World Miners trapped in China: nine of the last 10 men died

15:15  25 january  2021
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12 workers trapped week ago in China mine blast are alive

  12 workers trapped week ago in China mine blast are alive BEIJING (AP) — Chinese state media say 12 out of 22 workers trapped for a week by an explosion in a gold mine are alive, as hundreds of rescuers seek to bring them to safety. The Xinhua News Agency said Monday a note passed through a rescue shaft Sunday night reported the fate of the other 10 remains unknown. The handwritten note said four of the workers were injured and that the condition of others was deteriorating because of a lack of fresh air and an influx of water. Managers of the operation were detained after they failed to report the accident for more than a day.

The men had been trapped underground for the past two weeks after an explosion on January 10 . One miner has died . Rescuers carry a miner who was trapped in a gold mine in Qixia City in east China 's Shandong Province. Over the next few hours, 10 miners from a different section of the mine

China says 10 workers trapped in gold mine are searching for others. The rescued men shielded their eyes from the sun after so many days in darkness. At least one of the miners was reported to have died from a head wound in the blast while the other 10 remain unaccounted for, officials said.

  Mineurs coincés en Chine: neuf des 10 derniers hommes sont morts © Provided by Le Point

P have another miracle in China : after having recovered the day before 11 minors trapped underground for two weeks, the rescuers noticed Monday the death of nine of the 10 men still stranded.

An explosion on January 10 in a gold mine in Qixia, in eastern Shandong province, blocked 22 workers several hundred meters deep.

Since then, media coverage of the incident has been very important in China and the rescue operations have excited the Chinese, who follow with anguish the latest advances on their smartphones.

A man had already died underground last week from his injuries. And on Sunday, 11 workers were taken alive, in front of the cameras of national television.

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This first man to be rescued had been trapped in a different part of the gold mine to the main group of 10 - who Mining accidents are not uncommon in China , where the industry safety regulations can be poorly enforced. In December last year, 23 miners died after a carbon monoxide leak at a coal mine.

Rescuers in China are racing to try and recover miners trapped hundreds of metres underground. The man , discovered Sunday in a separate section of the mine to the 10 workers who had already established contact A man in his 60s has died after being charged by a bull in Tamworth at a rodeo.

But despite the "tireless efforts" of the rescuers, "nine other miners were unfortunately found dead" and "their bodies brought to the surface," Chen Fei, the mayor of Yantai - the city that administers Qixia, told reporters on Monday. .

The search continues to find the last miner trapped underground.

But hope is slim: he has in all likelihood not eaten for two weeks, rescuers do not know his whereabouts and they have failed to contact him.

DNA samples

The explosion had caused extensive damage, preventing the miners from coming to the surface.

Thanks to a metal cable lowered via a conduit dug in the rock, the rescuers were however able to transmit food, medicine and phones to the group of men who had been rescued.

For two weeks, rescuers have been drilling several conduits in order to access the stranded miners.

Miners have been trapped under the earth's surface for 10 days in China

 Miners have been trapped under the earth's surface for 10 days in China © Photo: Stringer / Reuters On January 12, two days after the explosion, at the site of the mine under construction. In northeast China, 22 miners are stranded several hundred meters below the ground surface. They were trapped after an explosion in a gold mine on January 10. Rescuers are digging tunnels in an attempt to bring them back to the open air. The massive drilling rigs rise several meters above the ground.

Rescuers in China on Sunday lifted several trapped miners to the surface who were trapped for TV footage showed the 'extremely weak' miner lifted out of the goldmine, after 22 were trapped from a Chinese rescuers pulled nine gold miners to safety on Sunday, 14 days after they were trapped by

Eleven miners who were trapped in a gold mine for more than two weeks in eastern China have been rescued, Chinese state media reported.

Due to the hardness of the underground rocks, the emergency services had estimated Friday that at least 15 days would still be necessary to release them. But operations had accelerated Sunday.

"Each (rescued) minor is currently the subject of special attention and is accompanied by a dedicated medical team, with psychological support," said the mayor of Yantai.

"As for the deceased, forensic teams are taking DNA samples to confirm their identity," he said.

"Accelerate the investigation"

He also promised to shed light on the tragedy in the mine which belongs to the local company Shandong Wucailong Investment.

"We are going to speed up the investigation into the causes of the accident (...) in order to give the families of the deceased and everyone as quickly as possible a satisfactory explanation," Chen Fei stressed.

The emergency services had lost precious time just after the accident, because it was not made public until the next day.

Two officials of the city of Qixia - the local leader of the Communist Party and the mayor - have already been removed from their posts following the delay.

Mine safety has improved markedly in recent decades in China, as has the media coverage of these tragedies. But accidents still occur regularly in the country, where regulations are sometimes ignored.

China is the world's largest producer of gold, with 11% of the total mined on the surface of the globe in 2019, according to the World Gold Council.

The country had more than 3,000 gold mines in 2016, according to a study by the national geological surveys.

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