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15:25  27 september  2020
15:25  27 september  2020 Source:   washingtonexaminer.com

US holds its second high-profile visit to Taiwan in two months as Beijing escalates military pressure

  US holds its second high-profile visit to Taiwan in two months as Beijing escalates military pressure A high-profile United States official is visiting Taiwan for the second time in two months, the latest sign of warming ties between Washington and Taipei, as Beijing escalates pressure on the self-governed island through a series of military drills and aircraft incursions. © PEI CHEN/AFP/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Keith Krach, US Undersecretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment, alights from an aircraft after landing at the Songshan airport in Taipei on September 17.

Several Chinese Su-30 fighters were intercepted over international waters by Taiwanese jets after they crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait According to the South China Morning Post, Taiwan ’s Ministry of National Defense “detected multiple numbers of Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets flying

Tensions rise as China sends fighter jets after US transport plane flies over Taiwan Source

China seems set to overfly Taiwan with fighter jets. Such an operation would be designed to warn the U.S. against increasing its support for Taiwan. And second, to test whether President Tsai Ing-wen is willing to fire on Chinese aircraft.

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The latest warning of an impending overflight came on Thursday in the Global Times newspaper. The primary mouthpiece of Beijing's Communist Party messaging to the west, the paper warned that the "Deployment of US forces to Taiwan means war." This refers to recent U.S. Military journal articles hypothesizing how best the Pentagon could help Taiwan defeat a Chinese invasion in any conflict. Apparently sensing that the Trump administration may soon send a more senior diplomat to visit the island, the editorial added that "It is not known how the US and Taiwan will make further provocations, but the response of the mainland is certain. If the U.S. and Taiwan raise the level of officials for engagement, the mainland will firmly respond by sending PLA fighter jets over the island of Taiwan to claim sovereignty."

Taiwan military says it has right to counter attack amid China threats

  Taiwan military says it has right to counter attack amid China threats Taiwan military says it has right to counter attack amid China threatsTensions have sharply spiked in recent months between Taipei and Beijing, which claims democratically run Taiwan as its own territory, to be taken by force if needed.

China has responded to an "unusual" flight by a US transport aircraft by sending its combat jets into Taiwan 's airspace. Taiwan says it had to "forcibly" remove them. This Is How a No- Fly Zone Actually Gets Enforced - Продолжительность: 2:56 Smithsonian Channel Recommended for you.

Chinese Air Force Was spotted flying over Taiwan again for the 7th time in 10 days! Is China preparing for something?

The editorial also pointed out that the PLA Air Force has already moved towards intruding over Taiwan's airspace. "PLA fighter jets recently crossed the so-called middle line of the Taiwan Straits on a large scale," it noted, "clearly drawing the red line that the US and Taiwan must not further collude. The Global Times has understood that PLA fighter jets were as closest as only seconds away from the coast of Taiwan. They were only one step away from flying over the island of Taiwan."

These threats should not be taken lightly.

China views Taiwan as a breakaway province which must, for reasons of Communist Party credibility and national honor, be brought back to the motherland. If Beijing believes that Taiwan is splitting too far from its grasp, it will use force in an effort to compel the island nation's subjugation. But if China does indeed overfly Taiwan with fighter jets, the Taiwanese government will face a moment of great consequence. To allow those fighters to pass over its territory unchallenged would be a humiliating and dangerous show of timidity. Of course, to shoot down any fighters would risk Beijing's immediate escalation to conflict. Here we see an ultimate Catch-22.

Almost 40 Chinese warplanes breach Taiwan Strait median line

  Almost 40 Chinese warplanes breach Taiwan Strait median line Taiwan's President has accused Beijing of purposefully inflaming tensions in East Asia, after Chinese warplanes crossed the sensitive median line across the narrow strait that separates the mainland and the self-governing island almost 40 times on Friday and Saturday. © Ministry of National Defence Taiwan Defense Ministry photo shows an Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force H-6 bomber intercepted by Taiwanese fighters on Friday.

China send b0mber and fighter jet flying in taiwan airspace A number of Chinese fighter jets , including a bomber, again broke into Taiwan 's air defense zone

Taiwanese very annoyed with his behavior China who likes arbitrarily violates the borders of his country. Not infrequently the two countries exchanged

Still, Xi Jinping also faces great risks. While his recapture of Taiwan would consolidate his legacy desire to become the next Mao Zedong master of Chinese destiny, defeat would risk the Communist Party's mainland survival. It is in America's interest to reinforce Xi's perception of the latter risk, while mitigating his desire to carry forward an invasion.

Put simply, for China, Taiwan, and the U.S., tensions and the reciprocal stakes are growing very quickly.

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To stop a Chinese invasion, Taiwan has to first fight the stigma of military service .
A stronger army is needed to deter a wider conflict that could entangle the U.S. at a time when calls are growing in Washington to defend the disputed island.The 21-year-old French-language major regards his upcoming mandatory four-month military service as an unnecessary burden, even as complaints persist that such stints are too short to protect the nation compared with the two to three years that previous generations served.

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