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10:50  30 october  2020
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Average daily Covid - 19 cases in the U.S. set another all-time high on Wednesday, marking the fourth consecutive day the nation topped its prior day record. The seven-day average of daily new U.S. cases was 74,183, a 24% rise from a week ago, according to a CNBC analysis of data from Johns Hopkins

Coronavirus: Latest news on the Covid - 19 global pandemic. Wisconsin faces Covid - 19 crisis as coronavirus cases continue to rise, governor says. Seniors are better at pandemic safety than young adults, CDC finds. Utah hospitals could start rationing health care at overwhelmed facilities, hospital

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- It’s easy to feel that there’s no light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. Europe’s intensive care wards are filling up again, pushing France and Germany into a fresh round of stay-at-home restrictions and lockdowns — albeit ones designed to be softer than the first. Even countries hit hard by the first wave, such as Italy and Sweden, are seeing rising cases, suggesting herd immunity is a long way off. The U.S. looks to have given up on controlling the pandemic until a vaccine arrives.

Yet we shouldn’t ignore the better news from Asia. The strategies pursued by South Korea, Vietnam, China and others do still seem to be paying off. While the total Covid-19 death toll is between 500-700 per million people in France, the U.K., Spain and the U.S., in China and South Korea it is below 10 per million. Cases are a less perfect measure, but there’s a similar observable gap. Wuhan, once the epicenter of Covid-19, is welcoming tourists again.

Brazilian soccer great Pelé turns 80, isolated at home

  Brazilian soccer great Pelé turns 80, isolated at home SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazilian soccer great Pelé turns 80 on Friday, but the celebration will have to wait. The three-time World Cup winner will spend the day isolated with a few family members outside Sao Paulo, where he is expected to receive a flood of tributes from players, fans, celebrities and politicians. His long-time spokesman, Pepito Fornos, said Pelé will likely spend his birthday at his mansion in the beachfront city of Guarujá, on the coast of Sao Paulo state, where he has been since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also has residences in Santos and Sao Paulo.

COVID - 19 – The Impact and Road Ahead. There had always been a risk associated with reopening too early, particularly without an effective vaccine. In the interest of supporting employment and the economy, however, governments reopened in the summer. It didn’ t take long for new

Putin added that "the situation is indeed better [than in spring] and this pertains to the experience in mobilizing the healthcare system and taking the As of Thursday, Russia has registered 1,581,693 cases of Covid - 19 , with 27,301 deaths attributed to the pandemic. Overall, the country has the fourth

The perception of an Asian advantage in this pandemic often falls prey to essentialist thinking: That somehow the East is doing things the West could never do, and that it’s largely down to profound differences in values, politics and culture. If China is able to contain Covid-19, it must be because of draconian government policy and the social bonds of Confucianism. If Singapore has 28 deaths, credit must lie with Lee Kuan Yew’s founding legacy of authoritarian pragmatism.

There are likely far less intangible forces at work. If the key to avoiding more lockdowns is finding a way to “live with the virus” — through widespread testing, tracing of contacts and isolating positive cases to slow transmission — Western countries have made structural, not cultural, errors.

Asia becomes second region to exceed 10 million coronavirus cases

  Asia becomes second region to exceed 10 million coronavirus cases Asia becomes second region to exceed 10 million coronavirus cases(Reuters) - Asia surpassed 10 million infections of the new coronavirus on Saturday, the second-heaviest regional toll in the world, according to a Reuters tally, as cases continue to mount in India despite a slowdown and sharp declines elsewhere.

The latest estimates show that Covid - 19 is nowhere near as lethal as early models claimed, yet the mainstream media have been mum on the © CDC/screenshot. The revelation should have been major news , but has gone largely unnoticed, Blaze columnist Daniel Horowitz pointed out on Monday.

Asia . Australia. Sorry to see no mention of Sweden or other Nordic countries in your roundup of global actions on Covid - 19 (Covid test and trace All we can do is wait until winter and see how many of us survive this incompetence, but I am still puzzled as to why you are ignoring the Swedish story.

Extensive testing was rolled out in Europe after the first wave, but too slowly and too late to avoid delays and bottlenecks. Contact tracers were too few; digital apps were left to wither on the vine. Positive cases didn’t take isolation seriously, because of a lack of enforcement and patchy financial support. These aren’t questions of philosophy, but about implementation of policy. Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, admitted as much on Thursday when she said European Union leaders should have acted sooner. Even the famously organized Germans failed to halt the second wave.

Compare that with Asia, where public-health systems have proven more robust. South Korea tested early, and often, using walk-in centers and drive-throughs. In Wuhan, the authorities tested 11 million people over 2 weeks. The share of tests coming back positive in South Korea and Vietnam is below 1%; in France and Spain it has risen to 10%.

Whether Trump or Biden wins in November, Beijing will be hoping to reset the US-China relationship

  Whether Trump or Biden wins in November, Beijing will be hoping to reset the US-China relationship Whenever there is a change of power in Washington, it is traditional for the outgoing president to write his successor a note, offering advice and a welcome of sorts to the small fraternity of United States leaders. © Provided by CNN George W. Bush warned Barack Obama that "the critics will rage (and) your 'friends' will disappoint you," while Obama urged current US President Donald Trump to "sustain the international order that's expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War.

Life is slowly returning to normal in the Chinese city where COVID - 19 is thought to have originated. His business will also likely suffer, as people are not likely to buy real estate after the city re-opens. "I don ' t expect people to be in the mood for buying property before this outbreak phases out completely

“A Covid - 19 infection is generally mild, and that really is the secret of the virus’s success,” adds Ball. Due to the unprecedented and ongoing nature of the coronavirus outbreak, this article is being regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the current situation as best as possible.

graphical user interface, application: East-West Divide © Bloomberg East-West Divide

While contact-tracing strategies such as Vietnam’s “third-degree” sweep of personal data — or Hong Kong’s geofencing wristbands — would spook the average Londoner, Europeans failed to implement their own alternatives properly. Between July and August, for example, the number of contacts traced per positive case in France fell to 2.4 from 4.5. If test-and-trace slackens off like this, no wonder we can’t control the virus’s spread.

As for the quarantining of positive cases, the decision by China and South Korea to monitor — or imprison, some might grumble — patients with milder cases in special-care centers is worth considering. Keeping people cooped up at home doesn’t seem that much more liberal, especially when people are tempted outside by the need to earn a living. It’s also far less effective, with one study estimating that isolation in institutions could avert almost three times as many cases as home-based isolation throughout an epidemic.

The differences between Asia and Europe look more rooted in recent, not ancient, history. Over the past 20 years, Asia has been hit with several epidemics, such as SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2015, which forced countries to adapt and improve their institutions. This also spurred countries to invest in public health: Between 2000 and 2016, Vietnam’s per-capita health spending increased by an average of 9% per year. By contrast, European countries have been shutting hospitals and beds, with financial crises more front of mind than disease.

As Europeans start their winter lockdown, they should remember that improvements are achievable. And the good news is that countries are collaborating more at the EU level, on efforts such as rolling out quicker antigen tests and sharing resources. If Asia managed to learn from past pandemics, the West should be able to as well.

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