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22:10  26 september  2020
22:10  26 september  2020 Source:   latribune.fr

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  Le chef de la FAA va lui même piloter le Boeing 737 MAX pour le tester! © Provided by La Tribune

Before giving the "go" to a return to service of the Boeing 737 MAX, grounded since March 2019 following two accidents which killed 346 people, Steve Dickson, the person in charge since August 2019 (after the MAX accidents) of the American Civil Aviation Authority, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) wants to be clear about the reliability of the modifications made to this aircraft. At 63, this former pilot of the American Air Force, then of the Delta company where he became responsible for flight operations, will himself test the 737 MAX. After training on a flight simulator, Steve Dickson will take control of a copy on an evaluation flight next week in Seattle. He will then share his observations with FAA technical staff. This step is important for the return to service of the 737 MAX.

Boeing 737 MAX. The flight ban in Europe could be lifted in November

 Boeing 737 MAX. The flight ban in Europe could be lifted in November © REUTERS The Boeing 737 Max are currently parked in Seattle (northwestern United States) More than a year after the two fatal Boeing accidents 737 MAX, the European authorities could give the authorization for this plane to resume its flights on the continent, we learned on Friday. Boeing's 737 MAX could get a new permit to fly in November and resume commercial operation by the end of the year, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA ).

Flight authorization in November

This test flight will take place while the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) indicated on Friday that the MAX could obtain a new flight authorization in November and resume commercial operation by the end of the year.

"For the first time in a year and a half, I can say that an issue is in sight regarding the work on the MAX," said Patrick Ky, the executive director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). told reporters from the Association of Aeronautics and Space Journalists (AJPAE)

Welcoming these propros, the Boeing share closed up 7% on Wall Street.

Shareholder complaint against the board to reimburse the losses of the MAX

Something to bring back a smile to the members of the board of directors and executives, former or current of Boeing, who are the subject of a complaint of certain shareholders. As the Wall Street Journal revealed on Friday, shareholders in September updated their complaint filed in June in a Delaware court accusing members of the board of directors, including the current boss David Calhoun and his predecessor Dennis Muilenburg , and other leaders of the group, for not having taken all the necessary measures to prevent the 737 MAX crisis.

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The plaintiffs demand that the members of the board and the officers singled out for reimbursement to Boeing for the financial losses generated by their lack of supervision as well as all the remuneration received in the course of their duties. The bill amounts to several tens of billions of dollars!

For the complainants, the members of the council did not put in place tools (such as a committee dedicated to safety or an alert system, which would have made it possible to assess and control the safety of the 737 MAX before fatal accidents Lion Air at the end of 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines in March 2019. The members of the board of directors have, in their eyes, "no excuse" for not having ensured the safety of the aircraft, especially in to the extent that they have been repeatedly warned of problems with the design, manufacture and marketing of other aircraft of the company.

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Boeing strongly disputes these accusations

For Boeing, these accusations are unfounded "and the aircraft manufacturer will work to have the complaint dismissed by the end of the year, said a spokesperson for the group.

"As you would expect (...) in a lawsuit like this, the complaint presents a biased and misleading version of the facts of the activities of Boeing and its con administration "during the period in question, reacted this spokesperson.

An uncompromising investigation report from Congress

However, the final investigation report of the US Congressional Transport Committee is uncompromising for the manufacturer and the FAA.

On reading this report, the commission concluded on Wednesday that the fatal crashes of the 737 MAX represent "the horrible outcome" of a series of engineering flaws, mismanagement on the part of Boeing and a supervision by the aviation regulator (FAA). This 239-page final report on the Lion Air crashes in October 2018 and Ethiopan Airlines in March 2019 is the result of 18 months of investigation, more than 20 hearings and a 600,000-page review of documents.

The FAA chief is satisfied with the Boeing 737 MAX which he himself piloted

 The FAA chief is satisfied with the Boeing 737 MAX which he himself piloted © Provided by La Tribune Grounded since March 2019 for safety reasons following two fatal accidents which left 346 victims, the Boeing 737 MAX took an important step on Friday for its return to service. Performed in person by the director of the United States Civil Aviation Authority (FAA), Steve Dickson, the 2-hour test flight over the Seattle skies went very well.

It "contains disturbing revelations of how Boeing - under pressure to compete with Airbus and make profits for Wall Street - escaped FAA scrutiny, withheld critical information from pilots, and ultimately commissioned aircraft. planes which killed 346 innocent people, ”commented House of Representatives Transport Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio in a statement.

The document brings "to Congress a roadmap on the steps we need to take to strengthen aviation safety and regulatory transparency, increase federal oversight and improve corporate accountability to ensure that the story of the Boeing 737 MAX does not never repeats itself, ”he added.

"We have learned many difficult lessons from the crashes on Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, as well as from the mistakes we made," responded Boeing.

"We have worked hard to strengthen our safety culture and restore confidence with our customers, regulators and the public," the group also underlined.

Pressure not to be left behind by Airbus

This report highlights five themes, starting with the strong financial pressure put on Boeing and the 737 MAX program to act quickly, in order to cope with the new Airbus aircraft, the A320 Neo.

The document also blames the assumptions made by Boeing about essential technologies of the aircraft, including the MCAS anti-stall software implicated in the two accidents, as well as the culture of concealment that prevails at the manufacturer and prevented it from sharing crucial information with the authorities, its customers and the pilots of the 737 MAX.

The authors of the report also highlight the way in which the regulator, the FAA, supervises Boeing, which they claim creates "inherent conflicts of interest", as well as Boeing's too much influence over the FAA.

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