World Brut: what is this media to which Emmanuel Macron grants an interview?

09:45  04 december  2020
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What to remember from Emmanuel Macron's announcements on progressive deconfinement

 What to remember from Emmanuel Macron's announcements on progressive deconfinement © Screenshot During a speech Tuesday at 8 p.m., Emmanuel Macron announced the stages of a "progressive deconfinement": the small businesses will be able to reopen from November 28, the rule of one kilometer-one hour has been extended. The end of confinement is scheduled for December 15, it will be replaced by a national curfew. The reopening of bars and restaurants is set for January 20. The vise loosens. During a speech this Tuesday at 8 p.m.

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron postponed an interview to news website Brut to Friday following the death of Former President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Brut said on Thursday. The interview , which was due to last 2 hours, was initially scheduled on Thursday.

VICE: During the campaign, Emmanuel Macron was widely covered by the French press. But the media has to appear to respect the values on which our Republic and our Constitution are based – democracy and secularism. The translation of this interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

L'ANTISECHE - Emmanuel Macron, après un report, accorde vendredi une interview à Brut. Mais, quel est ce média? Chaque jour, l'antisèche du JDD vous explique une notion simple pour comprendre l'actualité. © Brut

L'ANTISECHE - Emmanuel Macron, after a postponement, granted an interview to Brut on Friday. But, what is this medium? Every day, the JDD cheat sheet explains a simple notion to understand the news.

Emmanuel Macron has chosen to postpone his live interview on Brut until Friday, initially scheduled for Thursday. He will address the French instead at 8 p.m., and will pay tribute to Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, former president who died on Wednesday. But what is this medium? Brut is an online media available on its site, its application and its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.) which only broadcasts news videos. Born in November 2016, Brut was founded by Guillaume Lacroix (from the production company Studio Bagel, who works for Canal + and for YouTube), Laurent Lucas (formerly of Canal + and of Le Petit Journal) and the television director Renaud Le Van Kim.

Biden Set for Covid Work; Best and Worst Places: Virus Update

  Biden Set for Covid Work; Best and Worst Places: Virus Update U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said his transition team will not be “so far behind the curve” now that the Trump administration has begun cooperating on the fight against the coronavirus. Officials from New York to California warned of a worsening virus surge, while Texas broke its daily case record. The foreign ministers of China and Japan agreed to lift some virus-related travel restrictions by the end of the month. French President Emmanuel Macron said he will gradually lift a nationwide lockdown, and the U.K. will relax gathering rules for Christmas.

French President Emmanuel Macron has invoked the ire of Muslims worldwide after he pledged to fight This is what you need to know. What did Macron do? Macron delivered a spirited defense of free Social media users in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have called for a boycott of

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Muslim leaders to agree a "charter of republican values" as part of a broad clampdown on radical The formation of the National Council of Imams was also agreed upon. media captionFrench President Emmanuel Macron says France 'will never give in'.

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The idea is to speak above all to the younger generations: 70% of the spectators are under 35 years old. The videos are made for social media and the mobile phone, and focus largely on topics of interest to them. "We are dealing with five major themes: the responsibility of power, the fight against discrimination, feminism, the defense of the environment and journalism of solutions (on alternatives to change the world), detailed in 2019 to JDD Laurent Lucas. And we are thinking about integrating the music ". The videos can be short and using images shot by other media, but can also be own creations, sometimes 15 minutes long, or even almost an hour for some interviews.

What will it be possible to do at Christmas?

 What will it be possible to do at Christmas? © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Christmas can be celebrated with the family. But not without vigilance. In his speech on Tuesday, November 24, Emmanuel Macron assured that the French could meet for the holiday season. He nevertheless called for respecting barrier gestures and announced certain constraints. Gradual deconfinement, vaccination ...

In an interview with WIRED, French President Emmanuel Macron describes his plans to enhance the country's AI efforts—and differentiate them from those in the US. What was the example of how AI works that struck you the most and that made you think, ‘Ok, this is going to be really, really important’?

Emmanuel Macron , a paradox in executive form, was sitting in his office at the Élysée Palace, eight days after the European Parliamentary “ What is certain is that we have some ambiguities, especially when you look at Trump’s position regarding Brexit, and the fact that he promotes a hard Brexit.”

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A viral media

Brut is a viral media. Most of the videos are watched several hundred thousand times, for example the documentary titled "My life in 3m2", which has more than 6 million views. Each month, more than 1,000 videos are created by an editorial staff of more than 40 journalists, including the most famous of them; Rémy Buisine, direct specialist, especially during events. The latter had in particular been brutalized by the police on November 23 in Paris, during the violent evacuation of a migrant camp established on the Place de la République

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What is a cardinal?

What is glyphosate?

The Parisian team of Brut produces for England, China (since November with eight employees who create a hundred videos per month) and India (12 employees for 100 monthly videos). The 30 employees of the New York office, which opened a year ago, work for the United States and, since January, for Mexico.

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Hygienic protection soon free in France? Macron promises an answer in early 2021 .
© Copyright 2020, L'Obs President Emmanuel Macron has promised for 2021 "a very concrete answer" to the problem of menstrual insecurity, evoking the fate of women "who are on the street" and can not "buy something to protect yourself and something to be worthy", in an interview with online media Brut this Friday, December 4.

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