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01:06  11 august  2020
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India ‘Flying Blind’ on Virus Data as Modi’s No. 2 Gets Infected

  India ‘Flying Blind’ on Virus Data as Modi’s No. 2 Gets Infected Amit Shah, the man leading India’s fight against Covid-19 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s top lieutenant, has been among government leaders touting the country’s low death rate as a success story. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); In late June, Shah said India had seen much fewer deaths from the virus than the global average and other nations like the U.S., Brazil and the U.K.

Why are Indian women 'Happy to Bleed'? The Indian sanitary pad makers' story wins Oscar. India women fight to enter temples. Image caption Tens of thousands of women work as sugarcane harvesters in India . After the issue was raised last month in the state assembly by legislator Neelam

In India , menstruation is rarely discussed openly and this can leave girls and women ignorant about the issue and subject to social exclusion due to age-old social beliefs. Menstruating women and girls are considered unclean and impure and are subjected to discrimination during their periods when, for

Un congé pour les femmes qui ont leurs règles en Inde © Peter Dazeley / Getty Images Leave for menstruating women in India The Zomato company has decided to offer ten days of leave over the year to its employees. A major step in the country.

"Menstrual leave" is growing in India. It's Zomato, the local equivalent of Uber Eats or Deliveroo, the food delivery giant that is taking the plunge. Deepinder Goyal, its founder and boss, announced on Saturday that employees could benefit from ten days of leave per year, or just under one for each menstrual cycle, reports CNN . The measure concerns women, but also transgender employees. A decision taken in order to "foster a culture of trust, truth and acceptance", according to his explanations.

India’s residency law in Kashmir amplifies demographic fears

  India’s residency law in Kashmir amplifies demographic fears SRINAGAR, India (AP) — For almost a century, no outsider was allowed to buy land and property in Indian-controlled Kashmir. That changed Aug. 5 last year when India's Hindu nationalist government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi stripped the Himalayan state’s semi-autonomous powers and downgraded it to a federally governed territory. It also annulled the long-held hereditary special rights its natives had over the disputed region’s land ownership and jobs.Since then, India has brought in a slew of changes through new laws.

In India , there is generally a silence around the issue of women 's health - especially around menstruation . People believe that menstruating women should not take baths and are anaemic. The result was that they never got properly dry, leaving a horrible stench. The unhygienic cloth got

After few discussions we came up with an idea to grant every menstruating employee mandatory two days leave ,” he added, “It was purely a business Director of Communication for PRAG, Amrita Raj Singh concurs, “Periods are considered a minor issue in India ; being a woman , I know that many

While Zomato would not be the first Indian company to take the plunge, it is the largest to date. Present in 24 countries, it employs thousands of people. The announcement was emailed to employees, and then made public. Deepinder Goyal is also attacking what is taboo in Indian society. "There shouldn't be any shame or stigma attached to the decision to take a day off. Please feel free to let your colleagues know that you are taking your period." He invites those who are victims of harassment on the subject to make themselves known. In India, the subject of periods is taboo. In some houses, women become "unclean" and are not allowed to cook or touch another person. The northeastern state of Bihar has already taken the decision to grant two days off each month for "biological reasons."

India’s Narendra Modi Is Breaking Ground for a Controversial Temple of Ram. Here’s Why It Matters

  India’s Narendra Modi Is Breaking Ground for a Controversial Temple of Ram. Here’s Why It Matters The Ayodhya temple dispute played a significant role in helping the Modi's BJP rise to powerIt is the site of years of conflict between Hindus and Muslims. Hindus believe it is the birthplace of Lord Ram, a prominent deity. For Muslims in India, it is the site of a 16th century mosque that was demolished by a mob in 1992, sparking sectarian riots that led to some 2,000 deaths.

Campaign to offer menstruation leave only reinforces unhelpful attitudes, argues Barkha Dutt. Muslim women have told me they are not allowed to offer Namaz prayers during their period. A campaign in India has urged providing women a day off for the first day of their periods.

By some estimates, 88% of menstruating women in India have no access to sanitary napkins, and 200 million This is so worrisome, considering women have been menstruating since the beginning of time. In many cases these are cloth pads, but can even be made of wood shavings, dried leaves

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The subject of menstrual leave is not unprecedented in the world. As L’Obs explained in 2017, it’s even a reality in five Asian countries. This has been the case in Japan since 1947, employers can determine the number of days allowed and possible remuneration. Indonesia, South Korea and even Taiwan are also concerned, with very variable effectiveness from one country to another. In Europe, Italy also considered the subject in 2017.

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The 19th Amendment didn’t give women the right to vote .
Its actual language — and effects — were much narrower.Textbooks and teaching materials hail the amendment, ratified on August 18, 1920, as a “milestone” guaranteeing voting rights to all women. In 1973, Congress designated August 26, the date the amendment was officially certified, as Women’s Equality Day — honoring, in the words of then-President Richard Nixon, “the first step toward full and equal participation of women in our Nation’s life.” This year, celebrations around the country mark the amendment’s 100th anniversary. You can buy “nasty woman” T-shirts commemorating the centennial of women voting.

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