying a kind of stress many candidates have failed to comply with.

Many of the Sydney rally’s supporters suggested that the attempt to cancel Saturday’s event had been an example of racism. They noted that gatherings of mostly white Australians, such as at farmers’ markets, seemed to have continued without interruption. Within minutes of the rally’s start, however

Conte claims that the EU recovery fund offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rebuild Italy’s economy, but the Democrats and Five Star are struggling to agree on the spending priorities. The Democrats want to use the funds to boost infrastructure investment. However, Five Star has a history of opposing grand projects on the grounds that they are wasteful and damage the environment. Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s foreign minister — and Five Star’s former leader — has floated the idea of using the European money to pay for income tax cuts. The Democrats quickly knocked back his idea, saying the EU has earmarked the money for investment.

Where the coalition partners did agree, unfortunately, was in propping up ailing businesses that were struggling even before the crisis. The government has given 3 billion euros to Alitalia, a chronically loss-making airline. Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA and Banca Popolare di Bari SCpa, two troubled lenders, have transferred many of their non-performing loans to a state-backed bad bank. Rome has clashed before with Brussels over this type of state aid, but the pandemic has created a window of opportunity for Italy’s government.

Unraveling of organized crime after the dismantling of the encrypted EncroChat network

 Unraveling of organized crime after the dismantling of the encrypted EncroChat network © CHARLOTTE VAN OUWERKERK / AFPTV / AFP The French and Dutch courts and police announced this Thursday 2 July the results of the investigation that led to the dismantling of the EncroChat encrypted network. After infiltrating and dismantling a global network of encrypted communications, called EncroChat, used by criminal groups, the French and Dutch judicial and police authorities have made more than 800 arrests. An earthquake for organized crime.

A man and a woman have been filmed brandishing guns at protesters who swarmed at the edge of their property, after a group of Black Lives Matter activists crashed the gates into a rich neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Multiple videos of the altercation went viral online, with the couple earning praise for

Dutch is slightly more widely spoken than French, and German is spoken the least. The Belgians, living in the north, will often prefer to answer B−5: The rivers and hills of the Ardennes in the southeast contrast sharply with the rolling plains which make up much of the northern and western countryside.

This is a missed opportunity, because there are areas where the EU recovery funds could be put to good use. Italy needs to improve its labor-market policies to offer properly targeted support to workers at risk of unemployment. However, Five Star has stuffed Italy’s labor-market institutions with party loyalists, leading to sub-par results. The citizens’ income program, a flagship Five Star policy aimed at the jobless and the working poor, has failed to find suitable employment for most recipients. Why would a European-funded program administered by the same people yield different results?

Designing a recovery fund that gives governments the right incentives to spend the money wisely is difficult. Despite Rutte’s promptings, the EU needs to avoid the heavy-handed conditions that accompanied past rescue programs. They would be impossible to accept in southern Europe. But a lighter set of conditions means a greater degree of trust in recipient nations. And while Greece and Portugal have managed their economies well in recent years, it’s hard to have the same confidence in Italy.

The rest of the EU members face a dilemma. If they fail to support Rome, they will be accused of failing to show solidarity and they could trigger a market backlash. At the same time, it seems unlikely that any support package will improve the country’s lackluster growth. As Europe’s leaders prepare themselves to discuss a radical overhaul of the monetary union, they must consider whether they’re prepared to support Italy for a long time.

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Italian, Slovene presidents hold hands, recall sad times .
The presidents of Italy and Slovenia met at several ceremonies on Monday linked to sorrowful events in their nations' shared history and aimed at reinforcing reconciliation. In the area of Trieste, a port city near Italy’s border with Slovenia, Italian President Sergio Mattarella and Slovenian President Borut Pahor held hands and observed a minute of silence at a monument to four anti-Fascist Slovenes who were executed by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s regime in 1930. The four became symbols the Slovene minority's resistance to Italian Fascism.

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