World 12 miners from a gold mine in China trapped for at least a month underground

11:13  22 january  2021
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Beijing is a conventional rival — not an existential threat

  Beijing is a conventional rival — not an existential threat Misreading or exaggerating Chinese intentions, the U.S. risks putting its own interests and security at risk. A state that credibly seeks to overturn the existing international order and achieve global dominance is a profound danger, demanding far-flung military commitments and astronomical expenditures. War with such a government becomes vastly more likely. A conventional competitor, however, requires less in the way of blood and treasure; the stakes are lower and the game is more predictable. Moreover, much of this competition can occur outside of the military domain: Washington can focus on decoupling the U.

Twelve miners trapped underground after an explosion in a Chinese gold mine a week ago are The fate of another 10 men missing after the blast remains unclear. Mining accidents in China are As well as pain killers, the 12 miners had reportedly asked for anti-inflammatory drugs and medical

At least 12 workers trapped in a gold mine in China ’s Shandong province are believed to be alive after a handwritten note was passed through a rescue shaft. It has been a week since the blast on 10 January in a mine in Qixia in Shandong province in eastern China resulted in the 22 miners getting

12 mineurs d’une mine d’or en Chine coincés au moins un mois sous terre © Pixabay 12 miners from a gold mine in China trapped at least a month underground Despite frantic drilling operations, Chinese miners trapped for 12 days in the Qixia gold mine in Shandong province should not be unearthed for at least 15 days, rescuers say.

The surviving miners stuck in the gold mine in Qixia, in Shandong province (East), trapped on January 10 following an explosion which blocked the exits and cut off communications, will have to take their troubles patiently ... Rescuers believe that it will take, despite massive drilling efforts, at least two weeks to release them, according to state media. A minor died this week from his injuries. Ten are about 580 meters deep and communicate by telephone with the surface. Rescuers have no news of the 11 remaining men .

China: Rescue of miners trapped in a gold mine keeps the country on hold

 China: Rescue of miners trapped in a gold mine keeps the country on hold © AFP - STR Rescue of miners, in Qixia, Shandong province, on January 13. China is suspended from the hope of seeing alive the 22 miners trapped for a week in a gold mine in Qixia, Shandong province, east of the country. Signs of life were detected on Sunday, January 17, and this Monday morning a new borehole was drilled to try to make contact with the prisoners in the basement. From our correspondent in Beijing, Stéphane Lagarde Screams and tapping in the night of Shandong.

image captionDrilling into the mine is extremely difficult. Chinese rescue teams say it might be more A paper note was then sent up on a rope from a group of 12 surviving miners - 11 trapped in one In December 2019, an explosion at a coal mine in Guizhou province, south-west China , killed at least

Mineworkers have already been trapped for 11 days since explosion in Shandong province gold mine . It will take at least 15 more days to get through a massive amount of debris to reach miners already trapped for 11 days since an explosion in a gold mine in eastern China , authorities said on

Drilling operations are complicated by the geological structure of the soil, made up of particularly hard rocks like granite, according to public television CCTV. "The obstacles are too great. We will need at least another 15 days, if not more, before reaching the minors," Gong Haitao, deputy director of the communication department of the local authorities, told the channel. Thanks to a metal cable lowered through a conduit dug in the rock, rescuers were able to transmit food, medicine and phones to the group of miners trapped 580 meters underground. They were thus able to regain their strength.

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To extract the men, the rescuers are currently trying to widen one of the wells. Several other conduits are also being drilled. CCTV on Friday released footage of several piles of debris pulled from the ground and a powerful drill rig in action. The group of 10 miners have tried to spot the missing men, using lasers and loudspeakers, but so far unsuccessfully, the China New News Agency said.

'Please don't stop the rescue': Crews race to save trapped miners in China

  'Please don't stop the rescue': Crews race to save trapped miners in China “Please don’t stop the rescue,” said a handwritten note from the miners. “We have hope.”Porridge and insulation blankets were sent down after life-saving supplies of food, water and medicine were first delivered to the trapped men on Monday as rescue crews tried to cut through metal cages used to transport miners and ore blocking the shaft.

Twenty-two gold miners in China have been trapped underground for more than eight days following an explosion last week, but rescuers on Sunday said they received indications some may still be alive. The workers were trapped underground following an explosion on January 10 at a gold mine near

As rescuers worked to save 22 Chinese gold miners trapped nearly 2,000 feet underground , one of the men died Wednesday. In this photo released by China 's Xinhua News Agency, rescuers drill a new channel at the explosion site of a gold mine in Qixia City, east China 's Shandong Province, on

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Presence detectors and nutrient solutions had already been taken down by rescuers in other sections of the mine in an attempt to find them. While the safety of mines has improved significantly over the past decades, accidents still occur regularly in China, where regulations are sometimes not enforced. In December, 23 miners were killed in an coal mine in Chongqing (southwest).

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Analysis: These three Pacific military flashpoints could shape Biden's entire China strategy .
Any suggestion that the departure of former US President Donald Trump from Washington would provide a temporary pause in US-China tensions has been swiftly dispelled. © Petty Officer 2nd Class Markus C/Navy Office of Information/U.S. Navy US Navy sailors conduct drills in the South China Sea in January 2021. In the short time since President Joe Biden was sworn into office, China has flown more than two dozen combat aircraft near to the self-ruled island of Taiwan and passed a law allowing its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels.

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