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23:05  19 october  2020
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Boris Johnson’s Brexit Gamble Foments a Brewing Scottish Rebellion

  Boris Johnson’s Brexit Gamble Foments a Brewing Scottish Rebellion British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is feuding with Europe over Brexit and facing a growing backlash from within his own party. There’s also a rebellion over the U.K.’s future that only looks set to get worse. © Photographer: ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon arrives to deliver the Programme For Government during a session in the debating chamber of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on September 1, 2020. Scotland opposes the Internal Market Bill that has led to the latest acrimony with the European Union.

Scottish independence : separation anxiety sets in for U . K . Cameron's personal plea aimed to keep the 307-year-old union between England and Scotland intact and prevent himself from going down in history as the U . K . prime minister who lost Scotland .

Scotland and England are two nations divided by their experience of history . That divide was never wider than during the Wars of Independence in the 13th and 14th centuries when a chance event brought an era of relative friendship to an end in violent conflict. The Succession Crisis.

(Bloomberg) -- Britain’s governing Conservatives are sketching out a strategy to counter rising support for Scottish independence, with a memo circulated to a select group of people including Cabinet minister Michael Gove, according to people familiar with the discussions taking place.

The document from a political consultancy firm that works closely with the party looks at tactics to delay and then avoid a referendum in the event of a majority for the pro-independence Scottish National Party in next May’s elections, an outcome that looks increasingly likely.

Continuing to dismiss Scottish calls for another independence vote outright could be “counterproductive,” the memo said. Possible counter-measures include London handing more power to Edinburgh and ratifying a new settlement through a popular vote, and pressuring the European Union to nix the idea of Scotland rejoining the bloc as an independent country.

Support for Scottish independence hits record high as poll finds majority of Scots want break-up of the UK

  Support for Scottish independence hits record high as poll finds majority of Scots want break-up of the UK 58% of decided voters in Scotland now back breaking-up the United Kingdom according to the Ipsos Mori poll.55% of all voters back independence according to the Ipsos Mori/STV poll with just 39% opposed. Once undecided voters have been stripped out a total of 58% back independence.

Talk of Scottish independence has been revived since the Scottish National Party won 48 of Scotland 's 59 seats in the British Parliament. Scottish Minister

This presumably dates from when Scotland used to be a net recipient of money from the EU, which is no longer the case, in order to sell this to their base they came up with the phrase “ Independence in Europe”, though of course Jim Sillars highlights the absurdity of this version of independence .

One person familiar with the communication said that a group was coming together to work on the issue. Gove’s office said it doesn’t comment on leaked documents. The study wasn’t commissioned by the government.

Michael Gove wearing a suit and tie: Coronavirus Outbreak Puts Brexit Negotiations in Jeopardy © Bloomberg Coronavirus Outbreak Puts Brexit Negotiations in Jeopardy

Michael Gove

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

With coronavirus infections soaring, a rebellion over lockdown measures and talks on a trade deal with the EU deadlocked, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his allies are battling on multiple fronts. But there’s also a growing sense of urgency over Scotland as a clear majority of voters now backs the breakup of the three-centuries-old U.K.

A poll published by Ipsos MORI last week put support for independence at 58%, the highest level ever, as the U.K.’s handling of the pandemic, economic fallout and Brexit play into the hands of the nationalists. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s government in Edinburgh has been calling for a fresh referendum, something Johnson has so far rejected.

Scotland: Large majority want independence

 Scotland: Large majority want independence A recent survey shows: More Scots than ever before would like independence from Great Britain. One reason is Brexit - another is the government in London. © SCOTT HEPPELL / REUTERS A record 58 percent of Scots want independence from the United Kingdom. This emerges from an representative survey , which the British market research institute Ipsos MORI published on Wednesday.

Q&A: Scottish independence referendum. By Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland . The Scottish Greens also back independence , as does independent MSP Margo MacDonald, while So, the Scottish Parliament's part first-past-the-post, part PR voting system was intended to prevent any

Scotland 's historic referendum on independence has resonated across the world, with many countries watching its outcome closely. Because the Catalan government plans a Scottish -style vote on independence on 9 November, even though the Spanish government has called it "illegal".

Looming Crisis

The document, seen by Bloomberg News, sets out the uphill struggle the pro-U.K. cause faces after the pandemic boosted the standing of Sturgeon and damaged the popularity of Johnson and the Conservative Party.

Nicola Sturgeon holding a guitar: Nicola Sturgeon GETTY sub © Photographer: Fraser Bremner/Pool/Getty Images Nicola Sturgeon GETTY sub

Nicola Sturgeon

Photographer: Fraser Bremner/Pool/Getty Images

Video: British senior minister Michael Gove insisted the door for a trade deal remained "ajar" even if both sides still disagree on several major issues (AFP)

The 21-page memo was written by Hanbury, which was set up by Ameet Gill, former Prime Minister David Cameron’s one-time director of strategy, and Paul Stephenson, who was director of communications for pro-Brexit group Vote Leave. One of the firm’s partners is James Kanagasooriam, who worked with the Scottish Conservatives on elections in 2016 and 2017.

Brexit: The Scots say they are 58% in favor of independence, a record

 Brexit: The Scots say they are 58% in favor of independence, a record The Scottish Nationalist Party is in a strong position ahead of the local elections in May 2021, to organize a second referendum © David Cheskin / AP / SIPA The Scottish flag and that of the European Union, in Edinburgh on August 21, 2020. POLL - The Scottish Nationalist Party is in a strong position ahead of the local elections in May 2021, to hold a second referendum This is a record that should not go unnoticed in the context of the stalling of negotiations on the Brexit .

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" Scotland can make different choices to save jobs but only if we have the powers that other normal independent countries have. First Minister Mark Drakeford has said that no UK Prime Minister has the right to stand in the way of an independence referendum in either Scotland or Wales if the

The report covers the state of play, voter and polling trends, a strategy for next year’s Scottish elections and what do to in the event of an SNP majority.

“If the SNP builds on this momentum then the endpoint could be a full-blown constitutional crisis or a second independence referendum,” the report said. “Either of these outcomes would consume significant political capital for the government.”

Hanbury declined to comment on the document.

Read More: Boris Johnson’s Policies Have Bolstered Scotland’s Nationalists

The memo suggests the Tory campaign should focus on the SNP’s record in government, making the party “pay the price” for running the semi-autonomous administration since 2007. The strategy also argues that “a hard-hitting, attack-focused” campaign against Sturgeon could shift votes.

‘Co-Opting’ Europe

A second challenge will be developing a compelling offer to voters who support remaining in the U.K. but oppose leaving the European Union by putting forward policies in areas such as the environment and immigration.

Euro Tour: Matt Wallace takes three-shot lead at Scottish Championship

  Euro Tour: Matt Wallace takes three-shot lead at Scottish Championship Matt Wallace hasn't won on the European Tour for over two years. On Saturday, he put himself in position to end that streak. Wallace took charge of the Scottish Championship with a third-round 66 at Fairmont St. Andrews in Scotland. The highlight of the Englishman's day…Wallace took charge of the Scottish Championship with a third-round 66 at Fairmont St. Andrews in Scotland. The highlight of the Englishman’s day came at the relatively short par-4 seventh, where he placed his tee shot within 25 feet of the hole. He proceeded to curl in the ensuing eagle putt.

Support for Welsh independence is really low in comparison to Scotland , and the Isle of Man is not part of the UK , being a semi- independent Crown Until a few hundred years ago they would make the odd attempt to claim independence by force. Scotland however until the Treaty of Union took effect

Scottish Independence : would you need passport to go to Scotland ? ' Scotland does not want to leave the EU,' Scottish minister reacts to U . K . election Scottish Independence Referendum Explained - Продолжительность: 7:29 WonderWhy Recommended for you.

In a 2014 independence referendum, Scotland voted 55% to 45% to stay in the U.K. after a last-minute promise of greater autonomy over areas such as finance and the economy. Yet every region of Scotland opposed Brexit in the U.K. vote on EU membership two years later.

One way of trying to break the link between independence and remaining in the single market is by “co-opting the EU into demonstrating that there is no viable pathway to renewed membership,” the report said.

Brexit has changed the game and makes the conventional argument against a rerun of the 2014 referendum -- that it was a “once in a generation” vote -- no longer effective, it said. “Put simply, there are not enough Leave voters to convert to the ‘No’ side to make up for the movement of Remain voters into the ‘Yes’ camp,” the report said.

Another challenge identified by the memo is a lack of key personnel among those on the “No” side of the independence debate. The authors claim there is “a vacuum of leadership within the Unionist movement which is leaving the campaign rudderless at a key moment.”

New Deal

The memo offers three steps the U.K. government could take to mitigate the pressure: “​New accommodation, new constitutional settlement, and cooperation rather than confrontation​.” It describes the first step as a “velvet no” that rejects a referendum in the short term and buys time.

The government should instead focus on a “Four Nations, One Country” policy by transferring further financial powers, differentiation on policies connected to the EU vote, such as immigration. The document says that the new settlement will be the subject of another paper.

One of the people familiar with the positions within the Conservatives told Bloomberg that there were contrasting voices within the party, with some saying there should be no referendum and no more ceding of powers.

Another option set out in the memo would be to prepare a new constitutional plan ready to roll out in case of an SNP victory in May. These measures could eventually be ratified via a referendum as a “placation” against the SNP’s demands for an independence vote, the document says.

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More than 50 of Boris Johnson’s own Conservative members of Parliament have demanded a clear route out of lockdown for parts of northern Britain that helped give his party a majority in last year’s election. In a letter to the prime minister, the MPs warned that his pandemic strategy of targeting local areas with restrictions was disproportionately damaging the economies of northern regions of the country and deepening the divide between the north and the wealthier south.

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