World Brexit Negotiators Battling to Strike a Deal Before Next Week

22:20  01 december  2020
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A no-deal Brexit will do more damage to the economy than the coronavirus, Bank of England governor warns

  A no-deal Brexit will do more damage to the economy than the coronavirus, Bank of England governor warns Bailey on Monday told MPs it would take the UK economy a "much longer period of time" to adjust to leaving the EU without a free trade deal."I think the long-term effects [of leaving the EU without a trade deal] would be larger than the long-term effects of COVID," Bailey told the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee yesterday.

Brexit negotiators Lord Frost and Michel Barnier before Covid struck Credit: BRITAIN-EU/PARLIAMENT. After months of heated negotiations and an enormous amount of Parliamentary wrangling, the Withdrawal Agreement was finally signed in January.

The UK's negotiators will now meet EU counterparts twice a week in the run-up to a crucial summit on 17 October. A number of MPs who oppose a no- deal Brexit are planning to take action in Parliament next week to force Mr Johnson to ask the EU for an extension to the deadline if a deal is not agreed

(Bloomberg) -- British and European Union negotiators are racing to strike a post-Brexit trade deal before next week, with officials on both sides saying the outcome is still too close to call.

a group of people standing next to a person in a suit and tie: Michel Barnier will brief diplomats on Wednesday on the progress of the negotiations. © Bloomberg Michel Barnier will brief diplomats on Wednesday on the progress of the negotiations.

While intensive, round-the-clock talks in London are making progress, genuine disagreement remains on the two biggest obstacles to an agreement, meaning it’s impossible to predict an outcome with any certainty, people with knowledge of the discussions said. However, two officials said the general mood on both sides is one of optimism.

Biden Says Irish Border Must Remain Open as Brexit Talks Continue

  Biden Says Irish Border Must Remain Open as Brexit Talks Continue Undermining peace process "would be a real problem for the U.S. and for Joe Biden personally,” Ireland's foreign minister saysThe President-elect told reporters on Tuesday that a closed border between Ireland, an E.U. member state, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the U.K. “is just not right, we’ve got to keep the border open.” The dividing line was heavily militarized during the Northern Ireland conflict or “Troubles” and was opened after the historic Good Friday peace agreement was signed in 1998. Now, with Britain leaving the E.U., the prospect of border controls is again a reality.

Brexit talks are set to stretch into next week after insufficient progress was made in negotiations in London Opinions diverge on whether or not a deal is still possible before the end of next week . Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin said on Thursday the U.K. ought to make an effort to strike a deal

The U.K. and European Union signaled a Brexit deal is in sight, with negotiators heading into intensive South African Unions Strike to Protest Graft, Job Losses. This suggests that the EU still has reservations about the chances of getting a deal done, and that member states are unwilling to

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, will brief diplomats from the bloc’s 27 member states on Wednesday on the progress of the negotiations.

The next few days are crucial, with the U.K. and EU teams hoping that an agreement can be reached on Friday or over the weekend, officials said. One said that while a final picture was beginning to emerge, the situation remains incredibly delicate.

People familiar with the EU position said negotiators are trying to avoid talks running into next week to prevent them having an impact on preparations for a summit of EU leaders that starts on Dec. 10.

Not only are European governments occupied with a row over the EU budget, the bloc’s negotiating team, led by Barnier, is concerned that presenting leaders with anything other than a signed-and-sealed deal would leave an agreement vulnerable to being unpicked at the last moment.

Brexit: Scotland expects a no deal or a low-scope agreement ... and heavy damage

 Brexit: Scotland expects a no deal or a low-scope agreement ... and heavy damage © Pixabay Brexit: Scotland expects a no-deal or a low-scope agreement ... and big damage Monster traffic jams with trucks on the roads leading to ports, long queues at passport control, temporary shortages of certain products ... The end of the post-Brexit transition period risks causing turmoil. "The short-term damage will be serious, but the long-term damage will be worse," Scotland said.

Informal meetings between the U.K. and EU’s chief negotiators since then have failed to make Johnson’s video call -- in which he signaled to the EU he was ready to do a deal -- was supposed to A final negotiating round is scheduled for the week of Aug. 17 -- but no plans have been made for

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, left, walks to attend Brexit trade negotiations at a conference centre, in London, Tuesday, Dec. Talks are continuing, and U.K. officials have said this is the last week to strike a deal . It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

The EU has outsourced its negotiating to Barnier and the European Commission, and some countries -- especially France and the Netherlands -- are uneasy about what sort of compromises are being made in their name, one EU official said.

‘So Tricky’

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday that the negotiations are “so tricky and so difficult” but they should reach a conclusion soon. The EU is “well prepared” for any outcome, “and we will see in the next days how things turn out,” she said.

While deadlines have come and gone throughout the negotiating process, this period is being seen as the real endgame, officials on both sides said. The talks, which have been going on since March, need to finish within days if the U.K. and EU parliaments are to have time to ratify any agreement before Britain leaves the EU’s single market on Dec. 31.

If the two sides fail to reach an accord by then, businesses and consumers will be left facing the cost and disruption of tariffs and quotas, while relations between the U.K. and EU risk being poisoned for a generation.

Brexit: a possible agreement "in the next few days" considers Ireland

 Brexit: a possible agreement © Photo: Franck Dubray / WEST FRANCE European and Irish flags side by side. As December 31 marks the end of the post-Brexit transition period, Ireland is optimistic about the outcome of the UK-European negotiations. The head of the Irish diplomacy Simon Coveney judged this Thursday 3 December possible an agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union on their commercial relationship post- Brexit "in the coming days" if the Europeans keep their “cool” .

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator , Michel Barnier, has lamented the state of ongoing talks with the UK by tweeting a picture of himself taking a break at a London Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin has said that failure to strike a trade deal with the EU will hit Britain badly, but London also has to

remained optimistic that a Brexit deal could be reached this week , despite a lack of tangible progress in negotiations . prices and earnings as economic restrictions, social lockdowns, and the economic downturn all struck . It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Officials in Brussels said that planned U.K. legislation giving the government powers to unilaterally rewrite parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement could yet prompt the EU to balk at ratifying any deal. They expressed hope that Britain will delete the most controversial clauses from the bill if a deal is reached.

Macron Warning

The two biggest obstacles to a trade deal remain what access EU boats will have to British fishing waters and the level competitive playing field for business -- but progress has been made on both in the last few days, officials said.

On fisheries, the U.K. is holding out for greater control over its stocks, something the government sees as a matter of sovereignty. An agreement on the issue is a precondition for any wider accord, but President Emmanuel Macron has warned that France won’t allow a deal that fails to respect its interests.

Compromises being discussed include delaying any changes to quota allocations and phasing them in gradually over time. But efforts to reach an agreement on the subject are being hindered both by EU countries’ claims to historic rights to fish in certain areas, and the U.K.’s demand to make access conditional on annual negotiations, one official said.

On the level playing field, the two sides are trying to establish a system in which U.K. environment and labor standards can evolve in a similar way to the EU’s but which allows the British government to have full control over them.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman, Jamie Davies, told reporters on Tuesday that the government is working hard to bridge the differences with the EU.

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No visible progress yet on key day for final Brexit deal .
BRUSSELS (AP) — One of the most intense days in the long-running Brexit trade negotiations started off with little good news about any progress Monday, with the United Kingdom and the European Union seemingly still stuck on the same issues that have dogged the standoff for months. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier held a pre-dawn briefing with ambassadors of the 27 member states to see if a deal is still possible with London ahead of the Jan. 1 deadline.

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