World Covid-19. Vaccinate all French people at the end of August, is it possible?

21:31  22 january  2021
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U.S. Visitors to Be Tested; India’s Vaccine Push: Virus Update

  U.S. Visitors to Be Tested; India’s Vaccine Push: Virus Update The U.S. will require proof of a negative Covid-19 test before allowing visitors to fly into the country from other nations. India has kicked off one of the world’s biggest inoculation programs. New Zealand defers to virus hot spots. The Trump administration is urging U.S. states to expand access to vaccines, including making them available to anyone over 65. New York state lowered its vaccine age to 65 from 75 following the change in guidance.The number of patients in the U.K. needing ventilators rose to the highest since the pandemic began. Pfizer Inc.

The French government will be able to vaccinate 70 million people by the end of August "if all of the vaccines ordered are approved by European and global health authorities", French Health Minister Olivier Véran said Thursday. © Stéphane de Sakutin, AFP.

France's roll-out for the Covid - 19 vaccine is set to start at the end of December or early January. Phase II: Stage two involves vaccinating people over 75 followed by those older than 65 with comorbidities (the presence of one or more additional medical conditions) and finally all other people

Aujourd’hui, environ100 000 personnes sont vaccinées chaque jour. © David Adémas, Ouest-France Today, around 100,000 people are vaccinated every day.

To achieve this, it is imperative that other vaccines against Covid-19, in addition to those from Pfizer and Moderna, be authorized and delivered in France. An answer will begin on January 29.

How many people will be vaccinated by the summer? Thursday January 21 on TF1, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, indicated that France had the capacity to vaccinate 70 million people, "that is to say the entire population French, by the end of August ”. But on one major condition: only "if all the vaccines ordered are validated by European and world health authorities" .

The Covid-19 vaccine creates its own hurdles to inoculate everyone

  The Covid-19 vaccine creates its own hurdles to inoculate everyone Promises that 20 million would get Covid-19 vaccines by New Year's Day fell short due to a shortage of trained workers, Covid-19 social distancing protocols at clinics, federal vaccine allocation numbers and the logistics of the Covid-19 vaccines.The vaccines themselves are delicate and require a fair bit of focus over time. Consider Moderna's instructions for preparing its doses: Thaw the vials for 2.5 hours in a refrigerator set between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Then rest them at room temperature for 15 minutes. Do not refreeze. Swirl the vial gently between each withdrawal. Do not shake. Inspect each vial for particulate matter or discoloration.

19 days and 19 hours since end of transition period (23:00 UTC, December 31, 2020). Talk via Discord. Chat via IRC. For your body it absolutely doesn't matter if you had 2 times covid or were vaccinated . The result is exactly the same. (aside from possible long term problems caused by covid , which the

As we know the new COVID - 19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019. COVID - 19 , a disease that supposedly didn’t even exist back then. 6. The COVID - 19 ‘Project’ Is Planned Until 2025. Their conclusion was that all of humanity must be vaccinated …

A few hours earlier, in front of senators, the Minister of Health , less encouraging than on TF1, recalled that in the state of authorized vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), the government targeted "15 million people vaccinated before summer ”, ie less than all the elderly and those considered to be fragile (nearly 25 million). Forty million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are expected by the end of June, which would protect 20 million people.

Accelerate the pace

So, 15 or 70 million people vaccinated? "There are still too many unknowns not to consider that these objectives are purely speculative" , estimates Philippe Bas, Norman senator LR.

One thing is certain: if only to reach 15 million people vaccinated, "we will have to accelerate the current rate of just over 100,000 people per day" , observes the senator. At this rate, and including the January vaccinations, barely 14 million people would be vaccinated at the end of June.

Prisons are covid hotspots. But few countries are prioritizing vaccines for inmates.

  Prisons are covid hotspots. But few countries are prioritizing vaccines for inmates. Prisoners, given the challenges to social distancing in institutions, are especially at risk of contracting the coronavirus. They are still sitting in freezers. The minister in charge of Israel’s prison services is refusing to allocate coronavirus vaccines to inmates, said epidemiologist Hagai Levine, who was a member of the country’s coronavirus task force before resigning last week to run in an upcoming election after he voiced concerns with the government’s pandemic response.

Vaccinating nearly 8 billion people won't happen overnight. Bioethicists weigh in on the thorny issue of who should get the vaccine first -- and why. The hunt is on for a vaccine for Covid - 19 , which has killed more than 600,000 people . The current frontrunners include an mRNA vaccine from Moderna

The French manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, later said the vaccine posed a risk to people without prior infection from CEPI projects that bringing several COVID - 19 vaccines to trial will cost billion. Researchers at university labs say it ’s possible to get a novel coronavirus vaccine ready for public

"It would be happiness"

One of the keys to the vaccination campaign therefore rests on the authorizations that will be granted (or not) to the next three expected vaccines: AstraZeneca, Janssen and CureVac. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is due to vote on Britain's AstraZeneca vaccine at the end of next week, January 29.

With it, the vaccination campaign could be greatly accelerated since this product would remain effective against the English variant of the coronavirus and can be stored in the refrigerator. It could therefore be administered in doctors' offices and pharmacies. "If the EMA also tells us that it is injectable to people over 65, that would be happiness" , Olivier Véran did not hide from the senators. On one condition again: "I would like to have as many vaccines as I expected" , he added.

According to the Directorate General of Health, France has pre-ordered 44 million doses of AstraZeneca, including three million in February, it was specified yesterday in the office of the Minister of Health. As for the Janssen vaccine, also being reviewed by the EMA, it can also be stored at 4 or 6 ° C. "All these uncertainties mean that we are asking the government to come and report on its vaccination policy to parliamentarians more often" , insists Philippe Bas. Because the success of this campaign will depend on the return to more freedoms ...

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It adds to a growing mound of evidence that in-person instruction is safe. Roughly one-third of all K-12 school districts in the United States are offering only virtual learning, leaving millions of kids without critical educational and social support.

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