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11:13  22 january  2021
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Bad trade: The rising cost of accessing China's large market

  Bad trade: The rising cost of accessing China's large market The China-Australia trade clash reveals a worrying trend: Beijing wielding its huge market as a truncheon against foreign criticism.Governments often have geopolitical or diplomatic spats without sacrificing unrelated commercial trade flows. But it appears China is breaking such diplomatic norms. In May, Australia called on the World Health Organization to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation into the origins of the deadly coronavirus. Soon after, China targeted Australia's top 20 exports with otherwise-unexplained sanctions.

Google Search is the dominant search engine in Australia and has been described the government as a near-essential utility with little market competition. Last week, after reports surfaced in local media, Google confirmed it was blocking Australian news sites in its search results for about 1 % of

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Will the popular search engine soon be over in Australia? That could actually happen if a new media law by the Australian government is finally passed.

Ist in Australien bald Schluss mit der Google-Suchmaschine? © PK Studio / Shutterstock Will the Google search engine soon be over in Australia?

In Australia, Google threatens to shut down its search engine in response to a planned media law. According to government plans, Internet giants such as , Google parent Alphabet and Facebook, will pay local media companies in the future when they distribute their content. The project is not feasible and involves financial risks for Google that cannot be calculated, said Mel Silva, the managing director for Google's activities in Australia, at a hearing in the Senate on Friday.

Here's What Google Didn't Say In Its Promises About Our Privacy

  Here's What Google Didn't Say In Its Promises About Our Privacy Roughly a month after being hit with a pretty damning antitrust suit led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Google issued its response on Sunday via a public blog post tackling some of the more “misleading” allegations. © Photo: Alastair Pike (Getty Images) This is pretty out of character for Google, which has, until now, been pretty private with its response to any antitrust investigations—both in communications with the press and with its own rank and file employees.

Google SafeSearch can filter out inappropriate search results, but it may also block SafeSearch can be locked on, and only switched off with a password, so parents can feel safe while their kids And to turn SafeSearch on or off on your mobile device, go to the Google homepage, click the three parallel

Why ? 0 Recommended Answers. 2 Replies 57 Upvotes. I must, over and over, change to English when using Google search engine and Gmail. For example, this could be happening if you’re in Australia but your searches are ending up on the Google country service for the United Kingdom or

Leaving the Australian market would be "the only rational decision if this law were to be passed," she said. Silva compared paying media companies to show links to their content to recommending cafes to a friend and then getting a bill from the cafes for mentioning them. "If you set a price for linking to certain information, then the functioning of search engines is broken and you no longer have a free and open web."

Companies want to avoid fines

If the bill is passed, Google and would have to Facebooks Newsfeed will pay broadcasters and publishers for their content in future. Otherwise, according to Australian media reports, there are fines of up to ten million Australian dollars (6.3 million euros).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his administration would not be intimidated by threats. “Let me be clear: Australia sets the rules for things to do in Australia. (…) This is how things work here in Australia. ”He added:“ We do not respond to threats. ”Dpa

Google bombards Australian search users as PR campaign intensifies .
Google bombards Australian search users as PR campaign intensifiesAustralians searching for any term were presented with a pop-up setting out the company's opposition to proposed legislation that would force them to pay news companies for content.

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